5 Factors That Can Impact Your Online Business

Here are Important 5 Factors That Can Impact Your Online Business Positively, as well as help you get the best results across the internet community


First, is about your Business Brand or Personality identity, this comes first in every facet of the business, be it online or offline. You have to build a business brand or personality that people can trust and relate to


Then comes the type of Content you are using to grow your business across the internet, are they high-quality content, depending on your business niche, are they engaging content, and more importantly if you have a website How Fast Does Your Website Load? The same goes for your mobile application, how clean are the codes


Not forgetting to be consistent in building high-quality Backlinks (Yes Links) which is all about SEO, SEO Still plays a great role when it comes to impacting your online business positively, SEO/Links building is one area of success you can’t ignore


So the types of links you build for your online business matter, and again how Consistent and Patient you are while building your business platform, be it online or offline, cos “It takes time to achieve something great #BePatient” See my quote image below


Now let me break down these 5 Factors That Can Impact Your Online Business Positively In More Detail. As said early, the number one on my list is Brand Marketing


1: Brand Marketing

Yes brand marketing, which you can also refers to as building your business brands or your personality identity, matters a lot


If you have a brand and you want a better ranking, across the online community, then building a positive identity for your brand comes first. 


Here you have to take your time to build your brand or hire a professional to help you do that starting from making your business products or services a high quality


As well working on your business customer care support system, learn to put the customers first in all, not money. But the customer’s happiness should come first, also provide 24/7 active support to all your customers old and new. You can use Whatsapp. That is what most people are using these days to provide active support


When the above is done, chances are you are going to make it, but don’t forget. Brand building takes more resources, such as leveraging ongoing promotions, in growing your business


Now check out GoogleFacebookTwitterCoca-ColaJumia, and even us NL_SOFT, etc, these are great brands and household names, yet still leveraging ongoing ads in growing their business. 


Ongoing ads here means they have been advertising on ongoing (continuously) without stopping for years


You may not have such a budget if you are just starting, but no matter what, find a space, somewhere to get started with the little budget you have, Get access to our Technical SEO Course, it can help you a lot in your area of SEO/Link building


Plan to build your business or personality brand, and use SEO to rank high across all search engines, your online business’s positive impact will be awesome, so brand comes as our number 1 factor, take this seriously, put it into action and you will thank heaven as you start seeing results. Now moving to the second factor


2: Creating highly engaging content

When it comes to online business, contents remain the king, and if you want Google, Bing, and all search engine directory to favor you with a high ranking? Then you need to work on your contents


Yes “you” need to start creating highly engaging content, create amazing content and give Google, Bings enough reasons to trust your content, give your platform positive votes and thereby rank it


Contents here are not limited to text, cos they could be video content, audio content, images as content, ebooks, and many more, just make sure they are high quality and amazing at the same time. As long as the digital world is concerned “Contents Remain The king” So keep learning and leveraging it for the good of your online business


3: Build Backlinks

To build high-quality backlinks all for free, get access to our Backlink Ranker Here and start building backlinks from the Edu website, Gov website, top classified portals, directories portal, and top blogs, in fact with the Backlink ranker you can build backlinks manually from 8000+ website and Blogs around the world


While also building backlinks manually by yourself or hiring an SEO Profession, also work on the type of content you are publishing on your platform, as these will attract others willing to link back to you


So make sure that you are publishing high-quality content so other people can links back to you, giving your platform positive votes and trust


Backlinks are like votes, when people link back to your website, blog post, youtube video, and many more, they are directly giving you their votes, and their trust, so based on the keywords you are targeting


The more people links to you, the more they vote for you, and your platform, and the more Googe, bings yandex, etc will see reasons to rank you higher


On the internet, votes here or backlinks (Links) which are simply one website linking to another website, and the more website links to your relevant content the higher you are going rank on the first page of SERP


4: Work on your site speeds

Common no one likes accessing the slow website, no one, not even humans like you and I or search engine bots wants to be part of a website that takes forever to load


So you need to work on the speed of your website, this is not just important to humans, it’s also important to Google bots, Bings bots, and all the right bots assigned to craw and rank your website rightfully


How fast your website ranks are important to organic human visitors across your website and also important to SEO, so you need to work on your website or mobile application positive codes when it comes to site speed


The loading time of your website is much relevant to your online business success, so please don’t ignore this factor, hope you are getting the point, ok let’s proceed with the last point on this thread (5 Factors That Can Impact Your Online Business Positively)


5: Time: 

In my country home Africa Nigeria, a musician sang in bracket (Time Na Money Oh) and indeed time is money, just as I quote early (It takes time to achieve something great #BePatient)


It’s funny how almost everyone wants success right now, people think they can make success overnight, but they neglect the law of timing when it comes to building lasting success, they just want to make it overnight. Which in most cases don’t work


You see most of the top businesses ranking on their various niches, it takes them time to build something massive that we are all seeing today, it took them 6 months, some 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 10 years to build something massive


It took them years to build, there did not get to the position there are today overnight, to start getting amazing results, so don’t expect to impact your business overnight cos these things take time


Be reading to put in the time, to put in the hard work smart work, and long working, also be patient, be consistent, and watch how your business will skyrocket as the time comes by. Get access to the Whatsapp Mass Sender Application NOW. Please DON’T MISS OUT


The WhatsApp Mas Application is one of the smartest Whatsapp marketing tools you need to start leveraging the Whatsapp platform in growing your business If you remember early on this post. I said consistent promotions are another great key to building a positive impact on your online business


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Remember: Learning is one of the greatest gifting you can gift to yourself, not just learning, But learning and practicing. 


Please don’t just read this post for fun, read, learn, watch the short video attached to this post, and take responsibility for implementing some of the things you have learned on this post. 


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