11 Incredible Ways To Sell Your Products or Services Online

11 Incredible Ways To Sell Your Products or Services Online

The internet is saturated with both the good and bad, the same way with the rightful opportunities to grow your business, make more sales and profit are overwhelmed online


First, know that the internet is the number one employer of labor globally, my humble self Mbonu Watson, the entire team NL_SOFT and millions of people all over the world are fully employed via the internet.


That if you have not been leveraging the internet, to grow your business, sell more virtually, then plan to start NOW


Sell 20x More

If you have business products or services and you want to sell 20x more. you just have to think about the internet, the internet can grow your business 20x faster and better


Below Are My 11 Incredible Ways To Sell Your Products or Services Online

1: Make sure you have something to sell: that can be product or service, it can be physical or nonphysical, something you can exchange with money

When it comes to the online world, this is referred to as Niche Marketing, YOUR BUSINESS Niche product or service.


Niche Marketing: is the field of the market in which your product or service is focusing.

Every legit online business out there has either a product niche or services, so having a product or service is step number one to sell a product or service online.


2: Listing your business online: the reality is that, if you want to make money online, first you have to develop a product or services, it can be your product or services, it can be a buy and sell products you most have bought, import and now you want to resell, it can be other people’s product or service

11 Incredible Ways To Sell Your Products or Services Online, nairalearn

The truth is that if you don’t list the product or service online nobody will see it, and using traditional ways of marketing in 21 century is bored, very stressful


So you must list your business online, in other words, you must take your business products or services online. List Your Business Now On AfriNOTES Directory for 100% FREE


3: Engaging Copy Writing: Turn your ad into an article. It could be a story, it could be a nudge, something engaging. it could be massive content with over 600 words ups with pictures or simple short content with or without pictures


It could be an image illustrator, engaging copywriting is necessary if you want to build an audience of buyers


Good content will lead buyers into your ad without them knowing it’s an ad. They’ll already be interested when they get to your sales pitch and many will get your product or service, all because your content was engaging


4: Use Discount Mechanism: Make sure you show your reader that they are getting a bargain. Tell them the usual price you sell your product for is $199. or 100k in Naira. Then tell them if they order today they can buy it for $99.95. or 65k in Naira. 


People love discounted, this is not just about Nigeria, is universal selling techniques use worldwide. one example of such is black Friday and Cyber Monday 50% product and service discounts


5. Direct your ad headline to your target audience: Your readers will feel important and belong to a select group of people who buy your product. For example; “Attention! Accountants, Discover A New Way To Increase Your Client Base!” 


There are so many ways of doing this, one sure way is getting available Database, e.g GSM Number DatabaseEmail Database, and Business Directory Database


Then sort the database out and work on a target based marketing, starting with your state base or location listing


6. Tell your reader how fast they can receive your product or service in your ad: Their buying decision may be based on how fast they can receive your product. They may need it by a certain deadline. 


Also, let them know your delivery methods and make sure you keep to your words, online business is best when the delivery method is effective, so please don’t joke with your delivery, be it services project delivery or product delivery. being on delivery will bring the happy team and a happy customer may end up referring 10 additional people to you


7. Use bullets to highlight your product or service benefits: Benefits are the key to selling anything, make them stand out in your ad. You can use dots, dashes, or circles to highlight them. 


8. Give a money-back guarantee that surpasses a normal one: Instead of the normal timed guarantee, give them extra back. Tell them they can keep the free bonus or give them double their money back. 


For those selling physical products, make a payment on delivery available in all your physical products. 


9. Tell your reader they’ll receive surprise bonuses: This’ll raise your reader’s curiosity and make them want to buy so they can find out what the surprise bonuses are. engage with your readers and once they become hot buyers, learn to relate to them all as your greatest asset


10. Let your reader know this specific package will not be offered again if you are offering discounts.  You must create urgency so people buy now. You may always sell the same product but not with the same bonuses or price.


11. Give them a couple of tips in your ad that will help them with their problem. This will give your business credibility and gain your reader’s trust to buy your products or services and don’t always be in the mood of selling to them


Some time offer them free stuff, the internetwork, just understand what works for you and keep to it.. repeat things that bring you great results


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Plan to use these tips, The 11 Incredible ways to sell your products or services online, put them into practice, do it consistently, and watch the result in a few months from now


With thanks from all of us



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