Basic Facts About An Online Business Success

Basic Facts About An Online Business Success

In today post am going to talk on the Basic Facts About An Online Business Success and it will be interesting to me that you pay attention to what am about to say


First: if your business is not yet online, that is, YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT RUNNING ONLINE, Just know that you are running out of business and should act fast now, by taking your business online

Basic Facts About An Online Business Success


Understanding The basic facts about an online business success

Online business is like every other business done or carried out offline, but in this case, the online business is done virtually on the internet


Or best you can say that Online Business or e-business is any kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing information across the internet. Commerce constitutes the exchange of products and services between businesses, groups, and individuals and can be seen as one of the essential activities of any business.


Essential in the sense that is classified as highly important to the success of every business as the future of all business has moved to the online ( The internet )


so today I will be sharing some basic fact about the online business, just pay attention to them, learn them and apply them to your business


1: Basic Fact About An Online Business Success Is To have a website for your business products or service


Yes its important that you have your personal self hosted website for your business products and services, its important here doesn’t mean that it’s a most

Basic Facts About An Online Business Success. nairalearn


For example, the name of my individual website is, while company is NL_SOFT Owners of Naira Learn, Afrinotes. that my personal portal Mbonu Watson bears my personal name doesn’t mean your website should bear your name, no


Names are important but any unique name can go, the name can be your business name. contents niche, it can be any name, maybe a combination of native name and English name, or just an English name or native name, but in all, make sure that your website name is easy to remember and pronounce by the public


  • The Look And Feel Of Your website: the design of your website should be simple, the look and feel, navigation should be prime important when you or your website developer is designing your website, make sure it appear simple


when it comes to the online world, everybody surfing the internet is in one way or the other in hurry, so its important that you make your website simple and easy to navigate, easy for your site visitors to move about from one page to the other right on your website


  • Site Speed: make your website page load speed is ok, nobody like slow loading website pages, people get bored when a website page is taking much time to load


One way to check if your website load time is ok is to use a website called Gtmetrix. go to to check the load time of your website



Watch the video below for more understanding on how to use Gtmetrix to check your website speed

After you have a check on your website speed, if the load time is slow, that is bad, you may need to contact your website developer and send him or her the report about your website, requesting for optimization of your website speed. a good developer knows what to do to increase the speed of your website and enhance your website visitor and SEO experience across your website pages


  • Branding: business is not only known by name, but there are also know by branding, such as name, logo, color, etc


So it’s important that you brand your business, yes when it comes to the online world, any name can go, but make sure when choosing a name, that the name is easy to remember, simple, and easy to memorize by the public


Your business logo design and color are also important things you should consider, in some case, don’t try to play smart by designing the logo by your self, you may have an idea logo, all you need do is to take your idea logo to a professional logo designer to get the logo design done for you


  • Have a web blog section on your website: a web blog is used for publishing, newsletters, blogging, news, and many more. so it’s important that your website have such features, should in case, you have a website and your website don’t have a web blog, kindly contact your website developer to update your website by adding a web blog feature on it


  • Promote your website: don’t just leave your website for free traffic, free publishing, free listing, learn to promote your website across the internet using paid ads


Don’t just leave your website just like that, use Google Adword, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Forums, Classified Ads, Solo Ads, and many more to promote your website on the internet


Buy tools, such as Email list, GSM Number Database, Whatapp Bulk Sender, and learn how to use them in promoting your business and services. the essence is for you never to leave your website un-promoted.


  • Mobile Optimization: Make sure your website is mobile-ready, well-optimized. in other words. your website is 100% responsive across all devices such as mobile phones, iPad, iPod, Palm Top, Desktop, GamePad, Smart TV Set and many more


Reasons: been that 90% of people visiting your website are coming from a mobile device, so its highly important that you optimize your website for mobile readiness


  • Legit: Make your that your business is real, don’t involve in illegal and fraud, keep your online business legit. being real pays



If you check online, most people doing business online, offering products and service with 6 to 7 figure sure monthly earning are all doing legit business


And the good news is that, there are over 1000+ of legit business you can do online and make cool cash, due it requires learning, practicing, passion, purpose, calling, and most important, it requires timing and patients


Online business is not get a quick scheme, is not money doubling, the Ponzi, and many more, keep your online business alive by being legit


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