12 Ways To Grow Your Business

12 Ways To Grow Your Business

The reality that things have changed is still not well understood by many people, including business owners, Yes technology and the internet has changed a lot of thing about life and every other thing, including how business is done lately

12 Ways To Grow Your Business

Today live on this article, we are going to cover the 12 ways you can grow your business faster and smart, so please pay attention to what am about to say here


Yes there are over 1000+ ways to grow any business online and offline, but here I will be focusing on 12 ways to grow your business, 12 but very powerful, if after reading this article you take actions and apply everything am about to say here

12 ways to grow your business

Let face it and say it the way it supposed to be said, the technology advancement is a blessing to whoever that wants to leverage the power of innovative technology of today


Compare to the time when there were no innovative technology and the internet, as of then it’s impossible for someone to grow his or her business faster within a short period of time


In fact during that era, to start a business, you may need to learn the business and in some case, learning such business may take time, maybe 6 to 9 good years, that even if you choose to go to school ( High Institution ) going to school may also take you years, in some cases 4 to 7 years


Take Note: Going To School And Learning Business Spending Such Amount Of Times Is Not Bad, Provided the aim was fully achieved, irrespective of the change the innovative technology and the internet has brought to us all


Today you can easily grow your business to 1000+, to million-plus customers in less than 3 months if you apply what am about to teach you to live on this article


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#1 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is The Ability To Create High-Quality Business Product Or Service



Who no like better thing, even in real life quality speaks loader than quantity, when you are able to create not just a good product or service, but a product or service with high quality, such product is destined to sell itself over and over again.


People like to buy, not just to buy, but to buy and feel the value in their money spent on buying a product or services, so to grow your business at ease,


You should always come up with high-quality products or services. Creating good product and service will outgrow your business in a short period of time and you will love the result


#2 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is By Getting To Know Your Customers


It’s important that before you start a business, you should know your type of customers, know where they are, their incomes, their locations, their behaviors, likes, etc.

Getting To Know Your Customers

Generating business by growing your customer base is important that knowing the type of customers you need and should target. Not everybody is your ideal customers, so knowing your customers becomes vital to your business growth and success


Understand your customer’s needs, and develop products and services that meet their needs, you are good to go.


#3 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Build A Sales Funnels


In business smart marketing also known as working with the bath, is important if you want to grow your business faster then apply sales funnel bath system is highly called for

Build A Sales Funnels

If you fail to build a sales funnel bath, you are really making a big mistake and your business may likely be strong to survive


I know some of you reading may not understand what I mean by sales funnel and bath system, so let me explain it a bit for the benefits of those who are not familiar


Building a sales funnel is simply being able to come up with what we called squeeze page ( Optin Page ) and Sale pages


The essence of the squeeze page is to collect email and phone details of your site visitors, while the sale page as a bath is to direct them to your sale page to patronize your business


Due every sales funnel needs to be carefully conceptualized before it’s created, you have to consider the different funnels first and foremost, you have to learn how best to create ( design ) squeeze page and sale page


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#4 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Make Sure Your Business Have A Website


It will be a lifetime mistake if until now your business product and service don’t have a self-hosted website

Make Sure Your Business Have A Website

By the world self-hosted website, I mean you having a website dedicated to your business, for example, the self-hosted website for the university of port Harcourt is https://www.uniport.edu.ng/


Don’t say your business is a small or still small business so you don’t need a website, please don’t say so, you definitely need a website if truly you want to grow your business


You need a website, not just anyhow type of website, but a professional development website that met all the responsiveness of innovative website portal of today technology


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#5 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Always Give Effective Customers Services and Feed Back


In business, ensuring outstanding product and service delivery to customers is exceptional, to gain 100% customer satisfaction you should give effective customers services and feedback, go the extra mile to ensure 100% customers happy team between your business product and service delivery

Give Effective Customers Services and Feed Back

Your customers will keep on patronizing your business over and over, and they will also go-ahead to introduce your business to others


#6 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Build Trust Among Your Existing Customers And Create New Opportunities


Providing quality product and services will ensure trust, but to build lasting trust among your existing customers make sure your product and service deliver the exert contents and value just as it was pre-stated (claimed)

Build Trust Among Your Existing Customers And Create New Opportunities

Also have a strategy to nurture your existing customers, such as keeping contact with them, building engagement with your newsletters and letting them know about your promotional events, products and service ahead of time


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#7 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Leverage Social Medias


Indeed social media has come to stay with us and the good news is that more social media are coming, social media like Vskit, TikTok, etc keep growing to billions of users

USE Social Media

Same with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp and many more, all this web and mobile social media apps have come to stay with us, so need to learn and use them to grow your business is highly important


Through social media usages, you can find out what customers are saying about you, gain insight into their behaviors, identify keywords and trends that appeal best to your business, then target market and customers that are more interested in your business product and service


#8 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Attend Networking Events


COVID_19 is busy changing the way we normally live, affecting physical and social gathering, events, until the fall of COVID_19 Physical social gathering and event, is in full drop and ineffective for now

Attend Networking Events

Not minding the COVID_19, you can learn to invest your time to build your networks, it’s not what you know some time that matters, it’s the people you know that count


So plan to always attend networking events and make sure you have the time to socialize and network with other like minds


Networking allows you to build relationships with other people and encourage them to refer customers to you through networking hangout and word of mouth


#9 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Host Events Webinar and Seminars


The coming of ZOOM has improved virtual meeting and hangout, Facebook, Google, etc have been forced to improve and update they live video meeting and hangout, you can take the opportunity and leverage the power of ZOOM in conducting your events, webinar, seminar and many more

Host Events Webinar and Seminars

Hosting your events online or offline can be a great way to get to know your customers and build a relationship with them


You can also host radio, TV show and talk, invite your friends and family to join you live on radio, TV shows


#10 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Attend Masterclass, Buy eCourse And Training


Things are changing drastically and wise people are beginning to understand the need for further learning, the power of attending masterclass, buying course and training

Attend Masterclass, Buy eCourse And Training

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#11 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Measure What Works And Refine Your Approach


As you start your business, growth, and profits start coming, don’t fail to measure where your customers are coming from. You should monitor where your customers are coming from in other to measure your marketing (promotional) activities are successful or not

Measure What Works And Refine Your Approach

You should also monitor what is working for you and what is not and pay more attention, put more resources to that which is working for you


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#12 Of The 12 Ways To Grow Your Business Is To Research The Competition


The truth is that you will always have competitors, so don’t see them as bad but as good, the more a business niche has a high volume of competitors, it means that that niche is highly profitable

Research The Competition

Researching the competition allows you to undercover any advertisers online and offline strategies that have been working for your competitor for years and model it to grow your business


Find the ads that have been running for the quickest and longest of time: You research on this ads scale your business with them if it’s proven and it’s working for your competitors it’s likely going to work for you


So see your competitors as a blessing and work on being among the best in your business product and service niche


So far so good!! You have read the article 12 ways to grow your business, if you need the pdf (eBook) version of this article kindly click Download to download it now for free


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