7 Tips To Increase Your Income

7 Tips To Increase Your Income

Life becomes frustrating if you work hard and yet have little or nothing to show for it. It is more frustrating in countries where the economy is not friendly

You see people earning far better than you do and you always wonder what it is they do for a living. Sometimes you wish that you had their kind of job. 

Well, while hoping and aspiring for a big job like theirs is good, you could find one or two things you can do to boost your monthly income.


Are you a civil servant who wants something to complement his monthly take-home? The answers to your questions are not farfetched; all you have to do is look closely and you just might find it lurking.

Increasing your income does not necessarily translate to more suffering or more work, some of the ideas are automated. You probably have gone online to search how to increase your income but the answers you get are mostly related to working online or

Going to learn a high selling skill to start bidding for jobs and making money from it, and all those seem to not satisfy your inquisition because they do not speak in line with your urgency.

7 Tips To Increase Your Income

What can you do to salvage this problem? Read on as we educate you more in this article. So, here are a few things you can do to increase your income.


1: Sell Your Unwanted Items Online:

I mean things you are not using and don’t intend to use again most times these things occupier some portion of your house or life, is better you put them up for sale and make some money off from such an item or items

You could have some items that are not useful to your anymore lying about the house; you could sell them off to help boost your income. 

You can use platforms such as classified sites or even AfriNOTES Business listing section to sell them off. You would be surprised to know that an item that is not useful to you could be very much useful to others.

You do not necessarily have to do this every month; you should only do it when there is a pressing need for money. The benefit of selling used or unwanted items are that it not only gives you space, it also satisfies your immediate need for money.


2: Start-Up a Side Hustle:

You must have come across posts or photos from friends advertising one thing or the other online, yes the internet business is still waxing and progressing millions of people

Starting a side hustle is an idea, as the saying goes ‘ having multiple income system is another sure way to keep poverty off from one’s life

Get a side hustle, a side hustle is a job that you do to augment your main job, you can do this job without it affecting your main job or stress you, most side hustles are hobbies one can easily convert to pay activities

A side hustle is not always something lower than your main job as people tend to see it most times, it could even be bigger than your job but shouldn’t always require your presence to function.


Are you a student who wishes to boost his income from his parents? Think of something you can do around the school premises to boost your income, this could range from doing an assignment for fellow students, or typing for lecturers (if you have a laptop). 

The idea about a side hustle is to find something feasible that you could turn into a source of income for yourself, and get started offering such services or products as well as making some cool cash


3: Make Money from Your Skill:

Do you have any skills or any hobby, which you think, can generate money for you? this may sound like starting a side hustle we just mentioned above

Yes both are kinda interrelated, but in this case, make money from your skills is a bit different as it can be done as a full-time job, startup, business, or entrepreneurship

For example, one can convert his or her skill into business, skill can be abilities, talents, knowledge, most of these things can be managed as a long time business

 Make money from your skill is probably, one converting his or her skill into money, for example!! if you love to write, you could write for blog owners or website owners and make money from it. 

If you can anchor a program, you should think of becoming a master of ceremony for event-holders. Everyone has a skill, whether learned or inborn

But you need to look deeply and discover what skill you have and see how you can generate money from it by monetizing it proper


4: Cut Expenses:

To boost your income is not about doing an extra job alone, it is also about cutting unnecessary expenses. Do an evaluation, discover where you spend too much, especially unnecessarily, and cut expenses down. This way, you are not doing an extra job, yet your income is boosted.


5: Start A Retail Grocery Store:

You do not want to imagine how much grocery shop owners make in one month by selling groceries. You could do that to support your monthly income.

You could open a shop and get someone (advisably a relative or a very good friend) to look after the shop whilst you face your main job if it doesn’t afford you enough time to manage your shop yourself.


6: Try Affiliate Marketing:

You could try pushing out people’s goods to their prospective buyers and get a commission for doing that, that is what affiliate marketing is about. 

This can be done online or offline. Online affiliate marketing is however more advised in this case because it avails you the time and freedom to do other things including being at your place of work when you ought to.

All you need for this is your phone and a good internet connection. You could search online for affiliate marketing platforms and sign up to become an affiliate marketer.


7: Invest A Portion of Your Salary:

One of the things you need to do to give a boost to your monthly income is investing a portion of your salary. Investing is not the same as starting a side hustle or business

It means putting your money into businesses and watch your capital grown into profit without really having to move a muscle. For instance, you could decide to invest in the palm oil sector given the lucrativeness of the sector.

You could buy a drum of palm oil at N80,000 and hoard it. During the yuletide seasons, the price would have almost tripled and you could sell the same drum of oil you had bought for N80,000 for more than N180,000.


Unbelievable right? That is the power of investing. However, make sure you make your research very well to be sure it is lucrative before you channel your money into any investment.

You would have yourself to thank when you consider the various options above to increase your income because it would expand the financial bottleneck a bit and make you sink your roots into your main job without the urge to pull out and runoff.

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