8 Ways To Keep Your Mental Health Healthy

8 Ways To Keep Your Mental Health Healthy

Here are simple 8 ways to keep your Mental health healthy doing, just as the saying goes, a healthy mind is a creative mind, and come to think of it, health is wealth

Understanding Mental Health From The WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) constitution states that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Mental health comprises our psychological, social, and emotional well-being. The state of our mental health is very important as it affects every area of our lives. 

An unhealthy mental state has a very negative impact on our performance. And, it is very vital that we take the state of our mental health seriously by doing all that we can to ensure that we are mentally okay. 

The state of our mental health, affects the way we think, talk, and act, the way we handle stress, the way we act and react, even the way we feel.

Most often, many people assume mental health and mental illness to be the same. But in reality, mental health and mental illness are not the same and a person with poor mental health may not be diagnosed with mental illness.

We need to pay attention to our mental health as poor mental health conditions such as depression, can accelerate the risk of some physical health conditions such as prolonged heart disease.

Adults, adolescents as well as children are prone to mental health challenges if exposed to factors that can lead to it.

Some of the factors that can lead to it include biological factors, psychological factors, social factors, etc. Even poor economic conditions can negatively affect an individual’s mental health. 

So below are simple things you can do in other to keep your mental health healthy, which I will simply refer to as Tips for your mental health

8 Ways To Keep Your Mental Health Healthy

1) Engage In Learning.

In this life, nothing beat learning, learning is the greatest investment you could ever gift to yourself, so if you want to stay mentally healthy, engage in learning, studying, and improving in your course of discipline

If you are a businessman, engage more in reading business books, attending business class, learning more about the economy, and best learning more about real investment and in all putting your learning contents into practice

This also applies to students, to a housewife, to any discipline, just think about your passion and focus your learning contents inline with what makes you happy

Learning can keep you mentally healthy and best will engage your brain into thinking creatively and being stable to assimilate more information and keep you informed

2) Engage in exercise.

Exercise is one activity all humans should involve, exercise as simple as running, walking, rope skipping, swimming and many other, exercise can keep your body and mental health healthy, is one activity you should always involve your self into

3) Proper management of stress.

Stress is part of our everyday living, what is not ok, is when some failed to manage stress, which then leads to distress, as a person its important that you learn how to manage stress and see stress as positively not as bad as most people think

4) Stay away from alcohol consumption.

Not that taking alcohol is bad, no, what is wrong is getting drunk and allowing the alcohol consumption to take hold of you by being the one influencing your hours

Meanwhile, health otherwise there are 3 out of every 10 people hat scientific opposition (medicine) has worn to stay clear of alcohol if you fall in between such categories of people, it’s best you stay away from alcohol as taking alcohol does not take away you problems, rather multiplies it

5) Avoid smoking.

This is self-explained, avoid smoking by all means, in other to keep your mental health healthy. kindly avoid smoking, if you are already a smoker, you can stop, while the choice to stop smoking is completely yours, I want to ensure you that you can quit smoking, ten to thousands of people before you have stopped, so you can, just believe and make it a habit to quit smoking and every other thing about your health and mental wellbeing will be ok

6) Get plenty of rest and sleep.

No matter how hard we plan and wish to work, we can never work against human biology, so learn to honor the body by gifting your body enough rest and sleep. this will on the other hand helps to improve the overall health and wellbeing

7) Eat well. 

Eat well, but not just eating well but being on a balanced diet, giving your body the right fool all day long, of which your meals should be more of fruits, vegetables, lightweight foods, and many others not mentioned here

8) Seek help when necessary.

Don’t keep everything all to yourself, when you are weak in any form, mentally or emotionally, seek help, its necessary, being silent when you are having emotional or mental stress can worsen your health, while there are professionals to handle your case, seeking help from the rightful source can improve your health and help you get back you self in the shortest period of time. so seek help when needed

9) Engage in activities you love.

Nothing beat passion, that is one doing what he or she loves so much, nothing beat it, most things you do out of passion don’t mostly stress you


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Even to an extent where you are not getting the rightful results, as long as you are doing such out of passion, it’s possible you will always remain joyfully, so find more of the things you have passion for and engage yourself

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