Free Download Yoast SEO Premium Version – Updated

Get Free Download To Paid Yoast SEO Premium Version - Updated

Free Download Yoast SEO Premium Version – Updated

Hello NairaLearners
Today we want to share a great WordPress sites SEO tools with you; in the name of Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugins For 100% Free download, Yoast SEO Premium remains the number one SEO Plugin For WordPress sites every webmaster and website owner must have

We Understand How Important SEO Optimization is to websites, so we decided to share this great paid tools for free with all our beloved students here at the University Of NairaLearn.


You Are Getting The Yoast SEO Premium For Free Because we have already paid for it, so you are not getting the free version but the paid version with an update and license.

First Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin will help you to Get more visitors from Google, and Bing Attract more visitors from social media thereby increasing your site visitors and blog posts readers’ engagement.


With Yoast SEO Premium you can add multiple keywords to your on-site SEO page or blog post, and all the keyword will be indexed by search engine and get rank fast.


Go Here To Download Yoast SEO Premium

Here Is How To Install Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Version after you must have downloaded it fro free

1: Download Yoast Premium Version Following The Download Link Or Best Click Here To Download The Zip File Into Your Computer


2: Login into your WordPress website dashboard and click on plugins see pictures below

Once you successfully login into your wordpress site, it will land you on the wordpress back end called the dashboard, see picture below

Next is for you to locate the wordpress plugin menu module and click on plugins, then click on Add New Plugins as you can see in picture below

Then scroll down to locate the button click on choose file and click on it, and browse from yoast seo premium from your computer file and select or drag it to appear on  below position in your website dashboard, see picture below

Once successful, Next is for you to click on the install button and wait for installation success message, if successful, you are good to go, congratulation you have install Yoast SEO Premium Version into your website, just follow SEO Customization guide that follows once you activate the yoast plugin in your website dashboard and that is all, you have optimized your site with The Number WordPress SEO Paid Premium Plugin


Have not downloaded The Yoast SEO Premium Plugin, Go Here To Download Yoast SEO Premium For Free

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