Effects Of Cybercrime On Nigerian Youth

Effects Of Cybercrime On Nigerian Youth

In almost all sectors of the economy, we have witnessed the introduction of tech and the use of internet technology innovation in handling business activities

While doing business or performing other activities, technological evolution has enhanced communication and ease of access to information. 

While cyberspace is overcrowded with cyber activities, consequently, this influx has instigated a handful of cyber fraudsters with different types of intruders hovering around the space – waiting to attack ignorant individuals.

To obtain information illegally, spread malware, and gain unauthorized access to steal crucial information from victims, the objective is to make an unscrupulous profit. 

Cybercrime is targeted at the victim’s computer. The effects of cybercrime are as follows:

Effects Of Cybercrime On Nigerian Youth

1. Physical Effect

Cybercrime has a serious physical impact targeted at critical infrastructure such as financial institutions, medical facilities, power grid, etc. 

It has metamorphosed beyond an attack on data, information, and devices to attack physical structures. By this, the location of a cyber-attacked victim can be traced using Google Maps or his/her phone without his or her consent.


2. Psychological Effect

Cybercrime has caused a deep psychological effect on so many victims. These victims usually get emotionally traumatized and in most circumstances lead to either acute stress disorder or serious depression. 

While the impact could push the victim into drug and substance abuse, or isolation, most victims of psychological cases seem to blame themselves and would rather do so than share the ordeal with anyone.


3. Economic Effect

For the records, millions and billions of naira have been lost to cybercrime every year. But most business owners prefer to count it as trade value, continuity, running cost of the business, and trade-off for the business. 

However, the most effective cybercrime is often economically related. In other words, the common negative effects of cybercrime are often related to money loss, profit pilferage, and disruption of business generally.


How Cybercrime Amongst Nigerian Youth Can Be Curbed

Creation of job opportunities: One of the major reasons why some Nigerian youths engage in cybercrime is because of the downtrodden nature of the employment and empowerment sector of the economy.


Come to think of it, Nigerian youths love to work. They like to be creative and to exploit their talents and potentials. I mean, there’s a hustling instinct in the youths that drives them into activity. 

Therefore, with increased or adequate job creation put in place, cyber criminality would be reduced to the barest minimum, though the Nigeria government has zero plans when it comes to creating jobs and investors are being driven away through poor government policies in Nigeria


Enacting cyber laws: government must enact stringent measures to tackle cyber-related offenses amongst the youths. Until this is done, we would be ululating for nothing. 

This means that laws or policies that would dissuade Nigerian youths from indulging in cybercrime would need to be formulated and enforced in the country. Doing this would go far to nib to the board cybercrime in Nigeria.

Parental guidance and good societal values: with the rapid increase in crime and other antisocial activities, we’re fast losing those values that keep us a-going. 

Unarguably, there’s a sharp decline in morality in the modern today. Good moral conduct is fast going extinct – while vices and a plethora of anti-social decadence are becoming the acceptable norm presently.

Consequently, parents would need to develop and inculcate good moral traits and transmit the same to their children. Meaning that parents have a great role to play in the fight against cybercrime amongst the youths. 


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Inculcating good moral family values in the children would help to reduce criminal tendencies in the system.


High-tech sophisticated security system: there’s a need to introduce high-profile forensic intelligence in Nigeria as its stance. To a large extent, it will help to tackle cyber-related atrocities amongst the youths. 

With the innovation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), systems can be developed to search for security flaws and deploy the real-time solution. AI can also help cybersecurity analysts to detect and analyze high risks incidents and to investigate threats.

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