17 Ways To Optimize Your Website and Rank High On Google

17 Ways To Optimize Your Website and Rank High On Google

Just months ago a lot of people, mostly. Webmasters, SEO professionals, Bloggers, and affiliate marketers raise the question, Is SEO Dead?

This is a normal question if you have been in cyberspace as an online business marketer, this type of question comes up and go, but the answer remains the same

So when people ask? Is SEO Dead, The Answer: Is simple ‘SEO IS Not Death’

What happened in the past few months is that Google did a major update, which affected a lot of sites and make the situation harder for, developers, webmasters, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and everyone who owns a website globally

The Google update for the last two months changed a lot, as Google deindexed millions of sites two months ago, follows again just last week being the day 12th of November 2021 

But thank Goodness, Google has started re_indexing the majority of the sites, so we expect everything [SEO] to return to normalcy, or best improve more in the coming days

So while we wait for google to do their work, am pleased to share with you the 17 Ways To Optimize Your Website and Rank High On Google

So pay attention to learning and put this info into practice, learn and deploy these SEO techniques am about to list to you, deploy it into your website, and watch how your site search console results increase, as Google continues to re_index websites and mobile apps

17 Ways To Optimize Your Website and Rank High On Google

Here Go The 17 Technical SEO Tips That You Need To Learn, Deploy And Rank Any Website Across Search Engine Directory First Pages: SEE The 17 Technical SEO Tips On Phot Guide Below

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Note: once you have gotten this 17 system well. Next is to focus on creating quality content, publishing content, AS WELL distributing your contents


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By so doing… Your website will rank higher across all Search Engine Directory and lass_lass, you will enjoy the result.

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