3 Step To Increase Your Website Authority And Ranking

Just want to make this post teachings simple, these are 3 steps you can take to increase your website page authority (PA), and domain authority (DA), and gained increased ranking across search engines. Please pay attention to what am about to say here


The first step is to Ensure You Carry Out Proper on-page SEO Optimization, the second is to Ensure Your Website is well Interlinked, and the third step is to Ensure you carry out effective off-page SEO by getting high-quality backlinks and more. Now let me break these steps down the more


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Step One: Ensure You Carry Out Proper on-page SEO Optimization

SEO is what determines your website visibility across search engine directories, like Google, Bings, and more AI search tools newly released, and is an important part of every online business success

3 Step To Increase Your Website Authority And Ranking

To increase your website authority, and boost your website PA AND DA is highly important you work on your website on-page SEO, this is too important in other to ensure you rank on both your mother keywords and other relative keywords to what your website is offering, be it products or services


If you carried out proper on-page SEO for your website, you will be happy when you start seeing that your website is ranking in various keywords for products or services listed on it.


What this on-page seo does is to attract more organic traffic to your website, which Google. Bings etc will see and rank your website metrics, increasing the page authority/domain authority in your given niche. Hope you get the point. Now let proceed 


Step Two: Ensure Your Website is Well Interlinked

Website interlinking are too important to both the SEO bot and human abilities to read and comprehend the contents on your website, when an SEO bot visits your website, what it does is crawl most pages on your website, so adding interlinks will help the SEO bot to properly crawl and index the pages, posts and categories, as well pictures, videos and files on your website


So always make sure that pages and posts on your website are well interlinks, ensure that related post is called out in each post’s contents, as well contextual links added where is necessary. 


This helps both SEO bots and humans visiting your website to digest your website content better. and don’t forget that this also increases website page authority and website domain name authority which is a plus when you ensured that your website pages are interlinked


Now the list in my today blog post 3 Steps To Increase Your Website Authority and Ranking is to ensure you carry out effective off-page SEO


Step Three: Ensure you carry out effective off-page SEO

Is funny how some people write negative things about SEO, saying that SEO is dead or dying, I keep telling my student, those willing to listen that SEO is still much important to all online business


Telling them never to listen to such sayings that SEO is dying, cos till date, Google and Youtube remain the most visited website and the main reason a lot of people are visiting these two platforms is to carry out search


To gain increased website authority and page authority for your project (website). Please ensure that effective off-page SEO is well carried, here you have to build links (Backlinks), not just anyhow links but high-quality links for your website as well as building social media mentioned


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You have to learn how to leverage social media platforms which also falls into Off Page SEO, by so doing you will see the good effects on how your website metrics are increasing, ranking increasing, and many more gains


Now I know what must be going on in your mind, how can a none tech SEO person can achieve all this, is simple. That is the good news 


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May 4, 2023


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