3 Ways To Save Money On Online Advertisement

3 Ways To Save Money On Online Advertisement

If you have been searching for ways to save money for your online advert and yet make more money as profits then search no more, just pay attention to these 3 ways to save money on online advertisement, just make sure you read this article to the end


Before we proceed, know this, if you have a business, be it online or offline business and you are yet to start leveraging advertisement, by free advert listing or paid free advert listing, please make plans to start as soon as you finish reading this


I will give you simple tips on how to start advertising your business online both for free or paid with a high return on investment, you can start with free advert listing and letter upgrade to paid advert listing, the choice is all yours


Because using both free and paid advert listing will increase your business to 75% profit in returns when compared to those who failed to leverage ads promotion for their business


3 Ways To Save Money On Online Advertisement

If you have been in the online business world, possible you are into, real estate business, Blogging, Cryptocurrency trading, Web/Mobile App Development, SEO Expert, Internet Marketer, Virtual Assistant, Social Media marketer, eCommerce, Organic cream, Maker Over, to name but few 

And you are one of the many internet users who understand just how effective online advertisement could be, you may have been seeing ads running on your timeline daily, so learning these 3 ways of advertising will surely save you a lot of money and still bring you over 75% return profits, hope that sounds good


Online Advertising:

Online advertising remains one of the smartest and most creative ways to promote business products and services in today world

As innovative online technologies are launched daily, more people across the world now have access to the internet, Online advertising becomes more effective when compared to newspaper classified ads print, TV, and Radio station ads

Online Advertising

NOTE: Am not saying that TV, Radio, And Newspaper advertisement are not cool, all are cool depending on what you plan to achieve

But as of late, online advertisement is the ideal platform for you to put your money and time into, whenever business promotion is mentioned

 Online advertising remains one of the cheapest ways to advertise any business, not just being cheap and affordable, the online advertisement also gives you the room to target a specific audience, people, and location (s) easy and well targeted

So Let Get Started Unveiling the 3 ways to save money online advertising, starting with the Business Directory database


1: Get The Business and Individual Directory Database Of Any Countries

I don’t know if you are aware that there are what the internet technology call a Business directory Database, these directories have a business directory, individual directory, niche directory, name but few

And to make this more appealing, most directory comes with both business/individual name records, emails of business records, individual emails records, mobile phone number records and many more

1 Get The Business and Individual Directory Database Of Any Countries

If you get the business directory of any country, for example, the Nigeria Business Directory Database, and you know about email marketingtargeted bulk SMS marketingWhatsApp Marketingthat is pure GOLD in your possession


My dear, if you have the knowledge or you are willing to learn effective email marketingWhatsApp Marketing and Bulk SMS Marketing then you already have gold with you, all you need do is to start leveraging any of the country databases you already have. There are over 172 countries databases, you can find them here

Yes, it may seem a bit pricey, but database marketing works as an upfront promotion to already have lists or leads, here you don’t need to build lists from scratch, just get the 172 countries database and start advertising.


2: Listing Your Business On Classified Portal and Business Directory

Listing your business is a way of taking your business online, there are so many classified websites out there as well as business directory portals. but here I will be giving you access to two portal

You can proceed to Afrinotes to list your business live on AfriNOTES Business directory, these will enable search engines like Google, Bings, etc to index your business proper and rank the activities of your business on search queries thereby allowing more people to see your business online


2 Listing Your Business On Classified Portal and Business Directory


More search of your business will lead quality traffic of people to patronize you, the dame applies to AfriAdvert classified advert listing

And the good news with both platforms is that listing your business on Business Directory is 100% Free at now, also 100% Free for you to classify your business product or service live on AfriAdvert, go and give them a try and thank me later

You will need to register to use any of both portal sites but there is no cost involved as at the time of we writing this article ‘ 3 ways to save money on online advertising.


3: Turning Your Social Media Usage to Social Business

Social media has massive traffic, imagine the daily traffic on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, even on WhatsApp status, Very massive traffic

Yet a lot of people are just using social media for fun most of them are afraid of what their friends will say, so they hardly post things about their business online using the social media account

3 Turning Your Social Media Usage to Social Business


This is not supposed to be, you can change that, so stop using social media for fun and start using it for business, learn to post things about your business on social media




If you don’t like the type of friends you get, possible you don’t want your friends and family to see that, my dear. No one cares if your business is not doing well, no one cares if you are financially broke and down. so dam what people will say and change how you use the social media

Start with free posting, then make time to learn social media marketing and upgrade to using both free and paid social media advertisement.

Hopes this ‘3 ways to save money on online advertising’ was helpful, kindly use the comment box to write to us, let hear your opinion or any arear you feel we should through more light on. You can ass well save our WhatsApp number +2348068608490 and give us a WhatsApp message right now, let engage and network for business success



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