Content Is The King Of Online Business, Discover The Queen

Content Is The King Of Online Business, Discover The Queen

God is wise to have created female among all creations, that is to say, almost everything under heaven has both male and female, kings and queens. This also applies to the online community where we have Contents as the king, then distribution as the queen


The Kingship and queen-ship, male and female almost applies to both none living things, if you understand nature and science, not just to none living this, this applies to the online business of today, while content is the king of online business, there are still people who are yet to know the queen of online business


And that am about to reveal to you ere today, letting you know the queen of online business is my prime goal on this article, the queen is as important as the kings (The contents) in_fact both work hand in hand as one can not function without the other


To experience an online business success you need to deploy both the Kings (The Content) and the Queen, which am about to reveal to you here is even the key that drives the king (content). Yes without the queen, the king being your contents will possible not rank across the search engine SERPs


This shows how important both are and you need both to make an online success. You need to have the king (Good contents) right, yes you can have great contents, but once you fail to get the queen right, that will result in a total failure or worst you end up with little or no results


Content Is The King Of Online Business

If you have been following me, I believe you must have come in contact with my writing that says, Contents is kings, the phrase is credited our Father in the Software tech in the person of Bill Gates


Now that you know the king of internet business, my question is, do you know the queen, If the content is the king them what is the king


Here Is The Answer

The Queen is the (distribution), hope you heard me, The Queen of online business is Distribution:


Maybe I need to break it down more for easy comprehension, For example. let assume you already have great content, being the kings, you have a website, and you have published articles on it, your sale copies running online, with great products and services but you are not yet distributing it:


Then you already have the king, the content, but not the queen, the distributions, in other to have an online success, you must have great content and a well-structured distribution


Common to talk of it, without effective content distributions online, how do you get people to know about your great content, this is one reason why the distribution ( the queen) is so important for your online business success


Yes content is king and distribution is queen, without the effective use of these two powerful online marketing techniques, you will hardly make it online, so it a most you leverage on both


You write quality content, you publish the content and you then distribute the contents links, using both paid ads, free ads, etc leveraging both Google Adwords, Ads Networks, Social Medias, Email marketing, Mobile marketing, Web 2.0 Ads, etc


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If you have a good budget, you can also deploy radio station and TV base ads, offline banner ads, influence’s mentioned and featured ads, and many other ads promotional methods best known to you


By all means, put more in distributing your contents, in another world, invest more in promoting your business product and services, don’t just have an online business with great content, great products and services and yet with poor distributions


Tap from the law of nature, no matter how strong a man claims to be, when he has come of age he needs a woman, he needs a woman, same applies to the woman


The law of kings and queens can not be written off, the power of great contents, effective distributions can also not be written off


So your business success requires both quality content, good products, and services as well as effective distributions


Put this tool principle of online business success into practice and watch how your business grow will skyrocket in a few weeks and best don’t forget, to get our Global Database


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