How To Get Hard And Sustainable Erection All Time

Sexual Health How To Get Hard And Sustainable Erection All Time, Anytime You Want It

Sexual Health How To Get HARD And Sustainable Erection All Time, Anytime You Want It

By Giwa Rasheed

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How To Get Hard And Sustainable Erection All Time

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction: What do you understand by erectile dysfunction or best called weak erection, In a cranium shell, erectile dysfunction can be referred to as inability of a man to have an erection hard enough to have sexual intercourse.

So, it is when a man has trouble getting or keeping an erection. Sometimes it is, called impotence, the inability to get and maintain a strong erection that is sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Try to pay more attention to what I will be saying about penis erection. The penis enlarges and stiffens during the process of erection. So, what makes the erection possible is the regulation of blood flow into and out of the penis.

An erection occurs when the penis fills with blood, and a valve at the base of the penis traps it. In fact, for a man to have an erection, a complex process must take place within the body. An erection involves the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system,


Psychological and stress-related factors, local factors, as well as hormonal and vascular (blood flow or circulation) components. The penile portion of the process leading to an erection represents only a single component of a very complicated and complex process.

What Leads To Erectile Dysfunction
Let’s shed more light on what could cause erections in man. It has to do with the brain. Erection occurs in response to touch, smell, and auditory and visual stimuli that trigger pathways in the brain.

The brain sends signals to the nerve centers at the base of the spine, where primary nerve fibers connect to the penis and
regulate blood flow during erections and afterward.

Vitamins for Penile Blood Flow: If you are deficient in some vitamins and specific nutrients, you will find that blood flow to the penis is also difficult.

In order to improve penis blood flow, you need a supply of vitamins E, C, and B complex. While Vitamin E is an important vitamin to improve circulation and help increases the production of testosterone.


Vitamin C does not only give the immune system a boost, it also helps the linings of the penile arteries to function properly. Vitamin B Complex or Thiamine is essential in improving blood circulation and the production of testosterone thus it helps prevent erectile dysfunction

There are many diseases, medications, injuries, and psychological problems that cause erectile dysfunction. Among which are:

Circulatory problems

Peyronie’s disease

Cancer, surgery spinal cord or pelvic injury

Hormonal disorders




Performance anxiety

Situational, psychological problems

Sexual Aversion


The cause of erectile dysfunction can be grouped into two types. Namely
1. Psychological which is related to mental causes
2. Physical or organic-having to do with a bodily organ or an organ system

Many men may have both. To which this article HOW TO GET HARD AND SUSTAINABLE ERECTION ANYTIME Is here to help such men, and to ladies reading this article also plan to share with your man

Here Are Things To Do.
1. You Need To Detoxify your system
Although I would still recommend some methods of detoxification whichever way you know, you can follow to flush, purge or detoxify your system will be ok.

So below are my suggestions
There are many ways to detoxify your body, but here I would only mention few off to go straight to the point.

A. Take at least two quarts of water daily.
B. Exercise; walking, jogging, skipping, etc. can be of help.
C. Take vitamin C, which helps the body produce glutathione, a liver compound that drives away toxins.
D. Drink green tea-it cleanse and protect the liver.
E. Fast for one or two days; fasting and replacing foods with natural juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables can perform wonder.

The presence of toxins in the body may be hampering your system from functioning well. So also NOTE the following
1. Eliminate free radicals in your blood
Free radicals in your blood slow down your system, and you need to get rid of them. You can do that by taking Green tea mixed with ginger.

3. Drink a lot of water throughout the day.

4. Take cod liver oil. It is good circulatory system as a whole particularly the heart. That ends up flow enough blood into the penis when needed. Take one or two 1000mg capsules three daily. Or 1 tea spoon cod liver oil twice daily.

Why are you experiencing weak erection now, it may be because your body lacks some nutrient that could aid your blood circulation. Also, some major illness such as diabetes, hypertension, etc and

Another habit of yours like smoking and excessive alcohol. Therefore, taking ginger, green tea and cod liver oil are relatively perfect to aid blood circulation. Its also vital for a healthy nervous system.

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Using Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega-3 Fatty Acids: have anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, improve brain function, reduce stress, prevent allergies, relieve asthma, and help with learning and behavioral disorders including bipolar syndrome.

Here Is The Recap of the process: How To Get Hard And Sustainable Erection All time
1. Detoxify/purge or flush your system.
2. Taking Green tea mixed with ginger three times daily
3. Take a lot of water throughout the day.
4. Take cod liver oil. Three times daily

Before I conclude this information, I would like to briefly state the benefit of Green Tea, Ginger, and Cod liver oil.


Cod Liver Oil:

Cod liver oil is a wonderful nutritional supplement which provides multiple health benefits. It is rich in nutrients such as;

• Vitamin D: Which helps maintain strong and healthy bones.

• It has a fatty acid: Which is vital for good eyesight, a healthy nervous system, and healthy skin.

• Vitamin A: Which helps to maintain a healthy immune system, helps resist bacterial and viral infections, and beneficial for eyesight and healthy skin.

• It’s good for the cardiovascular system: and helps reduce inflammation throughout the body.

• It works as a natural anti-depressant.

• Omega-3 Fatty Acids: have anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, improve brain function, reduce stress, prevent allergies, relieve asthma, and help with learning and behavioral disorders including bipolar syndrome.


Green Tea:
Regular intakes of green tea reduced risk of heart disease
The benefits of green tea are largely due to its high content of flavonoids which is a plant-derived compound that is antioxidants

The antioxidants in green tea can help block the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, increase HDL (good) cholesterol and improve artery function.

Green tea is the best food source for a group called catechins; it allows tea to steep for three to five minutes to bring out its catechins.

It’s more powerful than vitamins C and E in halting oxidative damage to cells and appears to have other disease-fighting properties.


Ginger is known for helping nausea and digestion problems as well as increasing blood circulation. Ginger can be eaten raw or added to foods or why not try ginger tea It can help to settle an upset stomach caused by motion or a sickness.

It can be used to treat migraines.

It boosts weak immune system and purges toxins from the body.

Ginger helps to destroy cold and filthy environment where parasites survive inside the body as it naturally warms the body and purges out harmful toxins.

It is a great alternative for many over the counter medications because medications often have side effects. It is also known to help reduce the amount of inflammation in the body due to
rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and other inflammatory diseases.

Ginger is also known for soothing the stomach and sore throat.
It has compounds that stunt the growth of various cancer cells
It is great for the mind as it helps to clear away harmful toxins from around the brain area.

It relieves many common ailments such as digestive problems, the flu, and common cold and much more

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