15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k

15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k And Make Over 100k Profit Monthly On Daily Basis

Discover 15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k or Less and Make Over 100k Profits Monthly

In Nigeria There Is This Popular Saying, That Says, Laziness Is Decease and No Food For Lazy Man. Indeed the brains behind this great quotes are on point

So In Other Stay Off From Being Labeled As Being Lazy, Here are 15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k or less and make over 100k monthly profits, All the business listed here are lucrative, profitable businesses to start in Nigeria with N30K Or less


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If you care to know, Believe me!! The Fact Is That Nigeria is a powerful economic country, forget about the politic and evil government leadership in places, who have succeeded in giving the commercial and life in Nigeria a bad name, Nigeria Still Remain The Economic Hub In Africa

The Cool thing is that Most of the millionaires in Nigeria all started with the small amount of money and today they are the big names


So Never you be afraid of starting small, Picking One Business Startup among the 15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k or less and make over 100k monthly profits

You see the current situation facing the country has prompted many Nigerians to start their own business. Many people’s questions is that what business can one start with this range amount? But my replies is what can you do?. Or best what do you have a passion on

Is All Zero Back to What You Do and Do It Consistently, Starting with whatever you have?


So Welcome To the 15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k Or Less and Make Over 100k monthly profits

So the Numbers One Out Of The 15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With 30k or Less And Make Over 100k Monthly Profits In My List Is


  1. Dry Cleaning Business

When I Was In University Of Port Harcourt, Years Past, Some of my neighbors, About Two Unique Uniport Students Started A Home Base Dry Cleaning Business Right In Uniport Environment

Some co Students Looks Down On Them as of then. But Surprisingly Before we Graduated and Left The School, those guys are already Millionaires and have bought two buses from Cotonou, and now delivering cloth to their clients, how amazing In Just 2 Years

So this brought us back to the flexibility of this Business The Dry Cleaning Business. A Business You can start right from your home with capital of 30k or less


To Dry Clean, Wash and Iron a blouse, a dry cleaner will charge you nothing less than N500 In Port Harcourt. If you are a Dry Cleaner and you wash 20 shirts in a day, it will make you N500x20 = N10,000. Richer Daily, So 10,000×30 Days will Give You Upto 300k Monthly

Due the amount of cash you’re making from Dry Cleaning Business relies upon on you and what number of everyday customers you have.

So For Those Who Are serious about starting a Dry Cleaning Business, Dry Cleaning Business may just be one of the business you should give serious consideration.

Because Dry Cleaning Business is a very clean business that is respectable and dignifying and still brings good money. That is what makes the industry a must for smart people.

There are many types of Dry Cleaning Business ( Laundry Services ), but for this post and what I intend to explain, I am going to focus on home base Dry Cleaning Business.

The type you can start small and eventually expand to something big. You already know what Dry Cleaning Business is all about, so let’s go straight to what you would need to get started.


Thing You Need To Start Dry Cleaning Business

1: Wide Ironing Table

2: Good Pressing Iron

3: Garment Conveyor

4: Big Washing Basins                                       

5: Industrial Laundry Detergent

6: Space For Ironing

7: Other Items, Includes, Clothespins, Lines, And Drying Space


All This Thing Should be put in place as well, As you go about your business as a starter, please make sure you don’t get extra price your customers, Moderate pricing ensures continuous patronages and sustainable venture


  1. Sales Of London Used Phones Business

You Can Make Money Marketing London used or Even Imported New Phones Right Here In Nigeria; People buy phone like pure water, an average Nigerian has more than a phone

There are Uk used  ( London Used ) untested android and blackberry phones selling in ladipo market at the rate of 500 naira each.

When you get them you go about buying they battery yourself because they don’t come with the battery, and all are none tested, but it will surprise you that they all going to work. Yes 90% of them are working

I bought all my phone and my wife phone from this market at affordable prices, and we are still enjoying them till today,

Some of the phones I purchased from this market a lot of people are beginning to beg me to sell it to them for 30k an above, but I like the phone and don’t want to sell it. I also bought techno pad g9 which I use to update some time.

You can start this business right from the front of your home or at any busy road or even working railway if you are in Lagos or Port Harcourt.

Just get a table and a carton to arrange them on just as those guy in Garrison Port Harcourt or Ikeja Lagos does, and you can start your business, sell them for any amount you wish, but I advise you to sell them at a low price, so that you can sell them quickly

Those guys along the road in computer village sell they as untested more at the rate of 1,500 Naira, just for them to sell faster. Due Here In Port Harcourt, The Port Harcourt Sellers does not have a fix selling price, in fact, Port Harcourt Phone Sellers Sales At A Killing Price, So If You Are Reading Me From Port Harcourt, just applied my module and watched how money will flow To You Bank Ends

You can also make yours cheap so you can sell faster, no matter your location but some could worth outstanding amount of money even more than 20k, so it better you market according to their worth.


  1. Mini Bottled Drink And Bottled Water Business

Do you know, with less than 30k you can start a Mini Bottled Drink And Bottled Water Business, In Any Location In Nigeria and selling of glass drinks and water is a lucrative business

One, because it everyday consumer product, if you are in a very populated area or cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and the rest then you can consider this business.

You can start this business with 30k or less, all you need is

Look For A Location

Get a space on a busy road; street or market

Then buy a big cooler

An umbrella,

Look for an ice block


Print a small signboard and write on it BUY YOUR COLD MINERALS AND WATER, You can even include recharge card sales to it, the 30k is sure of covering both.

Please don’t just read this post for reading sake; this post can save a life

If the business model mentioned on this post wasn’t for you, please share with others until it gets to those who are in need of  Picking a business from these 15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k or less


  1. Recharge Card Distribution Business

This one, am sure you have heard about it a couple of time, from different sources. Well, what you need to know is that Even without money you can start this business if you have a bulk seller that trust you.

This business is the act of buying and distributing recharge cards from producers to retailers; you are the middle person here.

You can start this business with 30k if you don’t have a recharge card producer that can give you to supply and repay back after supply. You will need a bicycle for movement in other to be saving transportation cost.

This business has come to stay, and a lot of people are now into it, because of its business module that sales itself and is very lucrative and remain a profitable business till date

To Get Started With Recharger Card Business You Will Need How To Start A Profitable Recharge Card Business StartUp Report..

If You Need This Report, Just Call Me, Mr Mbonu Watson on 08099688839 and request for the download link to the RECHARGE CARD BUSINESS STARTUP REPORT


  1. Popcorn Production Business

This business is sweet, a business that sales itself on a daily basis, you see People buy snacks now and then, and popcorn is one of the most selling snacks meal

Because people eat it in their home, along the road, in their shops, vehicle and even in the cinemas, So Staring Popcorn Business doesn’t require a store to get started, in most cases, it only needed an exposed environment.

Anybody Can Start A Popcorn Business, in respective of age, gender, and educational level. The business is stress-free. And need a busy location.


Here are the requirements to start popcorn business

– Popcorn machine,

– Kernel (corn)

– Butter

– Groundnut oil

– Sugar

– Salt

– Flavor

– Nylon, And

– An excellent location

Maybe a busy road or market. You don’t need to rent a shop; you can partner with someone in his/her store, or you can get an umbrella, clean up any free space in a busy area and start your business.



– Small Popcorn Machine is 9k

– Umbrella is 2k

– Bag of popcorn 5k



To prepare popcorn is easy, here you need To take

– Three tablespoons oil

– ½ Teaspoon salt

– ½ Cup popping corn

– Three Tablespoons butter melted in a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan, add the oil, salt or sugar and popping corn.

You will need to Turn the heat to medium, cover the pot with a lid left slightly ajar, and shake once or twice. The corn kernels will begin to pop within a minute or two is done. You now have your finished product. Called Popcorn

Next is Once the popping slows to an almost stop, remove the pot from the heat, then transfer the popcorn to a large serving bowl and drizzle with melted butter, tossing well to combine. Add more butter, milk or salt, if preferred.


  1. Sales Of CD/DVD’S Business

Nigerians are good people once it comes to comedy and movies, Nigeria can take anything for joke, that is why entertainment industries sales more in Nigeria, than if combined with the rest of Africa countries

Even if you don’t like Nigeria Movies am sure you are pawned with Foreign Movies

Sales Of CD/DVD Business is a money splitting business, but some people thought there is nothing there.

Do you know how much those movies CD And DVD you buy for N150 to N300 naira are sold to the retailers, If You care to know, their counting price is 30 Naira each in Alaba International Market?

Here You Buy CD And DVD At A retailer price of 30 Naira and sale from 100Naira To 300 Naira

Now Let Do Some Profit Maths On this Business. Those guys sell these movies for 150 to us, definitely making 120 naira as pure profit from every sale copy.

Let assume he was able to sell to 35 people daily that are 120×35 = 4200 Naira. Here is to pretend that guy you used to buy CD and DVD from is making N4300 Daily and N109,200 Naira monthly.

People Buy Movies Daily, From season 1 season 2 season 3 even season 4? one particular person buy from 1 to 6 if it up to because no one wants to watch the half movie,

That means one person can spend up to 1000 buying from season 1 to season 4. the same person might see another exciting drama and decide to include it.

Now if the seller is in a busy place he will have more than 20 customers daily and sell more than 50 CD and DVD daily.

You will need a shop or just an open permanent space along a busy road or street this business is good to go; your customers will always come to you for new exciting movies especially if you are kind to them.

That is a very lucrative business, and it doesn’t require a vast start-up capital, with even 10,000 you can start this business.

And You must not travel to Lagos To Buy CD and DVD From Alaba International Market; you can stay in your shop in any state of Nigeria you are in and order all the lists of CD And DVD Movie you want to buy From Alaba International Market and have them delivered to you in less than 24 hours.


  1. Fast Food Business

Every Body Lean on Food, and you know I also eat, You Do As well But do you understand it not all the time we feel like cooking or even have the chance to?

So Even if you prepare your breakfast by yourself, how about the launch? Will you go to work with your cooking stuff? That is why restaurant and fast food joints will continue to boom in Nigeria

You can set up a mini restaurant with 20k to 30k, Provided You Have A Good Location For Free or less Than 2k Monthly Fee or Best Apply To Be Cooking and Delivering launch to companies and Schools, That is to say you can start a private Companies And School Fast Food Business Delivery system.. Some Companies and School Has Monthly Budget On This, So You May Likely Not Use Your Money To Start This Business and You Need Do Is To Take Home Every Month End Your Profits

Starting Fast Food Business Of Any Type Can make you money on daily basis. You can even deliver to companies And Schools as I said earlier, at the break time in saving them the stress and time going out to look for food by bringing it to them at the office, they will so much appreciate you while you make your money.

This business is open for both Men and Women. So Use Your Brain and Say No To Laziness, Learn To Start Something From these 15 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k


  1. Phone And PC Pimping Business ( Flashing/Downloading Of Music/Games )

Once You Have A Laptop? You are suited to go with this business. People want to have the latest music audio or video on their phones

Apart from that, people are busy downloading on the phones and phones get infected with viruses on daily basis, and there is no way a virus-infected phone owner would not want to flash the phone in other to start working well again

These are where you come in, you can do Phone Flashing, App, Music, and Games downloading, together at the same time and this business doesn’t require a shop.

You can start this right in the front of your house by bringing your table, chair and your laptop, get two speakers and connect them to yours,

Get a plain board and write ” Download Musics, Games, Bible, Quran, & Flash Your Phone Here.”






For A Cheap Price Just watch how people will be waking you up in the morning with their phones. No Matter The Location You Are

If you have no competitor in your location, you can be charging 2,500 for just phone flashing and 500 Naira and more for games, music, Bible, and Quran downloading.

This business doesn’t require you to buy or resell anything; you are just making money to yourself without buying anything.

If you don’t have a laptop then you can get a Serving one from Us for as low as 20k – 30, Just Call Us On 08068608490 for more details


  1. Sales Of Phone Accessories Business

Phone accessories are phone stuff like phone chargers, air pies ( Ear pies ), Battery, USB Memory Card, etc. people have issues with their phone accessories every day mostly chargers and Battery

Sales Of Phone Accessories business is very lucrative if you are in a busy location. Starting this trade is not costly, you can start this business with 30k naira.

You have to buy the charger or ear pies before; this is to say people are buying it always due improper making of chargers this day, people ran into one problem or the other with their chargers and required them to get new because they can’t throw their phone away.

If you are ready for this business, you can partner in the shop with anyone that sales phone.

To Buy Phone Accessories As A Reseller. Just Go To Alaba International Market and Get It From Alaba Int Phone Accessories Dealers or best Contact Us On 08068608490 let connect You To Phone Accessories Dealers In Alaba International Market


  1. Ice Block Production Business

Here in Port Harcourt, The So-Called PHED Are Helping Matters In Some Areas with up 16 hours constant light supplier on daily basis, While some Areas are darkness although

But Once Nigeria Is mention in areas of Electricity. Nigeria electricity condition is getting critical every day by day, and people need cold drinks water, etc.,

You can be of help and make money with this. If you already have a freezer, you can start producing ice block and sell to people who are selling drinks and water.

The only major thing this business required is a freezer and Better generator, in the absence of electricity and you need good water


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  1. Fish Fingerlings Production Business

Have you seen catfish before, We here in Rivers State Are Use To Live Catfish? The baby of catfish is called fingerlings. If you are a person that like agriculture such as farming

Then you can venture into this business as it very lucrative but it required some skills. Yes Some Great Skill available for those who care to learn it

There are places to acquire the skill in most cases it cost you nothing. The process of producing fingerlings is simple; the only important thing is getting buyers ready before production.

This business is lucrative; you can make up to 50,000 Naira in your first production that you spends just 4,000 Naira on. Fingerlings farming.

If you are Ready To Learn Fish Fingerlings Production Just Call Mr. Lugbe Bariture On 08067938187 and He Will Train You On Fish Fingerlings


  1. Shawarma/Barbecue Business

Here is another business you can start with small amount and be making some cooling cash on daily basis, shawarma is consumable daily. Here in Nigeria

Some people like eating barbecue or shawama while drinking in bear parlor and also like buying for their family. The right place for this business is a front of bear parlor or club. And You can start shawarma or barbecue business with as low as 30k.


  1. Live Stock Poultry Business

Welcome to Agro World Biz. Agriculture product remains expensive in Nigeria because marketing men don’t face it. You can do poultry farming right in your backyard.

You can buy a big cage that can contain up to 100 chickens, and in just four months you can start selling them for 3,000 naira each in the festive season of celebration.

Yes with 30k you can start this business comfortably, and there is no too much stress on it.


  1. Mini Importation Business

Here we go, Mini Importation Business is yet another great business that you can start and make cool cash in weeks, Mini Importation Business Is hot booming all-time business in Nigeria that a lot of people are still not aware off

You see Nigeria depend on importation, Yes We All Do, As Am Writing These Report From The Comfort Of My Lab Room Here In Port Harcourt Nigeria, Am sorry to inform you that 80% Of the items in my apartment are all imported

Here is a shucking thing that Nigeria import matches and toothpicks till date, but we can’t do without them so since we are not ready to produce them we have to keep importing this item.

There are so many items out there to import that will interest Nigerians. On interview with a Nigeria importer, he stated that importation business is lucrative and every Nigerian who know how to go about it is sure of bee a millionaire in nearest future.

According to him, he noted that importation business could be started with 7000k to 30000k naira for mini starter and be sure of making 100,000k Naira monthly if you import the right products and go about your marketing rightly.

You can start importation business while you are in Nigeria, You Can Import Security camera’s, fancy phone cases, Bluetooth speakers, etc., and some other stuff like this is best for mini importation.

You can meet with retailers to supply them at a wholesale price when they arrived, or sell them online on Olx, Jumia, Konga or Jiji.

Go Here To Learn How To Start Your Own Importation Business


  1. Plantain Chips Business

We Nigerians Enjoy eating Plantain Chips And Thanks to the smartness of some of my Nigerians Brothers who have gone ahead in repacking the Plantain Chips packaging system

People enjoy eating plantain chips mostly when they are traveling; people eat this every day, it’s a chip that is usually all over Nigeria.

You can start Plantain Chips Business as an individual by packaging it in advance way and putting a label on it just as the already once in Port Harcourt and Lagos are.

If doing it the right way you will get retailers coming to buy from you every day to sell. According to my research, I find out that a dozen of those in Port Harcourt cost 6k.

You can start producing your own and sell to those guys selling along Federal Roads, Streets, and Packs and people selling in a shop. You can start this business with 30k, Start Small with what you have

These Are The 15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N30k or less and make exceptional profit daily

Enjoy and Get To Business, Don’t Just Read This post, Read and Practice and best share with others, you have gotten this information for free, so share with others in other to save a life from being unemployed

Share The 15 Business You Can Start In Nigeria With N3Ok Or Less With Other On Facebook, Twitter, Work Group, Course Mate, School Mate, Friends and Family etc


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