50 Agro Food Exportation Business In Nigeria

Export Business Revealed, 50 Agro Food Exportation Business In Nigeria

Dear Friend Today I Want to introduce to you the 50 Agro Food Exportation Business In Nigeria, that you can export to the USA, EUROPE, CHINA, MALAYSIA Marketplace Etc

By Mbonu Watson C

To Get Started, Do you know? that there are Over 500+ Nigerian African food supermarket and Grocery store all over Europe U.S.A, China, etc., Busy Waiting for you to become their supplier on a monthly bases and make over 100% profit in return in foreign currency

Please, Never You Join The Wagons Of People Claiming that life is hard after reading this article 50 Agro Food Exportation Business In Nigeria

You will agree with me that, if anybody fails to make it in Nigeria, such person will 100* find it harder making it anywhere ex in the word, because there are abundant resources right here in Nigeria, that smart people like you can tap from

The Reality of starting Agro Food Exportation Business is that Apart From this Supermarkets and Grocery stores in Europe, U.S.A, China, Malaysia Marketplace looking for Nigeria Suppliers,


Amazon marketplace is also in need of genuine Nigeria agro-food product suppliers

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1: Ogbono
2: Ugu
3: Rice
4: Bitter Kola
5: Ginger
6: Soya beans
7: Cocoa seeds
8: Dry catfish
9: Yam Tubers,
10: Elubo
11: White Gari
12: Yellow Gari
13: White Beans
14: Red Beans Oloyin
15: Egusi
16: Cray Fish
17: Smoked Fish
18: Stocked Fish (Panla)
19: Dawa Cudes
20: Palm Oil
21: Ofada Rice ( Nigeria Local Rice )
22: Chili Pepper
23: Smoked fish
24: Ocimum Gratissimum ( Scent Leaf )
25: Beans Flour
26: Melon seed (Egusi Ground)
27: Cassava Flour
28: Cassava
29: Dried Ugu leaf
30: Palm wine
31: Butter production
32: Coconut processing
33: Pepper
34: Hibiscus flower
35: Pap (Ogi)
36: Ukazi leaf

36: Hot Chilli Pepper
37: Arachis Hypogaea ( Peanut ) Groundnut
38: Kola nut
39: Potato
40: Semolina
41: Ginger beer
42: Kilishi
43: Soybean
44: Groundnut
45: Okra
46: Bitterleaf
47: Yam
48: Honey
49: Snail
50: Bitter Kola
51: Ofada rice
52: Catfish
53: Shrimps
54: Pounded Yam Flour
55: Cashew
56: Plantain Flour
57: Palm Oil Coconut processing
58: Pepper
59: Hibiscus flower
60: Yogurt, Pap (Ogi)
61: Garlic
63: Hardwood Charcoal
64: Vegetable oil
65: Palm kernel oil
66: Plantain chips
67: Potato chips And Many More


Let Me Discuss On Some Of The 50 Agro Food Exportation Business In Nigeria A Bit, Starting With Honey



Honey is currently priced between US$19.00 to US$23.10 per kilogram in the international market.


In the Nigeria market, genuine and pure honey costs #300 to #600 per kg. Needless to emphasize that the business is highly profitable considering our naira exchange to the US$ dollar this day


Which is currently around US$1 to between #320 & #420, As at 15th of May 2017. The most important thing about exportation business is to know when to go and harvest

And usually, the harvest is between 10 to 12 months after set up. Honey can also be bought from local sellers to make huge profit locally and internationally

Pure Honey Is among The Top Demand In Exportation Business In The International Market



Shea butter is highly valued commodity among the world’s cosmetic companies, and as its demand has grown, so also its potential for exploitation and exportation.

Statistics show that only 25% to 30% of the Shea nuts produced in Nigeria wild are gathered. Apart from its role as an important raw material, Shea butter is used in the manufacturing of chocolate and other confectionaries

It is also used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. So these products are not only needed in Europe but are highly priced in Nigeria which in fact, currently import them from abroad.

The price of Shea nut in {Lagos} Nigeria is about $820/MT. With #1000 you can gather 100/kg. The major locations where Shea nut can be found are Oyo State, Plateau State, Bauchi State In Nigeria, etc.

There are other Africa Countries Where you can outsource Shea Nut at a lower price, as was mentioned on the Exportation Business Complete Video Course.



Palm kernel shell is the housing of palm kernel seed. Palm kernel shells have very low ash and sulfur contents.



The specification is 20% max of moisture; 3% max of fiber and dirt. The price at the international market is from $1100 to $1400 per ton.

Some Nigerians throw away this product without knowing that it is a product in high demand in the international market.

Palm kernel shell can be located in some state in Nigeria such as, Ondo state, Osun state, Ogun state, Rivers state, Akwa Ibom state, Anambra State, Enugu state, Benue State etc



Garri is a fine or coarse granular flour of varying texture made from cassava tubers also known as cassava root, which is clean after harvesting, grated, with water and starch squeezed out of it



Left to ferment and then fried either in palm oil or without palm oil and serve as a major staple food in West Africa. You can package garri in 1kg or 2kg bag and penetrate the local or foreign market.

It is estimated that 20 million people of Nigerian descent reside outside Nigeria, with the majority lived in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Malaysia etc.

This is a great opportunity to sell to this category of people. Garri can be found in most of the states in the federation

Take advantage of this Exportation Business And Start Small By Getting The Exportation Business Complete Course, As Smart people are making it daily.. you can sale garri on Amazon right from Nigeria even as A Nigeria Resident.



The fish is treated with salt, either in the form of strong brine or a surface coating of dry salt. This combination reduces moisture and salt inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria, a basic principle of all meats. Smoke fish can be exported to the international market



Beans flour is made from beans which have been cleaned, peeled and milled to fine flour. It is used for the preparation of dishes such as Moi-Moi and Akara.

These days, there is already prepared beans flour, meaning you do not have to spend so much time soaking your beans or blending it. those days have gone


Bean flour can be sold both locally and internationally. The current price is on the paid starter kits. It’s massively demanded in Malaysia and others countries



Egusi refers to the seed of a highly nutritious type of watermelon found widely in Africa {Nigeria inclusive}. You can package Egusi in 1kg or 2kg and then export to buyers in foreign countries.



The Ogbono also called ogbolo or etima seed, when ground and combine with vegetables and spices and cooked with fish and {or} meat, it make people feel at home wherever you eat it. Its currently, sells for $20.10 for 1kg



Cassava Flour {Manihot esculenta, crantz} is a tropical root crop and major staple food supplying about 70% of daily calories intake of 50 million Nigerians


Globally, cassava is consumed by an estimated half a billion people. The unit operation involved in Cassava Flour process technology include: Sorting, Weighing, Peeling, Washing, Grating, Fermentation, Dewatering, Granulating, Dehydrating, Milling, Sieving, and Packaging. Current price on the paid version Buyers are also available



Bitter leaf is derived from the leaf of a small evergreen shrub; true to its name, the leaf is bitter to taste, but surprisingly, it is delicious in a meal.

It is also in high demand by herbal industries as it is used mostly for herbal medication. Current price on the paid version/starter kits Buyers are also available



This leaf is known as pumpkin leaf. The Ibibio’s in Nigeria call it Nkong Ubong, Efiks call it Ikong Ubong, Igbo’s named the leaf Ugu.

It is a hot cake if it is well packaged. It can be sold both locally and internationally. Current price on the paid version/starter kits … Buyers are also available


Ukazi leaf, also known as Afang leaf can be eaten raw as prepared by the Igbo’s in the popular African salad “Ugba”.

The Afang leaf itself serves as a dietary fiber which helps in proper digestion and gives the bulk feeling, vital for a good weight control diet


NOTE: If you are exporting vegetable, you need to sundry it, then compress it; then arrange it in a “Ghana must go Bag”, then it is ready to be sent. If you buy vegetable for #100 here in Nigeria, you can sell for #500 there @ {abroad} which is 500% profit. Current price on the paid version/starter kits Buyers are also available



Dried pepper or the Africa red hot pepper is a very hot spice. Most traditional African foods are cooked with this pepper; in fact.

I do not know ANY African soup cooked in western Nigeria for example without adding the red hot pepper



Trade intelligence reveals that most of the okra produces in Africa is exported to UK and Netherland which constitute the largest markets within the EU.

Wholesale price of Okra stand at $4,000/metric tons CIF {Cost Insurance and Freight} but when the market gets bullish; it shoots up from $6,000 to $7,600 per metric tons CIF. Buyers are also available waiting for you



The primary unit of production of palm oil industry is the farm where the oil palm tree is cultivated to produce palm fruit.

The farm’s production of fruit is processed by the farmer, using the traditional method of palm oil extraction, or sold to another processor.

If you can package it in bottles, kegs, drums, etc. usually in 5litres, 20litres, 25litres, etc. then you are ready for the local and international markets.


The opportunity in exportation business is supermassive and endless

Ask any major player in this business. Not only for those already in the export business but even for the newcomers. They will confirm to you that exportation business is killing it in Nigeria.

and that now is the best time for you to join and start exporting to Europe, U.S.A, China and The entire world


You Can commence  foodstuff Export business on a small scale and say bye bye to poverty.. but before that, I will like you to answer the following questions



– Do You Want A Total financial freedom?
– Will You Like To Be Your Owned Boss In No Time
– Will You Like To Live The Lifestyle Of Your Dream
– Will You Like To Control Your base
– Will Like To Control Your time
– Will You Like To Start Building Your Own 7 Figure Income Business
– Will You Like To Have More Time For Your Family and Friends
– Will You Like To End Nigeria Employers Job Slavery
– Do You Care For Happy Earnings In Dollars ECT

Answer The Above Questions and keep The Answers To Yourself


Meanwhile, If only You can keep to the information I have revealed to you on this article export business and put them into practice, You Will Surely Comand Money To Serve and Work For You For The Rest Of Your Life


Do I Need Company registration Or Business Name Registration to start exportation business?

The Answer is very simple; You do not need Company name or Business Name Registration in other to get started Exporting Nigeria Local products to China, USA, Europe, etc


In Fact, It’s optional since you are doing export business on a small scale, which means you are sending the foodstuff items through the help of courier companies… e.g., EMX, NIPOST UPS, etc., You need is just a single ID Card Among The following

1: National Identification Card
2: Voters Card
3: Driving Licence
4: International ID Card
5: Valid Student ID Card etc


Just have Single one of the above-listed card, then you are good to go and get started with Export Business To China, USA, Europe ETC

So To Hit You On Things You Need In Other To Get Started With Exportation Business, Below Are Them All



1: Have Passion To Make Money In Foreign Currency
2: Start-Up Capital, 10,000k Can Get You Started, The Secret Here Is Well Documented On Our Exportation Business Complete Video Course And eBook Guide, Go Here To Get It Now
3: Valid ID Card
4: Valid email Address
5: Mobile Number
6: Bank Account, Nigeria Bank Account, Link To Virtual Bank or Best Link To Payoneer
7: Active Skype ID And WhatsApp Number
8: Internet Connection or Cyber Cafe


Last But Not The List, On NAFDAC Approval Number, You can get support from an organization called Association of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN),

To allow you to get NAFDAC number. Only if the product to export need customization or you plan to brand the product by yourself with your name or business name

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The volume of Nigerian exporters of foodstuff to those countries are still on a pretty low level. Considering the estimated 20 million people of Nigerian residing outside the country, with the majority living in the United Kingdom (UK) and the US


Think of leveraging exportation business now, as this is a significant opportunity to make a profit

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