Be Persistent In Business And Life

Be Persistent In Business And Life

Being persistent in your pursuit of excellence and stability in business and life, is too important you should, with a lot of distractions around us, you must try and find reasons to remain persistent


Even as multiple streams of income keep coming up around cyberspace, being persistent also requires that you remain legit, be creative in your ideas and learn to take action, even when it means starting small


Be creative, and have a sound mind of starting small and growing bigger for everything great today started possible small yesterday, the Facebook, Google, Jumia, Amazon, and NL SOFT, all started small


You see, a friend of mine once complained that she had no job after applying 35 times until she met a friend who got a job after sending in 1,784 applications

This friend of mine who has applied for a job over 35 times was at the point of giving up before she met this friend who has applied for jobs to over 1,784 applications long before she got work. She was so persistent not minding the number of times she has previously failed in securing a job until she got one, her dream kind of job


This tells us all that, It takes persistent in your pursuit of excellence and being stable to attend success, most importantly, to attend lasting success

You must learn the best ways to give it all it takes, to give it all your best. Success journey is often a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to build


Even skills, It takes time to master a skill, and business also takes time to grow, if you are reading me right from Nigeria, It takes time to find a job, 90% out of 100 times you may likely not find a job in your first month of job hunting


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Be Persistent In Business And Life

Everything growth takes time and patience, if you are planning on starting your 7-figure earning system or business model, it also takes time to earn 7 figures, and it takes time to build such a business model


I was sick throughout last week, so sick for about seven days, starting last week Monday evening, but now am a bit ok, I Thank God

So after missing work for more than 8 days, now trying in getting back to work today is one of the hardest experiences for me at the moment


But you know I have done this over and over, for years. So am starting slowly, being, persistent, consistent, and steadily slow. Giving in to time, in a few days from now, am going to be fully back on track


I have missed work, and have slowed down on some projects, but you know, the adage ‘Health Is Wealth, I can categorically tell you that health is the greatest wealth, we mostly ignore this fact, until reality sets in and you find yourself remembering nothing. but wishing for good health. Join me to thank God for being much better now


I have a mess all of you, I’m glad to say that I’m back again, seriously have missed my people at NL_SOFT and you all across all the globe


Be Persistent Persistence is a valuable trait in any field. Whether you’re pursuing a personal goal or trying to achieve something important for your work, it’s essential to keep at it until you reach your goal. Here are a few tips for being persistent:


1. Learn To Take Good Care Of Your Health: 

My dear in everything you do, please but good health at first, avoid anything that will endanger your health, and always go for a check-up even if you are not yet up to 20 years


If you are reading me from Africa Nigeria, do yourself good to keep mosquitoes ad black fly away from your living environment, always be at a look at of the water you drink, don’t say this or that don’t kill an Africa man, please be persistent in taking good care of your health


2. Stay focused on your goals: 

Don’t get sidetracked by distractions or negative thoughts, which will only make it harder to succeed, in life we are more faced with hundreds, thousands to millions of negative thoughts, please find a good reason to remain positive and keep focus alive


3. Set realistic goals and deadlines: 

Let yourself be guided by what is realistically achievable, not what you think is impossible. Being persistent means you work towards things that are real, realistic things


Set realistic goals. Don’t expect to accomplish everything overnight, but do have modest expectations for yourself.

Learn to identify things that are not realistic and learn to let them go and put all goals on things that are realistic to achieve and best, set a deadline on all your goals, and work day and night to meet up your deadlines


3. Take small steps forward rather than taking giant leaps:

Most big things we hear today all started small, it can be hard to keep going when we feel like we’re not making progress. But persistence is key to success, and it’s something that can be learned.


Don’t wait for a big strive when you can take simple but small steps, as long you keep your steps consistently, greater success is sure


4. Don’t give up easily. 

In all, please don’t give up so easily, don’t ever give up on yourself, to your family. Yes yourself and your family are things you should never give up


Don’t also give up so easily on your business, career, and learning. If you hit a roadblock, don’t abandon your project prematurely, even when you fail in business, learn to identify the areas you failed and see, that it is possible to get them fixed or hired professionals in such areas


Learn to persevere through the difficulty and eventually, you will reach your destination. Stay positive in your business and life, Use any of the links to get access to some of our Database Kits

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