2 Important Types Of Keyword Research

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While this post covers 2 important keyword research, please pay attention as keyword research and implementation are next to ranking websites, web pages, or blog posts. You need a good keyword research process to get visible across Google


2 Important Types Of Keyword Research

There are 2 important types of keywords, some SEO professionals may say there are 3, yes they are right when they say so


As I’m also right for calling mine 2 important types of keywords research, so please pay attention as I break them down


The 2 types of keywords are simply what I refer to as

  • 1: The keywords that sell and 
  • 2: The keywords that bring you to cash if you are running an Ads network like Adsense, on your website, blog, etc


Now, pay further attention, to better understand what am saying here. Keywords play a lot of roles when it comes to website SEO optimization


You may get your SEO optimization for your website right, but when you fail to get the right keywords research for your website, it will take only luck for your website, web pages, or post to rank across Search engine


In keyword research, we have “keywords that sell products and services” as well “keywords that can bring you cash for your ads network like Adsense


For keywords that sell products, an example of such can be, when your website is targeting a keyword with “products names” for example “Car Tracker c200i” 


Now assume there is a top search car tracker device model with the keyword “Car Tracker c200i” and you optimize a page or post on your website with the said keyword and rank the first page


What this keyword will do for you is help you sell the product (“Car Tracker c200i”) as most people searching for this product’s primary intent is to buy the product. This is the first example of a keyword that sells


When you carry out keyword research is important you understand your business niche, and come up with keywords that sell if you intend is to make money from selling products or services


You optimize a page or post on your website with these keywords, when you rank on the first page, these types of keywords alone will bring you direct sales when compared to keywords like “how to install car tracker” which can be used for ads networks


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Also keywords like “reviews” or “car tracker z200i” as well as “Best Car Tracker in 2023” are all keywords that can make you money with direct sales to products or services, it can be direct sales to an Amazon commission or any other affiliated program you are into


Note: when it comes to using these two types of keywords, there are various ways to carry out your research depending on your business niche 


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