7 Ways To Get Out Of Poverty

Poverty Is A Choice, You Can Easily Get Out From. Read This Completely and Take Action

7 Ways To Get Out Of Poverty

Before you read it! Know that anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor

7 Ways To Get Out Of Poverty


Poverty is more than decease, a sin against humanity and spirit, so on this article, we are going to talk on the 7 ways to get out of poverty starting with #1: Learn A New Career or Skill


1: Learn A New Career or Skill

Being poor is dangerous, staying in poor and accepting poverty will profit no one anything only but messily and pains



Imagine poor people end up calling you poor, too bad, another reason why you should say capital no to poverty in your life, it’s easy to get out of poverty in today technology and the advance world, it all starts with you accepting the reality and learning new career or skills that fall among the in and OnDemand career or skill in today world


The 7 ways to get out of poverty choose learning a new career or skill as one of the top priority in quitting poverty, so to get started learning new career or skill will have made some career and skills premium course available for you, to grab any of these career and skill course kindly go here


2: Start practicing

Actions are everything great, having ideas and knowledge only without taking action is nothing, in life! you have to take action no matter how little it is, you just have to learn to take action


So when you have must finishing learning a new career or skill, taking action is the next, going on the field of practical experience matters a lot, even the ancient book (The Bible) says God will bless the handiwork of your hand, your deeds, your actions


There is a big difference between I know this and that from practicing what you learn and have knowledge of, so don’t just be on the field of learning experience without the practical know-how, learn and put everything you have learned into practice in action


By so doing this article 7 ways to get out of poverty will be of win-win-win for you


3: Start budgeting

The 7 ways to get out of poverty can also be a win-win-win for you if only you understand the essence of budgeting. In life, you in person should learn how to budget by following these simple budgeting skills


i: Budget Your Time: Being on timing in everything 

ii: Budget Your Money: Learn to spend and reinvest your money on a budget and stick to your budget 

iii: Budget Your Happy Team: Happy team here stand for your family, your clients, and yourself, make sure that you are in good term with your family, plan on a budget to always make your family (loves ones proud) and satisfy all your clients in your work product and services delivery if you have work, business products and services to deliver. Make sure it was achieved on a happy team. That is to say, you and your clients are happy with the work, project or product end result


You may think, you don’t have enough money to be on a budget, so no need to start budgeting in your life, the truth is that you are wrong, as budgeting is not only about money budgeting


Budgeting: is planning how and when you are going to spend every penny (your money before it comes) effective budgeting gives you heist and help you to manage your money more wisely


Follow these 7 ways to get out of poverty and turn your financial situation around for good.


4: Start Leveraging:

Leveraging multiple streams of income, find more ways to earn more money, don’t leave all your eggs in one basket, multiple streams of income is a goal, even Dangote the richest man in Africa is still hustling for money with multiple streams of income, as I write to you he is busy building refinery and also making plans to buy the arsenal football club


Find more ways to make more money, if you are not making enough money at your current job or business to cover up your needs, wants and necessities of life, save more money then you need to find ways to make more money leveraging multiple streams of income


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This may mean you taking on a second or more jobs, works, business to help you catch up on your overdue bills and other life responsibilities. Multiple streams of income is a goal also, so forget the silly talk referring multiple streams of incomers jack of all trade. Just learn to be good in your works, you must not necessarily be very good, but be good and consistent. You go win


5: Start Saving

Don’t spend all your earn money, don’t spend above your incomes, learn to start saving money now, at least save up to 55% of all your income, daily income, weekly and monthly incomes should also save up, learn to save its important when it comes to the 7 ways to get out of poverty


Note: There are two ways you need to focus once it comes to saving money:

i: Put money into a savings account that you will not use except for emergencies, this is called an emergency fund.

ii: Focus on finding ways to save money on the things you already love doing and buying, look for coupons, promos and deals for your area or across the internet for the service, items you want to buy and do not just rush and start paying for the items or services without checking the prices of the items or services price at a few different sellers, stores and providers before you buy


6: Saying No

Learning how to say no is important if you want the 7 ways to get out of poverty to work for you, the Power of saying no is an encompassing instruction manual for you to harness the power of this little word to get healthy, rid yourself of bad relationships, embrace abundance, and ultimately say yes to yourself and no to those that want to distract you from happiness, richness, and success


It’s too important that you eliminate unnecessary things from your life so that you can say yes to yourself and no to things that bring you poverty and pain


When you get in the mud with a pig, you get dirty and the pig gets happy. What this means is that, there are times you just have to say no, is necessary for you to be on focus and achieve more


The best universal advice to yourself is to always choose yourself but to do that, you first have to stop choosing others and letting them choose you


That, naturally, includes saying no. A lot. Steve Jobs was pretty good at it. The thing is, most of us are pretty bad at it. I’ve said yes to so many things I knew the moment I heard the question, that the real answer was no, that I’ve lost count.


Key Takeaways

1: Rate your regulars to say no to the wrong people.

2: Stop doing things you don’t like, and everyone will be better off.

3: Say no to scarcity to go beyond “glass half full.”


7: Get Out Of Debt

Debt is never a good way of living, just as the Nigerian government continues to borrow money back and front (Bad Debt) from IMF, World Bank, WHO, China. All over the world, a debt that will be re looted after and money return back to the western world who most have borrowed them the money and last las the poor masses ends up suffering the bad debt from the government


There is never a good debt, if you can stay debt-free, please stay. You cannot begin to build real wealth when you are on bad debt paying more interest than you are earning in interest and profits


You need to avoid debt, if you are already in debt you need to take the steps that will help you come out of debt


FIRST: Make a plan to get out of debt, once you have a budget set up, you can begin looking for extra money to pay on your debts each month as you pay on your debts each month


As you pay off once debt. Take that money and apply it to next debt on your list, once you are debt-free, you will have more money available to start building financial security


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You have read it, The 7 ways to get out of poverty, what you do next from now matters a lot, take action and put everything ou have learned here into practice


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