Laptop Repair Video Course

Learn how to Repair Any Laptop Computer and fix your laptop with this online course available here at University Of NairaLearn

Laptop Repair Video Course
Learn how to Repair laptops and Desktop Computer with this detailed step by step laptop repair video course, live online course and offline course with High-Quality Video Training! On 100% Footage With Practical Guides


    After completing this course, you will be able to: Do The Following

    Repair Any Type Of Laptop
    -Troubleshoot Any Hardware Of Laptop
    -Do a complete dismantle and teardown of any laptop.
    -Take the case and other components of the laptop apart to get access to any component and put it all back together.
    -Replace all laptop power jack.
    -Remove, Repair and replace all laptop motherboard.
    and other laptop components
    -Take off a broken LCD or LED screen and replace it with a new one.
    Replace a bad hard drive.
    -Also learn how to restore your Operating System on the new drive.
    -Fix your wireless card or even upgrade to a newer one with faster connection speeds.
    Add more RAM to a laptop.

    Many economy laptops come with small amounts of RAM. Upgrade to more and see an immediate increase in speed and responsiveness.

    -Replace your screen’s inverter.
    -Put a new DVD or Blu-ray burner in a laptop, or replace an old broken drive.
    -Replace a missing keys in keyboard unresponsive
    -Learn how to replace a keyboard with a brand new keyboard.
    -Learn How To Replace Computer BIOS battery. A big reason why so-many laptops may not be retaining its settings.
    -Upgrade your laptop with a faster CPU. Oh yeah, learn how to do this on PC and Mac!


    Course Outline For Laptop Repair Video Course includes:

    -Diagnostics, Tools and Parts
    -Batteries, Keyboards, Drives and RAM
    -CPU, Heatsinks, Fan and BIOS Batteries
    -Power Jack and Wireless Cards
    -Full Teardown (Of Any Laptop) Window PC
    -Full Teardown (Of Any Laptop) MacBook
    -Clean Up a Spill

    Don’t throw away your old laptop or let it collect dust just because it is “broken.” Learn How To Repair It

    Learn how to Repair laptops that won’t turn on, only runs on outlet power, randomly crashes and shuts down, gets blue screen errors, its too noisy, can’t connect to wireless internet… no matter what the problem, you can fix it, and we’ll show you how to. On this step by step Laptop Repair Video Course

    Discover How To Start Your Own Business, Fixing Laptops

    This Course Can Make You Cool Cash, Make some extra money by starting your own laptop repair business. A lot of people think you cannot repair a laptop and the reality is many things are quite easy to fix, you just need the proper laptop repair course. And this course Laptop Repair Video Course Gives You All That You Needed To Get Started

    Learn Laptop Diagnostics

    This course Laptop Repair Video Course will show you how to quickly find the root of the problem that is causing specific symptoms ( problem ) on a laptop and how to solve it fast. Learn where to start and which components to replace.


    Start your Laptop Repair training today!

    Once you make payment for this course we will sms and email you the code to enter in the web site and you will have full access to the entire course online to study from anywhere on step-by-step mode.

    There is no delivery costs. You can also download the entire course and watch them at the comfort of your home and office, even watch them live on your Mobile Phone, Laptop and TV Set, its as easy as ABCD To Learn On NairaLearn, The Online University Of NairaLearn For Nigerians


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    Course Curriculum

    Introduction To Laptop Repair
    Understanding Hardware Computer Details 00:00:00
    Diagnostics, Tools and Parts Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Repair Video Course, Step By Step All You Will Learn Details 00:00:00
    Introduction To Laptop Repair Details 00:00:00
    Introduction To Laptop Components Details 00:00:00
    Understanding Hardware Computers
    Understanding Hardware Computer Details 00:00:00
    How To Run Emergency Laptop Repair Details 00:00:00
    How To Repair All Brands Of Laptops
    How To Repair All Brands Of Laptops Details 00:00:00
    Laptop/Desktop Motherboard Repair Details 00:00:00
    Window PC/ Mac And Macbook Laptop Repair
    Window PC/ Mac And Macbook Laptop Repair Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Troubleshooting
    Laptop Troubleshooting Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Powerjack Repair
    Laptop Powerjack Repair Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Hinger Repair
    Laptop Hinger Repair Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Video Card Repair
    Laptop Video Card Repair Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Video Cable Repair
    Laptop Video Cable Repair Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Keyboard Repair
    Laptop Keyboard Repair Details 00:00:00
    Laptop ROM Repair
    Laptop ROM Repair Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Screen/ Desktop Repair
    Laptop Screen/ Desktop Repair Details 00:00:00
    Fixing Laptop Charge
    Fixing Laptop Charge Details 00:00:00
    Working With Laptop Accessories
    Working With Laptop Accessories Details 00:00:00
    Data Backup From Failing Hard Drives
    Data Backup From Failing Hard Drives Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Leasing
    Laptop Leasing Details 00:00:00
    Liquid Damaged Laptop Repair
    Liquid Damaged Laptop Repair Details 00:00:00
    Windows/ Mac OS Installation
    Windows/ Mac OS Installation Details 00:00:00
    SSD Hard Drive Upgrade/ Cloning
    SSD Hard Drive Upgrade/ Cloning Details 00:00:00
    Virus Removal
    Virus Removal Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Tune Ups/ Performance
    Laptop Tune Ups/ Performance Details 00:00:00
    Installation Of Anti Virus
    Installation Of Anti Virus Details 00:00:00
    Laptop Maintenance Engineering
    Laptop Maintenance Engineering Details 00:00:00
    Installation Of Basic Laptop Softwares
    Installation Of Basic Laptop Software Details 00:00:00
    How To Clean Up a Spill
    How To Clean Up a Spill Details 00:00:00

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