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Technology, as we all know, is a huge blessing to the world, just understand how to leverage the power of technology, and you will be forever grateful for this great innovation called the Internet


Today, am going to write about job hunting and the technology, how to apply for latest jobs in Nigeria Via the Internet and get invitation for an interview.

You see, days had Gone when Wednesday Guardian used to be the number one Newspaper for job applicants looking for new job opportunities in Nigeria.

If am to remember My Secondary School Days, back then I use to go to the Library, The Jubilee Library In Port Harcourt and every Wednesday Use to be overclouded day in Jubilee Library, Do You Know Why?

Because Over There At Jubilee Library, All News Paper Publishing Media’s Houses In Nigeria Use To Bring A Copy Of The Daily’s Publication of the News Paper and Magazine, So some People comes to the Library not to read other books, But just to get hold of Wednesday Guardian News Paper, lol

Thank God for Innovative Technology, Those days have been a thing of the past.

Also gone are the days when a job hunter, in other words, a jobless graduate has to struggle to raise N30 to bribe a vendor in other to have a look into the daily newspapers for new job advertisements


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Today 90% Of Latest Job Listing is done online and you as a job hunter can apply for jobs online in Nigeria without stepping out of your bedroom.

Job Hunting has been made easier for the wise; You Can Apply for jobs in Nigeria using your Mobile Phone

How To Apply For Latest Jobs In Nigeria

Funny as it’s in those days, if you are applying for a job in Port Harcourt from Kano, you would have to travel down from Kano to Port Harcourt just to submit your application CV. Sometimes, even after putting all these efforts and risks your life, spend your time, and the little money you have or someone gave to you, your application letter may still end up not getting to the hands of the human resources in charge of the Job Listing.

You can search for jobs from multiple companies, write your application, upload your CV and submit You CV to as many companies that listed the job opening in around the Nation. Without visiting the organizations until you are invited for an interview.

Irrespective of this fact, a lot of people are still not yet in tune with these modern trends in jobs application hunting, despite the fact that it’s now simple as long as you can browse the internet with your mobile phones. Once you understand How to Apply for Latest Jobs in Nigeria, you will get called for an invitation for interview

HERE ARE THE STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON How To Apply For Latest Jobs In Nigeria

1.. Write Your CV ( Resume ) –: If You are Hunting for Job, consider writing your CV ( Resume ) As First Priority.

The Basic Information You should include on your CV, Is Your Names, Emails and Phone Number, and when it comes to email, make sure your email goes in line with your names. E.g [email protected]


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So make sure at less one of your names appear on the email you are using for job hunting. If any of your names are not in your email, please consider opening another email account, special for job hunting


2. Job Listing Directories Websites – Once you’re satisfied with your CV ( Resume ) Writing and Your CV Is ready for delivery, yes for sharing, you should know that CV is not your prosperity as long as you are still jobless, hunting for job, You CV remains property of the Public


There are so many jobs listing directories websites in Nigerian and here are some I will like you to use, just copy them and held to them at your leisure time and start uploading your CV on them.


20 Top Job Listing Directories Websites In Nigeria
www. go to the job section go to the job menu

A Wise job Hunter, will only do good to him or her self by leveraging the above listed websites, just visit them one after the other and sign up for alert for getting latest jobs openings in Nigeria


3. How To Summit You CV ( Resume ): Just visit any of that website I listed above and Sign up for a free account and Upload your CV ( Resume )– You can sign up for one or more of the job listing websites. The signing up process is simple, just locate sign up or join us button and sign up, you will be required to upload your CV ( Resume )


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4. Search And Start Applying For Job Listing – Know that you don’t just submit your CV ( Resume ) and go home and relax, hoping for companies to start inviting you for interviews, no it does not work that way


So Here Does It How It Work

After you have signed up successfully and have uploaded your CV ( Resume ), and Have verified your account by going to your email address and click on the verification link sent to you by most of these job listing websites, next is to start applying for jobs. And you can do this by searching for job listed on all the Job Listing Directories you have sign up on


Jobs are listed in categories in there hundreds job openings; jobs are added weekly. Browse job vacancies by categories and select your job based on your qualification. And always check your email address daily or at least on weekly bases


Back to CV Writing and Application Submission, Carefully write and rewrite before submitting your applications. Search for as many job opening on the entire job listing websites you have sign up on, and submit your resume to them


And lastly Do not be in a hurry to submit your application, make sure everything is ok, read, reread and read again, that is to say, always review your application to be sure it is errors free before hitting the submit button.



Know That Some evil eggs, known as Scammers also hunt for job hunters

They hunt for the information on your CV ( Resume ) information Such as Your Email Address, Your Phone Number, Your Name, and even your CV Referees details

So I think this is something worth mentoring, something you should be aware of, so to know how to go about it, in case some scammer start calling you after you must have uploaded your CV Online


Know that the Primary aim of most of these scammers is to present a fake job opening to you in request that you should offer them money before they can connect you or best offer you a job, they are scammers and got no job offer


How To Be Safe From Job Scammers

Never You Accept To Pay Any Body any amount of money in exchange for job offer, not even when they tell you that they have the slot in NNPC, Shell, Offshore Work, Onshore work and the rest.

Don’t pay listening ear to them and don’t pay any foolish scammer money for job offering.. if you do so, you may end up losing your hard earned money to a scammer, and you will never even get the so-called job they promised


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Also take note..

Once You have uploaded your CV, know that these scammers now have your information, so even when they call you, by your names or send you an SMS as if they are related to you

Once their intent for contacting you get to you giving them some money before they will offer you a job they don’t have or link you up for a job.

please stay away from them and don’t pay them any money, some may ask you for a scratch card, also don’t send them any card, they are scammers

So Be Warned and Good Luck On Your Job Hunting

Written By
Mbonu Watson C
University Of NairaLearn

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