Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse

Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse

Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse will help you lose weight, feel better, and live longer by identifying the flaws in what we think is true about nutrition and using science and case studies to reveal how certain foods affect us for better or worse


The truth is, the odds are against healthy eating and longevity. Big corporations lie to us to keep our bellies fat so their pockets are full of money. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What does it take to eat healthily, feel great, and live a long life?


Here are the 3 most helpful health lessons I got out of Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse:

Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse


The stuff that most of us put into our bodies lacks the proper elements to keep us at optimal fitness levels.


If you eat foods that have a lot of nutrients per calorie, you will be healthy.


Add plenty of fruits, beans, legumes, and raw or steamed vegetables to your diet if you want to lose weight, protect yourself against illness, and live longer.


Ready to finally learn how to take charge of your diet and fitness? Let’s dig right in!


Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse:: Lesson 1: 


You can live longer, protect your body from illness, and lose weight if you eat more natural foods.


There are dozens of other reasons you should consider a plant-based diet. Eating unhealthy foods messes with the body’s ability to tell when it’s hungry. 


Some processed food manufacturers know this and use it against you to get you to eat more of their products


Evidence also suggests that some of the foods we’ve been talking about can reduce the risk of cancer or even reverse it altogether. 


Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse isn’t just a jook, what you eat is the real you, so mind what goes in through your mouth,


It’s best you focus on eating as many green vegetables, beans, legumes, and fruit as you want because your body will tell you when to eat more or less.


Try eating everything under green leaves and vegetables, because they help with weight loss and disease prevention.


And last but not least, fruits are an important part of the diet. This is because they help curb the natural sweet tooth that we all have while also containing the nutrients we need to survive and thrive!


Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse Lesson 2: 

You can’t stay at optimal fitness levels if you keep eating the nutrient-deficient foods in most modern diets.


We all have access to foods that we know are good for us. But that burger just sounds so much better than a salad, doesn’t it? 


Unfortunately, we make a bad decision in these cases all too often. And each one takes a toll on our health, eventually adding up over the years.


That is to say, when you eat and keep eating bad food, the effect doesn’t normally come immediate, it comes over the years


You probably don’t like all of the negative side effects of food that you know is bad for you, but it’s hard to resist. On average, Nigerian caloric intake is 62% from processed carbohydrates and oils.


Why are these foods so bad for you anyway? For You Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse


If your stomach is the size of the average person’s, then you can hold about one liter of food in it. If your stomach was completely full of calorie-dense foods like meat and cheese, it would contain about 3,000 calories! 


Consider that a liter of fruit and vegetables has only 200 to 500 calories and it’s easy to see why so many people are overweight and have health issues. But what about the energy we get from that delicious burger?


Well, you might get energy from it, but it isn’t going to give you any nutrients. That will leave your health in a place where you don’t want it to be. 


Remember it this way. We get calories, or energy, from fat, protein, and carbohydrates. But nutrients are the vitamins and minerals that make sure that energy is keeping our bodies running properly.


Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse:: Lesson 3: 


Healthy people eat foods that have a lot of nutrients per calorie.


Having a diet built around animal products is dangerous and can have disastrous health effects. According to the best wisdom, the healthiest, most nutritious diet is a plant-based one. 


That is to say, you should avoid overeating red meat, but focus on eating plants, this is because all of those vitamins and minerals are in the highest concentrations in plants.


Diving into our earlier discussion of nutrient-dense foods, it all boils down to an equation: Health = Nutrients/Calories. You can also call this nutrient density. If a food has a higher number on this scale, it’s better for you. 


Fruits, beans, legumes, and green vegetables are the very best of everything. They come in with nutrient densities of anywhere between 50 to 100. Refined sweets, on the other hand, have a score of 0, while whole grains only get a 20.


Plant-based diets get a lot of bad rap, but they can give you everything you need to survive and more. Spinach, for example, is 51% protein. A cheeseburger, by comparison, only gets up to 20% protein!


Who would I recommend the Eat To Live, For Better Or Worse?

To you reading right now, to me the writer and to anyone who is in between 31 to 41-year-old who has a layer of fat around their waist and wants to get rid of it


To the 24-year-old that is learning about nutrition and is hoping to set lifelong healthy eating habits and anybody that’s tired of being overweight and having a hard time doing any physical activity.


To the elderly and virtually to everyone who is above 21 years of age.


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