14 Sure Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Bloggers

Revealed 14 Sure Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Bloggers

14 Sure Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Bloggers

Once It Comes To Blogging, Website, Youtube Monetization With Google Adsense you have no choice but to abide by the rules


Today am going to introducing the 14 Sure Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Bloggers, Websites, And Youtube Monetization That You Need To Abide On Before Applying for Google Adsense Approval


This article 14 Sure Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Bloggers, Websites And Youtube Monetization is for everybody who wants to make money from Google, But more importantly for those who have an existing website, blogs or youtube channel with high traffic


And looking for the best CPC ads ( Advertisement ) networks to monetize they websites, blogs or Youtube channel.


Before I continue, know that Google Adsense rule has changed, so getting an Adsense account approved is not as easy as it used to be back in 2006 to 2012.


Not at all. I still remember back in 2008 when people can get Adsense account approval without human traffic streaming on people website, blog and youtube channel.


But in 2017, things have completely changed, off-course for the betterment only.

If You Own A Website, Be It Blog or Youtube Channel and you are from USA, Canada or other countries, it is quite easy till date to get Adsense account approved. But for Some Africa countries in which Nigeria is Included, Asian countries( India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.) things are completely different.


Anway let’s find out some quick, actionable Adsense Approval Tricks for Blogger in

The 14 Sure Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Bloggers listed here are the best practices to get things done, to apply for Adsense and get your account approved without stress of fair of you losing your approved Google Adsense Account with time

Below are the 14 Safe & Fastest Google Adsense Approval Trick for Bloggers, Websites, And Youtube Channels

1.Your age: Yes the first on my list is your age… in other to apply for Google Adsense You have to be at least 18 years and above


2. Self Hosted Domain ( Website Name ): Never apply for Google Adsense with a sub-domain!! [email protected] or yourname.blogspot.com.ng etc. You Have To Buy a Self-Hosted Domain Name. E.g., www.yourwebsitename.com, www.mbonuwatson.com, etc. The domain, if possible should be a .com domain extension.


3. Your Website Age: Know that it’s important that your website ( domain name ) should be at list 7 months old and above before you apply for Google Adsense Account. This is important in other to avoid Google Adsense Approval wahala That Comes With Adsense Earning withdrawal

4. Use A Customize Website Business Email Address: To Apply. With A Website Business email: E.g., [email protected]? You Can apply for Google Adsense account using that email id only.

5. Don’t Use Prohibited Content: Never write or choose blogging niche like pornography, copyrighted content, pirated stuff, etc.

6.Quality Contents Not Duplicate content: Are you copying content from other Websites Or Bloggers and trying to build your website? Sorry You Are Not Helping Yourself


You will never get your Adsense account approved. Although there are many articles on the same topic on the net but know that every article is unique from each other. Try to write in your own words. Try not to copy and paste contents

7. The Number of Articles On Your Websites Or Blog: Many off people say that you should write at least 10-30 unique content with quality information.

It’s best to focus your article content writing quality, I believe that if you can write 20 articles in that fashion then why not write like them regularly and when you think your website is ready then apply for Google Adsense

8. Traffic, Traffic:: Your Website Traffic: Google Adsense will only work if your website has organic search traffic. That is to say; you have to optimize your website to google search engines

Experience has shown that If you drive traffic from social media or by referring or even by solo ads, then you will not be able to make a single penny. As no one will click on any ads.

Thus Adsense team will not approve your application if you don’t have organic search traffic.

9. Paid Traffic: In the same context of the previous point, if you build traffic from paid sources then there will be a risk of manipulating users experience which is against Adsense TOS.

10. Optimized SEO & Structured Web Design: Take note? Your website should have a proper navigation module structure with easy to crawl on other pages.

Only an SEO friendly website can attract search traffic and its mandatory. To get Seo Books And Well Detailed Videos, feel free to what’s app me on 08099688839 if you need this service.

11. Contact Us Page: About your website page, personal information Module, business email id and if possible a picture of yours to state that the website is running by human, not robots.

12. Blog on Languages AdSense supports: If you are planning to start a blog in a local language, then do you know what are the languages google Adsense supports?

Never blog on Google Adsense unsupported language to make your future dark. In case your Google Adsense Approval Trick application get rejected for the first time, don’t panic and apply just next day itself.

Try to wait for some days and workout on the reasons for Adsense rejection and then apply after few weeks rectifying them.

13. Remove Other Ad Networks Before Applying: You might be happy to make money using many Google Adsense alternatives, but before applying to Google Adsense Approval Trick, Using The 14 Sure Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Bloggers

Make sure you remove all of them and make your site clean. Google doesn’t object other ad networks on the same page, but as a Website Owner, Blogger you know why Adsense is the best compared to others.


14: Don’t Give Google Force Information: when applying, Always be real, be Yourself

These are my 14 Sure Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Bloggers, Web sites, and Youtube Monetization,


Keep to these tricks you will surely get approval. But If you still find it hard or you want to get your Adsense Approval for any country NOW, kindly Call, Or message me on WhatsApp: +2348099688839 Mbonu Watson, Is The Name, Let Me Get Your Google Adsense Account Up and Running For You


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