12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly

12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


Before you read 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


NOTE: Is easier to make it as an employee than trying to become a business owner or best harder trying to become an entrepreneur in this part of the world called Africa Nigeria


So should in case, you are thinking of resigning from your job to start a business or become an entrepreneur, please, please before you do. kindly carry our a good research and consultation about the job or business niche you intend to go into


Business and entrepreneurship are not as easy as is being preached, it is harder in this part of the world called Nigeria. Be Informed


12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


So let proceed with the topic of the moment being the 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


The hardest part of everything in life is getting started, and when you start, two things are involved, is either you are making it or you are failing it, but is my wish 


I wish you reading this article 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly, to make it irrespective of where you are reading us from


Stay Strong as the world fight the pandemic, too soon we shall overcome, stay strong, and stay safe. We shall all be among those that will make it alive once all this is over.


Here is the Number #1: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


1#: Solar Inverter Business: Because in Nigeria my country, there is virtually no 24 hours power suppler in anywhere in Nigeria, so going into this business is a win-win-win for you and that of your clients


All you need to get started is the SOLAR INVERTER BUSINESS MASTERCLASS Go Here To Secure A Copy Now and get started


Once you get this business niche right, you are sure of making above 250k profit monthly, am not kidding


Here is the Number #2: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


#2: Unisex Barbing Salon: Are you a barber or an aspiring barber to be, hear this, days have gone when opening just a barbershop boom, this day you just have to add some twist to it


Twist in the form of making your barbershop a unisex barbing salon where both male and female can come and have not just a hair cut but hairdressing, fashion, and facial pimp


Yes, the unisex barbing salon is one of the most lucrative jobs and businesses out there in the streets, villages, towns, and city that one can easily learn and start


Don’t just look on the name people will call you, maybe you are afraid of the name, a common barber, hear this money doesn’t care about the name, money goes to whoever that works and merits it


So should in case you are jobless or on low pay jobs and feeling depressed about your financial state, you may consider going into a unisex barbing salon


Due every business has its own challenges, that is to say, no business and jobs are easy, in all you have to play your part for reality to play it own


If going into unisex barbing salon require you to learn the business and act, you just have to find the time and go and learn, learn with all your mind and be more focus


With God by your side, you will surely make it, but have it in your mind that unisex barbing salon is a lucrative business that can make you over 100k monthly above


As a unisex barbing salon operator, you can earn nothing like 5-10k per day if you know what you are doing, joke apart you can even earn above 20k in some cases


I have a professional barber friend who is now in the U.K he cuts footballers, actors, musicians hair and my guy is seriously balling with unisex barbing salon money.



Here is the Number #3: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


#3 Fitness Trainer: Life is for the living when you know the best ways to live life, by keeping your body and soul active engaging in fitness training daily


As thousands of people in your community are busy unaware of the benefit of daily body training, starting a ladder fitness training center can make you above 100k profits monthly


Where you give people free information on the need for them to start daily body training and workout


NOTE: The free INFO, is just to get them educated by providing them an awareness guide after which you just have to sale your values to them


Once there can acknowledge the value they have received for free, they will be more than happy and ready to pay for the pro training kit, which is where the main training system begins


You must have designed a professional workout training kit as a fitness trainer to sale to them, as long as your training kit is centered on value, you can make above 100k from this monthly.


So many people want to lose weight naturally, keep fit, and look younger in other to live healthily and happier. As a fitness trainer, you could organize probably a weekend session at probably #500 to #3000 person


If you can gather at least 20 people, that is Above 10k just in one day.


You can also become people, personal trainers, at your own price. Start a vlog and blog about fitness, health, and beauty and all too and make an extra income.



Here is the Number #4: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


#4: Cab services: this is The easiest and the fastest way to make money. Everybody moves from one place to another making transportation important.


In a day, cab (included likes of Keke, okada) can make a some of 5-10k per day depending on how long they work.


But in your own case, all you have to do is to sign up your cab with any of the eTaxi eCab available in your state, for example, Ulber, Taxify, etc


Sign up and read about there term and condition and get ready to give your cab business a left. be good in what you are doing and be happy in what you are getting


Once you can get it right, you are sure of the above 100k monthly income profit from the cab business.



Here is the Number #5: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


5# Photography: back in those days during my primary Sch party, I always thought photographers were poor…. but trust me that’s is the biggest lie of the century. As a professional photographer, you can make at least 10k to 150k per shoot. 


I know of a photographer that shot one of the commissioners in Lagos state….. he was paid 350k (just for portraits and framing only)


Today birthday short has taken over, and professional photographers are smiling to the bank dailies


Even Buhari Personal

photographer built a house just from photography. the daughter of Buhari has also joined the niche photography business if a president daughter can become a photographer, then how about you


Forget connection or no connection, in whatever you are into, just be good, try to be the best version of your self, when you do the job, learn to promote it, share it online, or best have a vlog before production and after production footages, make sure you are airing it online


People will see your work, once they love it, you already have connections and be sure of making above 100k monthly from such business



Here is the Number #6: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


6# Car wash business: As for this, you just need soap, water, and a good location. Although it’s quite hard to start if you don’t have a location….. because you need land to wash and constant water supplies. 


If you have a friend, relative that has land you can proceed in talking to them, or best if you have a good empty space of land, filling state point, etc. are all also a good location point to get started


Car washing business Can pay 5-10k and above 15 to 25k daily during the raining season, but in all, you must learn to give your car washing business a profession



Here is the Number #7: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly

7#: Home Lesson Instructor: No parent wants a child with a burnt brain, what most parents don’t know is that is possible to employ a home lesson instructor for their children


so if only you can organize yourself and carry out an effective awareness service and promotions in your area, believe me, you will see how parents will turn up to you for home lesson contracts for their ward


You can meet with the kids’ parents and tell them about the lesson. You can gather at least 10-20people for the lesson and maybe charge 3-5k in a month per head probably just for 1-2hrs for three days in a week.


You can also take GCE Lessons, WAEC Lessons, JAMB Lesson, and Adult Education Lessons, etc, as long as you can give you jobs and business as an instructor a character, you will surely make it in life.



Here is the Number #8: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly

8#: Poultry business: believe me poultry business is lucrative, with the right feeds for your animals you can make a huge profit off the Little investment you put into the poultry business


The truth is that poultry and agro-business is booming, the Government is there to support you financially, just know how to write a good financial support request, proceed to any government, state and federal, as long as you are practicing, you have 70% chances of getting financial support from the Government



Here is the Number #9: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly

9#: Laundry business:  I dey shame to wash other people’s clothes, this business is not for the proud in spirit and nature, but if in person you can put away pride


This business laundry business can pay you above 100k monthly, am not kidding, ask between your locality to find out more


With just soap and water(like the car washing business) you could earn cool cash. But this one, the labor is movable. You could meet people and tell them you wash and iron clothes ….. gather potential costumers and begin


You can print banner and have it pasted on the wall and gates of all the building around your locality, that is indeed the best ways to start


Let’s say you have 10-20 people you dry clean for cloths for the price of 200 per cloth. Nobody will want to just dry clean 1 cloth … they will give you in the bulk right.


Once you start getting clothes in bulks to wash, you can easily do the maths from they, in all, give you jobs and business a profession, do your work well and the money will continually keep coming



Here is the Number #10: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly

10#: Mobile Application Development: Often time if you have been following us, you too discover that we have made it known to all our followers that the future of everything now is online, and this starts with a website or mobile application


So the need for mobile application developers is high and is as easy as ABCD to learn everything about mobile application development right from the comfort of your home or your office, all that is required is for you to go here and get the course AbMob Masterclass Kit and learn how to develop mobile apps



Here is the Number #11: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly

11#: Car Tracker Business: Security is everyone’s business same as car owners, the security of their car highly prioritizes in this part of the world called Nigeria, where crimes and poverty rate is high


A lot of car owners and car dealers are very busy looking for car tracker engineers and the gospel truth is that


you as a person cal learn the A To Z of car tracking business and start practicing installing car trackers and tracking cars as a professional


There is cool cash in-car tracking business and because the demands are high and profit margin is also high, juts know the in and out of the business and you are good to go



Finally on our list: 


Here is the Number #12: 12 Lucrative Jobs And Business You Can Start, Make Above 100k Monthly


12#: Trader: my Igbo brother and sister are the kings of this hassle, but believe me Hausa is also striving in this type of business, in general, Nigerians are trying once it comes to trade business


The only issue is the bad government we have, from 1960 till date, Nigeria leaders have been a pain it the ass, may God help us here in Nigeria


As a trader you can make cool cash from buying and selling a business, buying from Nigeria and selling withing Nigeria


For example, there are great manufactures in Aba, Abia State, Onitsha Anambra state, Kano State, Lagos Nigeria


Just identify the type of business you want to trade on, do your researcher for best manufactural around Nigeria, find a way to contact them and get started


Do your thing well, do your trading consistently and correctly, you will surely make it big as a trader. There is cool money in trading business here in Nigeria


In all

Remember that life is for the living, learn to live life better and sweeter by going to Nairalearn course section. make a plan to enroll on any of our premium courses


Stay Blessed

My Name is Mbonu Watson

From All Of Us



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