From APC Change To APC Progress, This Is Nigeria

This Is Nigeria, From APC Change To APC Progress, Truely-Truely, Big Government Is Bad Government

As we are heading to 2019, another general election is coming, another drama from both political parties and politicians all in the name of democracies

More and more will be happening, this is Nigeria indeed, In Nigeria the people’s lives mean nothing. All governments, no matter what their political leaning seem to be under the impression that they know what is best for each and every one of us.

Instead of involving themselves in the great issues of the day they are increasingly legislating on details about how they can increase their earning at the expense of the masses. resulting in selfish politicking.

The vast majority of the populations are apathetic and hold no strong views one way or the other therefore the governments continue to march on eroding away at our liberties.


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The most worrying aspect of all of this is that the excuse used each time is that it is done for the benefit of all.

Government leaders are constantly heard to say or intimate that we know what is best for you because we can see the bigger picture, they once promised us change, now they sing progress

We understand all the issues, drama and game because this is truly Nigeria.

It seems like the politicians and their political parties can think of no big issues anymore, they have zero plans for the suffering masses as they are more focus on how to win the next election, gain power and remain in power


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No reforms have been carried out in the past. no better plan for the future because this is Nigeria and the masses are ok with.

Is only in Nigeria that governments will spend their entire time in the office doing nothing, only but busy looting the nation dry, may God Help Us From This evil politicians and their political parties of doom

Mbonu Watson C
University Of NairaLearn


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