3 Smart Marketing System To Sell More Online

3 Smart Marketing System To Sell More Online

In every 100 startups and business, 80% usually fail in less than 5 years, while only but 20% make it, how did only 20% or less make it


The answers are very simple, is because every business success is base on the sales and profits, if a business, the startup is not making sales, not having projects it’s bound not to make a profit, so may likely fail.


So you see while selling more products and services, making more profits is important to every business

3 Smart Marketing System To Sell More Online


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There are over millions of ways to market online and offline and sell your business products and services, but here I will be focusing on the 3 smart marketing system to sell more online, starting with


#1: WhatsApp Bulks Sender

Who no like better things make I see, We all do love goodies and the WhatsApp app is one of the best things that happened to the world after the recession of 2008 that later gave birth to WhatsApp ap and was later sold to Facebook


But the issue here is that most WhatsApp app users don’t know how to leverage the power of the WhatsApp app, most people in Nigeria my country uses WhatsApp app to catch fun, not for business and making money online via WhatsApp has been much harder to them


Due there are two types of WhatsApp app, one being the default WhatsApp app and the other being the business WhatsApp apps


In respect of the two WhatsApp apps owned by Facebook, there are ten to hundreds of other third-party WhatsApp tools out there owns by individual like me and you of which one of the best tools for WhatsApp marketing tool is WhatsApp Bulk Sender


If indeed you want to sell more of your business products and services then you will need the WhatsApp bulk sender tools and the WhatsApp marketing kit. The WhatsApp marketing kits come with a free WhatsApp bulk sender tool as a free bonus kit


With WhatsApp Bulk Sender Tool, You can do the following

1: Bulk Sending WhatsApp Messages: It helps you to import contacts phone numbers and send bulk promotional messages to these numbers, you can send thousands of messages daily


2: It helps you generate numbers: generate active numbers from WhatsApp groups, filter the numbers and send bulks of WhatsApp messages to the numbers on a go


3: You can have multi-accounts and sending channels: both accounts can send multiple message campaigns simultaneously


4: Bulk report: It auto-generate a detailed report at the end of each bulk campaigns and many more


With a step by step A To Z of WhatsApp MARKETING Course which is also included on the WhatsApp Kit, Go here to learn more


#2: Using Targeted Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS still work even till date, for bulk SMS to work for you all you need is to zero your SMS marketing to targeted numbers


For example? If your business is limited by location ( locational base business ) e.g you are into dry cleaning business maybe your location is at Lakki Lagos and you want to promote your business using bulk SMS, you need to use targeted numbers to carry out an effective SMS campaign


Targeted SMS marketing is all about targeting the numbers of the people living and doing business around your location (Area)


If you are in Lekki Lagos, doing business there and your business is a location business just as the dry cleaning business was


Then you should get the GSM numbers Database Of those living and doing business in Lekki Lagos (in your own case, get the gsm number database of those living and doing business in your location) and carry our your smart bulk SMS marketing to them using any of the bulk SMS portals of your choice


#3: Leveraging The GSM Numbers In Nigeria, Email Address In Nigeria Database:

Thanks to the internet and that of innovative technology, with access to the over 90 millions of gsm numbers of Nigerians and that of over 50 million email address of Nigerians


You can grow your sell funnel and sell more of your business products and service directly to peoples phone numbers via SMS and WhatsApp messages


What it takes is for you to get the Database here, download and locate your state gsm numbers database and best start your targeted bulk SMS marketing from there and watch how more sells and profits will overflow to you, provided you are getting your marketing campaigns right


On the area of email database, you can use both email bulk sender, SMTP, and email verify tools to send thousands of email campaigns to thousands of email address daily from the over 50 millions of email address in Nigeria


These are simple but high conversion rate marketing system I have used to build a hundred to thousands of business locally and international over the years


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