5 Important Do Follow Backlinks For Your Websites (FREE)

5 Important Do Follow Backlinks For Your Websites (FREE)


Hello guys you can get backlinks from these 5 important do-follow backlinks for your website all for free, I will work you out how to get a link from each of these sites


While you can replicate the other easy steps in getting high-quality backlinks, with the resource links I have made available for you on the kit ”Backlinks Ranker” you can build any amount of high-quality backlinks for your website or any website project


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5 Important Do Follow Backlinks For Your Websites

Here are the 5 Important Do Follow Backlinks For Your Website. You can use each of them to get a backlink and increase your domain metric, build up your website authority


1: cognitoforms.com (PA 36, DA 64) this is a form-fill website, use it to make your form, add links and get a backlink

2: formlets.com (PA 41, DA 41) is yet another form link, use this site to get a backlink when you make a form link to your website

3: form.jotform.com (PA 44, DA 81)

4: WorldforumLive.com: (PA 20, DA 11) Forum platform, use this platform to get a do-follow forum signature backlink to your website

5: AfriNOTES.com: (PA 31, DA 5) Directory portal, list your business on a directory and get a responsive indexable link back to your website


These are smart and easy ways how to get backlinks from any of these platforms, as well as on the 8000+ websites avalable on the Backlinks Ranker


First, you have to join each of these platforms by creating your account, Sign up are almost free on each of these platforms, so join then and create a form or short article by placing HTML


For the Forum platform, all you need is to add links using your signature badge if that is given, for the case of WorldforumLIVE.com user’s signatures are fully given for free at the time of writing this post article


Then for directory base, just as we have a Google Business profile, all you need is to create an account with any directory platform, just as we recommend AfriNOTES.com


Go to each of the platforms and create your free account and list your business, tell online users what your business is all about, and add a link to your business website, web page, or post, by so doing you are getting backlinks when the link is indexed


Here is your bonus backlinks kit, another website where you can get backlink all for free.

6: informe.com (PA 52, DA 59) now https://toonme.com/. This is a bonus, you know I love adding bonuses in all my kits, free or premium. LOL


As an SEO expert, this above site is one site we use to get a backlink, and index links for customers around the world, not until it was bought and 301 redirected to Toonme.com which you can also get a backlink from


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Just follow the above steps, or watch the coming soon short video to get this done as quickly as possible please don’t forget to get access to more than 8000+ websites where you can get high-quality backlinks, including an educational backlinks, Gov. backlinks, Wikipedia backlinks, guest post backlinks, more forum backlinks and more


So far, SEO remains a crucial part of online business success, even with the AI model taking over the tech industries, the year 2023 is predicted as the year of AI, SEO, and backlinks are still highly important


Use these steps, watch the above video, take action, get the Backlink ranker, and continue building high-quality backlinks for your website or client website all for free


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