How To Create A Standout Targeted Facebook Advertisement

In This Post, Your Are Going To Learn How To Create A Standout Targeted Facebook Advertisement, That Converts 100%

See how to create a standout Facebook advertisement that engages your targeted audience

Do you know? when you create adverts with your audience in mind, you are increasing the chances of grabbing their attention and converting them into Your Forever Happy Customers, so pay attention to this post How To Create A Standout Facebook Advertisement That Engaged And Convert


Before we get started on  How To Create A Standout Targeted Facebook Advertisement!! know that no business grows by wasting money on things that don’t work, so once it comes to marketing, always go for things that are working, apply them on your business day to day marketing

So Have you been Advertising on Facebook, or what to get start leveraging the power of Facebook Community, know that this post if for you, so let roll it

To Create A Standout Targeted Facebook Advertisement, there are steps you need to take and these tips begins with you, Coming up with a Call To Action, which comprises

Your Facebook Ads Heading ( e.g ) Discover Fruits That Will Keep You Young and Healthy. 100% Natural… Or Hip Plants For Humans, Get 10% Off All Cactus. See sample below

Next, If You Are Using Image or video For Your Advert, Make Sure Your Image or Video Thumbnails Speaks inline with the Call To Action Text, e.g let the image be RELATABLE– A young woman hands holding or picking up the plants, DIRECT- Unique plants that are on sale, PRODUCTS – Clear image of a plant at the center


ONCE You Have Gotten Your Call To Action Contents, The Test and Image Right, Here Are The Next Steps To Follows

1: You Need To Define Your Targeted Audience And What Matters To Them Most: Yes you need to know your targeted Audience and  Determine your business’s purpose as it appeals to your audiences, your customers to be


2: Put The Audience At First And Design With The Customers In Mind: In Marketing They Says, Contents Is The King, So You need to show or talk about what your audience cares about, Consider what might appeal to they emotion and speak more in the language they understand


3: Have Something Valuable To Give Them: Learn To share benefits, not just features, show images of people benefiting from or using your product, instead of just the product itself, Connect your benefits to your audience’s need and challenges


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4: Be Clear and Concise: Make It easy for people ( Your Audience ) To understand exactly what you do and offer. Write Your Copy Specifically For Your Audience Or Customer- Personalise It!


5:  Motivate Them To Act, Inspire and drive urgency with words such as “ Today “ And “ Now “, Remember To Add Your copy or a call to action button to motivate them to act.


6: Connect With Them As Family: Connect With Your Audience As Family, Learn what matters To Them To What Matters To You also



NEXT: Is Account Settings: YOU ADS MANAGER

In other to set up your  Ads Manager Account, You need to locate Your Facebook  Ads Manager or Use This link

Here Is A Picture Sample Of Naira Learn Facebook Ads Manager Interface

Once you are on your facebook ads manager interface, next is for you to locate Create Ad Button, Fully displayed on your Facebook ads manager, see sample below

Once you click on create ad, it will take you to the next page, being your campaign objective page, where you can choose your campaign objective, see sample picture below

Next is to Select the category that works pleasant with where people are on your business income funnel, but before you proceed in making your selection, you need to understand the features of all the listed marketing objective categories


Awareness objectives are top of funnel objectives that goal to generate interest in what you have to offer.


Right here are the 2 picks you have while your goal is centered on Awareness Objective.

Brand Awareness ( Understanding Brand Awareness )

You Can Use the Brand Awareness objective when your intents are to increase awareness of your brand and don’t necessarily want people to engage with your content, That is when click-through rate, opt-in, or purchase. This objective will assist you in reaching people who are more likely to pay attention to what you are promoting in your ad.

This objective may be of value to large companies, such as TSTV, who are trying to put their brand in front of the mind of the consumers and are not necessarily looking to generate web traffic, leads or sales. However, smaller businesses with limited advertising budgets might not find as much value in this type of objective when compared against some of the other options.


Reach ( Understanding Reach Objective Category Listing )

You Can Use the Reach objective to get your ad seen by as many people as possible within your target audience and budget constraints.

This type of marketing objective is more helpful for targeting a small audience and keywords even when your priority is to reach as many people within that audience as possible

Reach Listing is also good for generating a website traffic, driving people to watch your video or even convert on your website. You may likely choose to use Reach over other categorized marketing objectives.



Understanding Consideration objectives are a more of the middle funnel. You can choose using these type of listing in other to reach people who may have some interest in what you have to offer and are likely to want to engage or discover more information about your products and services, There are about 5 Sub Listing Objective Categories On Consideration, namely, Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, Now Let Take them one after the other


TRAFFIC ( Understanding Traffick Objective )

You Can use the Traffic objective when your goal is to drive traffic outside of Facebook. That might be to get more people read your blog post, listen to your podcast episode, live webinar on your website, visit your landing page, or best signing up to your squeeze page.

By using Traffic, Facebook will show your ad to those people within your target audience that is most likely to click on your link, based on their past behaviors.

Also, Take Note!!, if you want people to visit your website to opt-in, That is to sign up, or purchase an item from you, and

You want the ability to track your campaign insight (i.e., How they land on a specific page “ the thank-you” page that indicates they have achieved your desired objective), then you would usually choose the Conversion objective rather than the Traffic objective.


ENGAGEMENT ( Understanding Engagement Objective Listing )

You Can Use the Engagement objective if you want more people to engage with your ad. Engagements on your ads and to include reactions such as likes, comments, and shares. You can also use the Engagement objective when you wish to generate more Page Likes, Event Responses, or Offer Claims. So You See, Facebook Ads Manager, Campaign Objective Has All Category Listing to make your Facebook Advertisement Standout

Using Engagement to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns, means that Facebook will deliver your ads to those people who are most likely to engage with your ad. This also comes with an added bonus of generating additional reach, as people’s, engagement with your content can generate additional stories which will lead to more organic reach into news feeds beyond the initial audience you have paid to access.


Choosing the Engagement objective can also assist you in building your Facebook Page Engagement with the Audiences that you can use for retargeting purposes for future advertising campaigns on Facebook


App Installs ( Understanding App Installs Objective Listing )

You Can Use the App Installs objective category feature to list your application, this is for those who have an app and wish to send people to the store where they can buy and download or download for free.


Video Views

You Can Use the Video Views objective category listing when you are promoting a video or after you have finished recording a Facebook Live Video and your primary objective is to get more people to view your video and your priority is not for them to click on your link or convert on whatever you are promoting.


Video Views is a great objective to choose when you wish to build up a video engagement audience that you can use for retargeting purposes for future advertising campaigns.


However, just because you are using video, doesn’t mean that you have to choose the Video Views objective. For example, if you are looking to get people to click through from your video, then you should use the Traffic objective and choose video as the format for your content. See Sample Image Below

Understanding Lead Generation ( Understanding Lead Generation )

You Can Use the Lead Generation objective when you want to generate leads on Facebook right within the ad and without driving traffic to your website. Facebook Lead Generation ads allow you to capture data such as name, email address, phone number, etc, auto-populating this information where this is already available.


For example, Facebook will auto-populate their name, email address and perhaps even phone number (if that is a field you have chosen and they have already provided that data to Facebook as part of their profile). This makes it really easy for people to complete your lead form and can often result in you obtaining their best data, as most people would use their best email address as the email they use to login to Facebook.


If you are using Lead Ads, you need to use a third-party tool that integrates with Facebook and automatically takes those emails you are capturing via your Lead Ads and inputs them into the email marketing software or CRM you are using to deliver the offer you are promoting. You can do this within the Leads Setup section of your Publishing Tools on your Facebook Page. It is important that you do this, as most people will expect to receive what you are offering immediately after opting in, so please keep your promise and  deliver


Conversion objectives have three subtopics namely, Conversion, Product Catalog  Sales, Store Visits and all are aiming toward the bottom of your funnel and should be used when you want people to register, opt-in, download, purchase, or visit your store.



In other To optimize for Conversions, you need to have a minimum of 15-25 conversions weekly. This number of conversions provides Facebook with sufficient data to be able to learn about those people that convert and make assumptions about those people who are most likely to turn to your target audience and

Then deliver your ads to more of those people. Due 50-100+ organic conversions on your Facebook Page is the ideal number and the more conversions, the better as this provides more data for Facebook to work with your campaign listing

If there is insufficient data available, then Facebook won’t be able to learn about the characteristics of those people who are converting and therefore Facebook won’t be able to optimize the delivery of your ads for this objective accurately.

Where this is the case, delivery of that ad might be limited when using the Conversion objective.

With this in mind, if you have a very low traffic to conversion ratio (as might be the case with a high priced product or service) you may choose the Traffic objective over the Conversion objective,

Even if your primary objective is to get people to visit your website to opt-in, register or purchase. This is because while you want people to convert, choosing the Conversion objective may limit your reach due to insufficient data being captured as a result of the low conversion rate.

Assuming you have targeted your audience well, optimizing for Traffic may be good enough and a better option than Conversion, given the lack of available data for Facebook to work with


Product Catalog Sales

You Can Use the Product Catalog objective when you have an e-commerce store and would like to promote products from your product catalog. This requires you integrating your product catalog with Facebook and generating product feeds that you can choose from when creating your campaigns.


Store Visits

You Can Use the Store Visits Facebook ad objective when you have multiple business locations and wish to promote your business to people who are nearby. There is very cool for store base location marketing

You will need to setup your business locations in business manager before you can use this objective

This can be a great way to capture foot traffic to your business, delivering ads that are timely based on people’s current location.


Creating  A Standout Targeted Facebook Advertisement can be fun and lovely if you follow the above guide, you can choose any of the objective categories that best fit your niche, however once it comes to settings I would recommend that you go with the default option in most cases, which will allow the Facebook Ad’s algorithm to help you get the results you want for the lowest cost.

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