Before Starting A Business

Before Starting A Business

For some people, the idea of starting a business sounds like the worst idea in the world, while to some others it sounds like the perfect decision

The reality is, starting a business is cool when you are ready to start with as little as what you have, what you know, but starting with great passion, which can easily keep you going even when the beginning stage looks raw and impossible

With the help of innovative technologies, the internet, good business plans you stand a better chance this day to make your start-up business to success without much struggling

Before Starting A Business

Starting a business these days can be fun, sometimes it looks easier, yes when you look into it, is easier to start a business now when compared to the period of 1970s1980s and even 1990s, yes is easier now with the help of Internet technology

Some people have been planning on how to start a business for years, these types of people would rather work all the years of their life for someone else than even consider having a business of their own.


Take note: working for someone else is not bad, frankly speaking. Is good for one to first work for others, gather existence before going into his or her own business

Working for others is very much cool, as not everyone is destined to have his or her own business, but the point here is, if you do have an idea

A pressing and promising idea and you believe the world, your community base will be gainful benefit from your ideas, then starting your own business is cool.

Working as an employee is cool and in most cases is not mandatory that you should quit your existing work to start up your own business, is more important to start a business as a side hustle than to quit an existing business

You also see, for most people, however, there is nothing more exciting than the thought of starting a business, while FEW PEOPLE WHO HAVE AN Idea for a business startup takes am immediate action into startup, many don’t but keep procrastinating on their business ideas startup


Many people dream of starting a business from the time they are young. These people love the idea of being creative and of selling products or services to others, they do believe in being a boss of their own, they believing in creating job for the masses

They love the idea of convincing others to love the same things they love and they usually like the idea of working with money, investing in a real business they can call their own. 

They so much love the idea of starting a business of theirs’s which sounds like the ideal way to spend years of their life into.

While many conceive such ideas for years waiting for the right time, experience and interviews from great startups like FacebookGoogleAmazonAfriNOTES has proven that you must not wait for the perfect time to start a business, 

The reason has been that there is never a perfect time to start a business, there is never a fully-formed idea of business, so the need for you to start is NOW, you can start with the little idea, financial, etc. you have and best learn to progress from they

Starting a business is all about a process known as progressing, nothing more nothing less.


To Start A Business Action Is Everything

If you’re planning to start a business, possible you fall into one of these people that dream of one day starting a business, you can begin the process by taking the time to ask yourself some important questions that will give you more understanding and direction of how to proceed.


First Find a Name: for your startup business

Yes name is also called business branding, so the first step is for you to figure out a name for your business, take note, you can also use your name as a business name startup, there is nothing wrong with that


Name is seen as an important identity, so getting a name for your business is important, name also comes with brandings, such as having a business logo, having business BLUE PRINT plans, and many more


Having a website for your business start-up is cool, but no longer mandatory, you can easily use social media channels, Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ChannelBusiness directory listing portalsClassified portals as your Business online pages for the business start-up


Incorporating Your Business Name

At first, is not mandatory that you register your business with the country of your choice, for example, am from Africa Nigeria, if am planning on starting a business, is not mandatory that I incorporate it, but is vital that I do so, should I want the incorporation name to be same with my business

Then taking your time to visit the government ministries in charge of business name registration, incorporation in your country, for that of my country Nigeria, we have CAC, which stands for Corporate Affairs Commission

You can visit there official site to learn more about them and best how you can incorporate your business name right from the comfort of your home or office with CAC For as low as 11k naira


What Type Of Business Are You Starting:

If you’re considering starting a business, try to brainstorm the kind of business that you would want to start.


Check well to determine what type of business products or services you want to sell, or best offer, for example:: do you dream of selling books, organic creams, real estate business, or of having an online shop


Identifying the type of business you want is too important here, or are you having the idea of selling sporting equipment, medical equipment, education and school, learning tools? you just have to define the type of business you want to go into


You see, you can have a business for just about anything, is all begin with ideas, taking a step in making the idea into reality, so it is important to narrow your ideas into a couple of focused ideas for starting a business. 

When the ideas are too broad, find a way to narrow them and best start from some way. you must not have it all, imagine google, google never started with all that she offers now

So is never a most you should start with everything, is never a most that you must have all the products or services before you kick start, no is not, the best is to narrow your idea and start from somewhere and progress from there


It is usually true that starting a business will go better if your business is focused on something that you love. Without passion, you will not get very far with your dreams

You should be a combination of realistic and idealistic when you’re making plans for starting a business. You have to have a real understanding of factors like money, time, and resources for your business, but you will never have the business of your dream if you wait until you have all of the details figured out. 

So allow yourself to get pretty detailed in your ideas for starting a business. Write out parts of starting a business that seems easy and possible and write out parts of starting a business that seems hard or like they could never happen.


Another important thing to do before you rush off in starting a business is to sit down with current business owners and learn everything they can teach you. 

Learning from others who have been into business before you will profit you a lot, don’t assume you know it all, always have the heart, an open heart for learning, listening, and understanding as well

These will heal you from the years of trial and error, yes learning from others, will be invaluable to you as you seek to begin the process of starting a business yourself. 


Many have gone before you, so utilize their resources, their experiences, the mistakes and be a learner, visit nairalearn course to get started with any of our premium course available for people like you

Take steps of planning and preparation and your dream of starting a business can become a reality quicker than you’d expect.


When You Most Have Started Business What Next: Marketing

Dear let assume now you have finally started a business, what next, my dear, na marketing o, yes effective business marketing will determine if in few months, or years if your business will be a success or a fall out

So you most not joke with marketing, marketing entails being creative, being consistent being correctly and best having tools needed to make your marketing easier


Among among the tools you will need is

Email Database, for effective email marketing, and good news is that you can get access to our over 50 millions email database of Nigeria here , plus over 90k email database of other national across the globe


Getting email database for your effective marketing is never enough, as you will need to learn smart email marketing in other to assign most of their emails to work for you, an ensure greater success for your business startup


You Will Also Need GSM Number Database

With the availability of over 80 millions GSM Phone numbers of Nigerians, you are good to go, you may also need to learn Busk SMS Marketing and 

Will also be needing the WhatsApp Bulk Sender App, and WhatsApp marketing video training, which you can easily secure here

Getting started with your business and having these few marketing tool will in shot time position your business to a greater success

Also go here to view more of the Nairalearn Course, enrol on any of the curse to your best of interest, dont keep on waiting, the right time to start business is now, you right time to take positive action is now


Hope this help, do you have questions you will like to ask, if yes, use the comment box to drop your question, personally I will look into your question and provide you with the best advices ever. Before starting a business, take time to read and reread this article, take note and have a clear plans to what you are going into


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