5 Ways To Market To Nigerians In 2023

In Just 7 Days From Now We Are In 2023, Here Are 5 Ways To Market Your Business, Products, and Services To Nigerians Starting From January 2023 and go beyond


This post is too important if you want the best for your business comes 2023, having it in your mind that this is the right time to start planning, and gathering tool kits necessary to make the year 2023 a success for your business


The Nigerian market is a diverse, creative, and dynamic one with immense potential, Nigerians are ever ready to learn and patronize your business


With the right approaches, businesses like yours can strive in Nigeria and have the potential to tap into this vast pool of customers in the most popular black nation in the world


You must understand how to effectively reach and engage with Nigerian audiences, how to reach hundreds, thousands to millions of Nigerians on ago, which are essential for any business hoping to target and build customer loyalty in Nigeria


This is my 11th active year in Web Development, Web Consultation, and Internet Marketing, I have helped a lot of people and businesses, small, modern, and large not just in Nigeria, but all around the world, to attend success online, this I return the Glory To God


While only but few of us know that January always receives the best buy high percentage volume among the rest of the months, some people think the keys months to success are the ember months, but in practice and experience January is the ideal month


So if you are a business person, a services provider, selling products or services online or offline, plan now, start planning now to leverage the first month of 2023, and kindly pay attention to what am about to say here

To reveal to you these 5 Ways To Market To Nigerians In 2023, you need to understand first the mentality of the Nigeria audience

Nigerians are good people, great people, hard-working people, Nigerians are willing to buy, ready to buy, these needs grow higher every January


Want next as a vendor, product seller, or services provider should you do?

First, you need to make your products or services 100% ready before the 30th of every December, if you already have products or services. you may need to update it before the fall of December, getting set for the big one, Being the month of January


Once you have made your product ready before the 30th of December, you need to move in creating what we call sell copies for your business


A sale copy here can be a product or service sale page, which in most cases comes in form of website pages, forum marketplaces, classified pages, and social media channels. What this means, is simply a page where you can list either your product or services online


As the saying goes, if in today’s world, your business is not listed online, you are already running out of business, so the first step to marketing to Nigerians in 2023, is to make sure that your business, products, or services are listed online

5 Ways To Market To Nigerians In 2023

When this has been achieved, next is to plan for what will call a vehicle, to drive this your online business to the audience (targeted) people your business needs. that takes us to the first way to market to Nigerians, being Whatsapp Cold Marketing


1: Whatsapp Cold Marketing

If you are reading me from the United States, I will not mention Whatsapp Cold Marketing, but Telegram, because these posts are targeting Nigerians or people whose business is targeting the Nigerian market.


I will go by what is working in this part of the world, and that is Whatsapp, Whatsapp works far better than Telegram in Nigeria, so as a business person. Have the plan to leverage this model massively in 2023


You need to start active WhatsApp cold marketing, if you want to grow your business in 2023, there are applications to do that, such as the Whatsapp Mass Sender and the Coming Soon ”Whatsapp Cold Marketing Masterclass 2023


These are just the two kits you need to master Whatsapp Marketing, Whatsapp Cold Marketing Masterclass 2023, will help you to reach hundreds, thousands to millions of Nigerians audience, giving you room to market your business directly to Nigerians for almost a price of free


Haven said that, let’s proceed to the second way to market to Nigerians in 2023, being Cold Calling


2: Cold Calling

Before now, people think cold calling is dead, just the same way a lot of people think SEO is dead, lol, but SEO is not dead and not dying any time soon. You can get the SEO Course, Rank Any Website and thank me later


Cold calling still works and is one smart way small businesses used in building an active buyers list, engage with prospective clients and stay with their existing customers


This model of marketing is very simple, all you need is to optimize your social media channels with get in touch with us, putting your mobile number across your social channels such as FacebookTwitterAfricaSOSOYoutube Channel, etc


If you have a website, make your contact us web page much more active, in the sense that your website visitors can contact you via your website, by dropping their phone number and email to you


When all these are made available, depending on how active your social and web activities are, you may be receiving up to 10 to 100 call contacts daily


You are to save these contacts and by the end of each day, you can simply send them a message, thanking them for getting in touch with you or your business


If you have a free welcome giveaway, you can send the link to them and also ask them to join your list, it can be your email list or WhatsApp list


This method of marketing work like a charm, that if you start it now and apply consistency to it, in just a month or two you will be shocked at the number of people you have converted to active customers leveraging this model of marketing called Cold Calling


While a lot of people and business owners use our Phone Numbers of Nigerians 2022 Released to professionally mastermind this area of marketing. You may consider giving it a try and I bet. You will thank me later for revealing this model or marketing to you. So let’s proceed to the 3 ways to market to Nigerians in 2023


3: Leads Building

Another way to market to Nigerians is for you to start active leads building, collecting emails list, phone numbers leadNigeria company and business database


While we have worked consistently in building quality leads across Nigeria, you can save yourself much time, money, and stress by getting the following leads databases and using cold marketing to get them optin into your leads magnet.


Get Access To, Download Phone Numbers of Nigerians 2022 Released


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And if your business is targeting other African countries or the global world, here is the opportunity to Download 172 countries’ Databases, email databases, and phone numbers with Users Names


Don’t miss out on getting any of the above leads, if you want your marketing in 2023 to be a pure success, start now getting the important toolkit you need to make that possible


With the above already available leads databases, you have all it takes to kick-start your leads-building and marketing to Nigerians on a go come in 2023


Marketing to Nigerian audiences can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Leveraging already available leads has been proven to be an effective marketing model for Nigerian audiences, have said. Now let us proceed to the 4th way to market to Nigerians come the year 2023 leveraging online marketplaces


Also Watch The Video (5 Ways To Market To Nigerians In 2023)

4: Leverage Marketplace

There are a few marketplaces you can leverage, among such is Facebook MarketplaceWorldforumLIVE MarketplaceJiji MarketplaceJumia Marketplace, and a few others


These are important marketplaces you can list your business products or services on, to make these platform work, don’t just place your product there expecting to drive massive traffic with just free listing


When you list your product on any of those platforms, upgrade to the paid listing, for example, you can list your products or services on Facebook Marketplace and boost it. 


These are simple ways to get the best from these marketplaces, not just listing and hoping to get traffic with free listing. free listing in most platforms these days are shadowban, only bot 1% of the audience sees your listing


So use paid listing and boost your products listed on marketplaces to reach more audience, and sell in mass. Finally, let’s proceed to the last 5th way to market to Nigerians in 2023, hope you are enjoying this post, just one more to go


5: Work Correctly And Consistently

Now if you get all your marketing right, but fail on being consistent in your marketing, no matter how great your products or services are, no one will learn about it, know about your business, or come to patronize you


So you need to get your marketing right, you need to get your business products or services right, and you need to start marketing now, don’t procrastinate, to keep waiting for the perfect time to get started, start now and keep being consistent with the little you have


In 2023, there are going to be lots and lots of disruptive, being consistent in marketing is too important now than ever, and if you are just starting, building a business takes time, takes hard work, and being smart in your dealings


So you need to be consistent here, you need to be patient and apply these 5 ways to market to Nigerians in 2023, by so doing, I see a greater you in 2023


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