Don’t Depend 100% On Online Business (Invest Offline) Now

Things have indeed changed, AI technology is doing more disruption across the online business now than we all ever expected

As I write to you people are losing their job to AI tools, millions of jobs have been lost just in the first two months of this year 2023 and the gigs economy are being shutdown


Years ago I use to say if your business is not 100% online, then knew you are losing out on business, sadly that ideation is changing as more than 7 million people across Africa has lost their jobs to AI tools and machine in the last three months


The number of those who have lost their jobs through this AI technology around the world is higher and keeps getting massive day to day as this year is marked as the year of AI disruptions


As reported more people are losing their job daily, AI is fast taking over the manual work we humans do across the world and even companies like Meta, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft has all layoff workers in thousands this year 2023 alone. Only to replace the manual work we humans do with AI


Don't Depend 100% On Online Business, what AI are doing


So now AI is said to be doing most of the work we humans do and more importantly, AI is doing it better, faster, affordable, easy to maintain, and upscale


Sadly with all these happening most online business jobs are under treat, we all can say that the future of online business has been disrupted by AI tech and is very scary to many tech gurus who depend 100% on online business


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Yes it took me months to adapt and stop being scared of all the disruptions brought about by AI models, while most people in the online business are still scared as their work, jobs, and gigs are being taken over by AIs


You must Know

You must know, the AI Model has come to stay so more people are expected to lose their jobs in the coming months and years, is crazing right? but that is the stage we are in right now


Days ago Meta owners of Facebook announced that they are restructuring by downsizing their works to 10,000, then later again to 5,000


Google did the same as well more tech companies around the world have all downsized workers and now use AI to do most of the manual work we the humans do


Years ago the digital age has brought immense opportunities for businesses of all sizes to become successful, and for people to skill up and provide digital services all over the world


Now it seems like those glorious years, the good old days are fast going, as more people keep losing their online jobs, few digital marketers have started to set up offline jobs, products, and services once more


People Are Now Moving Back To Investing In Offline Business

People are now investing in an offline business which is a smart move everyone reading this post who depends 100% on his or her online business to have a paradigm shift 


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Think of investing in an offline business that can help you as entrepreneurs maximize your potential and gain a competitive edge in any industry you are venturing into least now that AI tech is disrupting the online business, the message is (Don’t Depend On Online Business 100%).


There are possibilities that things may never return to normal, yes the online business blessed old days may have come and gone


Those days when one can put all his or her eggs in one basket can be riskier now than you ever thought. Now is the right time to rethink if you are like us NL_SOFT Owners of who now depend 100% on online business, please start to think about how to invest in offline business


Just Dont Do Online Business Alone, Have Also An Offline Business

There are more high-selling offline businesses these days anyone can invest his or her money into and still make soft money on a long-term bases


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While its highly advisable with how the online business is going, you in question should try and have both an online business as well offline business


Go Into Production Or Service Base Offline Business

Possible product business or even local base service kind of business, are still going so well, as well the buy and sell physical goods


A friend of mine who was once a 100% online business vendor has now started an eggs distributorship business “lol”. With all the skill and experience she has gathered this while when doing online business


She has put this experience into the offline business and I tell you the offline business eggs distributorship is doing much fine than she ever expected, she is outsmarting it


The fact is, depending 100% on just an online business model isn’t always the best idea for now, with all these AI possibilities, and how the AI year is unfolding, you just have to start rethinking and researching types of lucrative offline businesses you can start


Don't Depend 100% On Online Business


Investing in offline business with your online business experience, and skill set can be beneficial to you now when compared to depending only on online business


Indeed AI disruption in online business and revolution is just getting started, if you are a tech person and have not fully keyed into the AI Tech model


Please start now to rethink, and research the type of offline business you can venture into, don’t put all your eggs in one basket called “dependent on online business”


Anything is much possible with these AI tech models, the revolution has just started, and it will keep getting better and more advanced in the coming months and years for possible decades to come, as the saying goes “the future of tech industries is AI”


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