After God’s Power Next Is Government Power (Nigerians VOTE Wisely)

The survival of Nigerians matters more than a solo person’s ambitions or groups of cabals, know that After God’s power, next is Government power. Nigerians Vote Wisely


INEC has given us more than 1 week for you and your next neighbor, for we all to go and collect our PVC, Please go collect your PVC if you are yet to do so


Participating in elections is your right as a Nigeria citizen and more importantly, this single act is important for the survival of innocent Nigerians which matters more, and again a better Nigeria matters


The survival of Nigeria matters, a better Nigeria is more best for the innocent Nigeria masses, yes is more best for you and me as we all believe Nigeria is bigger than just one person or groups of corrupt cabals


When you are looking at the future of Nigeria, it does matter when all of us come out in mass to Vote for Peter Obi the Labour Part Presidential candidate is the better candidate when compared to others


Don’t sit at home and say what concerns you, hey friend, the future of your children should concern you, having a better Nigeria should concern you, after God’s power the next is Government power so having the right people in power should concern you, and I


I think it’s time for a new generational change in leadership across Nigeria, the right to select good leaders and representative is the power given to the people, to you ad I


Please go collect your PVC and exercise this right, rightfully, join hands and letter the innocent good Nigerians to take back their country and put to an end, the era of corrupt leaders, godfatherism, and corruption cabal miss ruling this great country Nigeria


Any person can make a change, irrespective of the person’s age, tribe, states, or religion, Nigeria is one, as is bad now e all Nigerians are still the ones suffering from it


You don’t need to be 70+ years or 80 years to make a change you don’t need to get to your 30s, or 40s to start thinking you can be part of the right change Nigeria as a country needs not


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So no matter your current age, the right time for us all to get it right is Now. go collect your PVC and make sure you participate on the upcoming general election across Nigeria

Nigerians VOTE Wisely

Make a better change that starts with you respecting Government orders and INC rules, please go get your PVC, and participate in the upcoming Nigeria general election 2023.


Vote for the right candidate, vote for who cares more about the wellness of the people, for the presidential level, Kindly vote for Peter Obi


I think we need a better change in leadership and that starts with you and me voting in Peter Obi, new generational leaders need to come in and step up and best start fixing things


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Making better policies that will help young farmers, entrepreneurs, students, tech persons like us at NL_SOFT, AND EVEN MARKET women enjoy a better Nigeria for all so my dear Nigerians VOTE Wisely.


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