15 Books You Should Read In 2020

As the saying goes, It takes the reader to become a leader below are 15 books you should read in 2020


15 Books You Should Read In 2020

Starting with

1: Meditations Marcus Aurelius. Meditation is a collection of 12 books written by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who’ll introduce you to Stoic philosophy, the concept of logic, self-discipline and give you faith that the course the world runs is a good one. 


Meditations Marcus Aurelius

One of the favorite quotes on the book is ( ”Put an end once for all to this discussion of what a good man should be, and be one.” ) Marcus Aurelius


Meditations Marcus Aurelius is one of the books you should plan to read this 2020 and have taken the spot one among the 15 Books You Should Read In 2020


2: RICH AND POOR DAD By Robert Kiyosaki. Millions of people all over the world have read the book rich and poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, but the truth remains, Rich and Poor Dad is not just a book you read ones, it falls among the categories of books you should at least read ones or twice yearly



Rich Dad Poor Dad is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads—his real father (poor dad) and the father of his best friend (rich dad)—and how both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing. You don’t need to earn a high income to be rich. Life is for the living and Rich people make money work for them.


So Make Plans to read or reread the book rich dad poor dad again this year 2020


3: TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST TOUGH PEOPLE DO By Robert Schuller. Robert Schuller’s book Tough Times Never Last Tough People Do is among the booklist you should make plans to read this year



In the book, you will understand you have no excuse you shouldn’t be successful in life. No excuss. As research has shown that 80% of successful people are people who made it from nothing to something

People like Bill Gates who’s Father was very poor, Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba and host of others, Here in Nigeria the lives of eMoney name them, people who made it even with nothing.

It doesn’t matter if you are a prince, There are days you will face challenges that will shake you, these books help you to be strong and how to stand the test of time even when the tough time comes

Make plans to get the book Tough Times Never Last Tough People Do By Robert Schuller.. enjoy


4: HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnegie. there comes a time when the white men believe that the best ways to keep secrets for black people not to have access to such secret is to write books, that blacks don’t read books, this book How To Win Friends And Influence People was written as far back of 1936



In life, no matter how well you love to do things by yourself, you can’t be all productive by yourself alone. You need people to network with, maybe as colleagues or best friends but in all you need people, people that believe in your dream and kind of works, so to get people loyalty, you need to learn how to influence them. this book will help you know the kind of people you should befriend and how you can make friends and how to influence them as well


In the game of success, you need a helping hand as no one can easily do it alone. learn to influence people by getting and reading the book  How To Win Friends And Influence People which happens to be our top 4 books among the 15 books you should read in 2020


5: MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR By Tomas J Stanly: When you read what you want to become in life, you stand a chance becoming it if you want to be a millionaire or best a billionaire, maybe you are not yet a millionaire, for now, then reading this book The Millionaire Next Door by Tomas J Stanly Is A Most read



For every young person who would like to be a millionaire, this book is very helpful. This book helps you to understand how to be rich and keep growing richer.


Many youths this day look rich, dress rich, act rich, living a fake life ( An Audio Life On Social Media Mostly ) with this book you can keep the fake life aside and be serious with your self in becoming rich. 


This book teaches you how to spend your money and the best ways to invest your money. the book Millionaire Next Door will help you to understand how to be rich for real


6: YOU CAN NEGOTIATE ANYTHING by Herb Cohen: What a great book by Herb Cohen Titled You Can Negotiate Anything. I Can bet there is hardly any day you can do without negotiating. 



Most days of our lives we spend it negotiating ( An example is negotiating with a taxi transporter who we want to reduce the price they’d use to transport us to our destinations ) in this book Herb Cohen is one of the greatest negotiators who has lived



He even negotiated for nations, so in his book, Herb Cohen brings you the secrets to negotiating anything


Getting and reading this book You Can Negotiate Anything, knowing how to negotiate anything can only be fun to you 


7: FIGHTING CORRUPTION IS DANGEROUS by Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. In the story behind the headlines, the book Fighting Corruption Is Dangerous tells us what politics and public service should be about



In the book, you will discover how difficult and sometimes dangerous it is to fight corruption in a country like Nigeria eaten up by corruption itself


The book tells you how the actions of a small percentage of Nigeria’s population have given the country a bad name. The one associated with corruption and this book Fighting Corruption Is Dangerous talks about that. 


But also stated that the overwhelming majority of Nigerians are honest, hardworking citizens who want what citizens elsewhere want for their government to provide peace, stability and basic services and then get out of way so they the citizens can live their lives


Is a book you will not like to miss reading, plan to get a copy from any book shop in Nigeria nationwide


8: RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON by George S Clason:  This book is another masterpiece you can’t afford to miss reading this year 2020, the book is one of the most populous books in history and has helped a lot of people acquire new mindsets towards wealth.



Richest Man In Babylon is just one of those books in history a scholar, business owner or any individual should not do without reading


So make plans to get the book and read.. you will thank me later after reading, you will thank me, friend! it has the 8 positions among the 15 Books You Should Read In 2020


9: WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO by Tim Lahaye: With books, you can travel places, to place you never dreamt of. that is the power of books and reading, so this book Why You Act The Way You Do is another great book you need to read this year



Just like the title of the book, the book helps you to set the right mindset about anything. There are times you act and you don’t understand your actions. You will understand your irrational behavior if you read this book Why You Act The Way You Do by Tim Lahaye.


Make Plans to get the book and read. is amongst the 12 books you should read in 2020 don’t miss it


10: SMALL BUSINESS BIG MONEY by Akin Alabi. This is one book every Nigeria Entrepreneur most read and reread over time. Small Business Big Money talks on how to start, grow and turn your small business into a cash-generating machine. written by Akin Alabi CEO NairaBET


You can click here Small Business Big Money To Get A Snap Shot Of The Book. enjoy this masterpiece


11: MONEY WON’T MAKE YOU RICH by Sunday Adelaja. If you want to learn about God’s Principles for True Wealth, Prosperity And Success. you need to get this book Money Won’t Make You Rich and read it



The Writer Sunday Adelaja is the founder and senior pastor of the embassy of God in Kyiv, Ukraine. Money Won’t Make You Rich is a book you will love reading among the 12 Books You Should Read In 2020


12: 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by Stephen Covey. A good book to read, more lessons you shall be learning from this book is successful people are pro-active, they are not just great thinkers, they are great actions takers





They don’t blame circumstances for their mistakes, they don’t play blame games, they stand up and make things right, they see opportunity and take actions and they understand that actions are everything. This book will help you develop a new insight into becoming a better version of yourself as a successful person


13: PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL by Dan Ariely. This book helps you to understand the irrational behaviors of human beings and how to deal with them, it helps you to understand the psychology of life. plan to get the book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely


14: THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill: I know most of you have heard and possibly have read the book Think And Grow Rich, but hear this, this book has helped a lot of people become and develop a millionaire mindset, so for you to act like or be a millionaire in 2020, you need to read it or best reread it once more should incase you have read it before. Think And Grow Rich is among the 15 Books You Need To Read In 2020



15: HOW TO FIND JOB by Mbonu Watson C. This is the real book for both job-hunters and entrepreneurs, TO THOSE WHO desire to take up Gigs Economy, Working From Any Country of their base For the International Market


With this Book How To Find Job, you will discover Great Essence why you need to Work Abroad even when you are living in Nigeria my home country, yes even when you are leaving in your village provided you have access to both Computer system, Smart Mobile Phone and you have access to the internet


Are you sick of the humdrum of your day job? maybe you are living in Nigeria with a low pay job or no job, hear this….. You can be in Nigeria, yet work Abroad, 

Yes.. you can, you don’t need to travel out of the country in other to get a job from the International companies

As I speak to you, hundred to millions job listing are available on the INTERNATIONAL MARKET Now

For example, Alibaba is employing new workers all over the world, Amazon AWS Is also employing people right now, all over the world, with good pays

There are tens to hundreds of companies now employing people over the world, Gigs economy is also employing people all over the world

You don’t need to change your name in other to get employ, you don’t even need to leave your country home

All you need today is to get the eBook How To Find Jobs and You Are Good To Go

Remember. It takes readers to become leaders, makes plans to read the above books and thank me later

As an online university for learners, we Nairalearn also have all the above books, should in case you need any of the books kindly Whatsapp Our Official Numbers on +2348068608490 to get them


15 Books You Should Read In 2020, Bonus List

Below are only but few books you should read in 2020 starting with

I: Money Talks and So Can We by Ron Blue And Judy Blue: In this book Money Talks And So Can We. They talk on How Couples Can Communicate about money in marriages


Being a financial expert Ron Blue and his wife, Judy, insist that marital problems are never about money. But they’re often about communication, particularly when it comes to the thorny issue of finances.


Explains how to manage money as a team, including budgeting, debt, and financial goals


There is no such thing as a money problem in marriage. As quoted in the book Money Talk So Can We


Money Talks and So Can We by Ron Blue

Marriage after broken marriage testifies to just how charged the topic of money can be, and how important it is for husbands and wives to know how to discuss it with one another.


In Money Talks and So Can We, the Blues help you and your mate communicate openly and honestly about the vital topic of managing your money.


This is not just a book on family financial planning. It’s about how to operate as a team, overcoming your individual weaknesses and uniting your strengths to cultivate vision and prosperity in your marriage.


Never you miss reading this book in 2020 if you dream of having a great family with zero financial problem


II:  Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins didn’t think he’d write another book after Awaken The Giant Within in the year 1991. And for over 20 years, he didn’t write again until now


Money Master The Game came after the financial crisis in 2008, Tony knew he had to use his access to the top 1% of people in the financial industry to help others manage they’re financial better.


Money Master The Game

4 Years of research and hundreds of interview later, he’s distilled all of it into 700 pages of paper


The result was Money Master The Game, A book that sold 1 million copies in its first year. Here are the 3 biggest lessons from the book Money Master The Game


– Never underestimate the exponential power of compounding interest

– Pick one of five financial goals to show yourself that financial freedom is within reach

– Diversify your investments by using a 3 buckets system


Time to get the financial education no one gave you in school, time to get the book Money Master The Game. ”You either master money or on some level money master you” 


Get This book and read. you too thank me later for recommending the book Money Master The Game By Tony Robbins to you 


III: The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. The 4 hour workweek is the step by step blueprint to free yourself from the shackles of a corporate job, create a business to fund the lifestyle of your dreams and live life like a millionaire, without actually having to be one.


In The 4 Hour Workweek, Tim Feriss quote’s ” Doing something unimportant well does not make it important.”


The 4 Hour Workweek

It’s difficult to pull just 3 things I love about this book The 4 Hour Workweek, Namely

  • Be Effective, not efficient
  • Validate all of your business ideas
  • Change a premium to make your life easier

This are books you will love reading in 2020


Last las but not the least on our list of the 15 books you should read in 2020 plus the bonus books are


All these books when read and reread can make your year 2020 your best year ever. should you need any of this book, just send us a request with the name of the book to our Whatsapp channel +2348068608490


We Want Greater Readership Among Our students and active readers of Nairalearn.com this year 2020

We Thank God

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