Though at the moment, web base Bulk SMS is still not reliable in Nigeria due to NCC policy. But you have Whatsapp Mass Sender  which is a much more effective and cheaper way of reaching hundreds, thousands to millions of mobile users in Nigeria


We are also working on releasing Telegram mass sender for 2023 marketing, while we hope on Nigeria government and NCC policy that has affected Bulk SMS effective delivery across the Nigeria network to be resolved


This post article, Get GSM Number database for your bulk sms marketing will still be beneficial to you as a business owner, marketer, entrepreneur, or online business owner who want to grow his or her business, get more customers and make more profits


You see, Bulk SMS, be it web base, WhatsApp base, telegram base, and desktop base are all powerful marketing tools for businesses in Nigeria looking to reach millions of potential customers.


One reason is that 85% of Nigeria who daily receive sms as bulk sms, WhatsApp messages from WhatsApp mass sender, and telegram messages always rush to open the message


A Great number of people hardly ignore sms sent across their mobile phones, this is one reason why BULK SMS remains an effective way of business promotions


With a high mobile penetration rate and a large number of active users, you can reach thousands to millions of users daily or weekly depending on your schedule


As one of the largest black man Nations in the world, with over 200+ million people. Nigeria is the perfect market for businesses to target with SMS marketing campaigns.


Another benefit of using bulk SMS to reach millions of people in Nigeria is its cost-effectiveness. Bulk SMS is affordable, likewise, Whatsapp Mass Sender which cost just 10k naira for a one-time payment, is one tool you can use for years


SMS marketing is generally much cheaper than other forms of digital marketing, as well as cheaper than Offline marketing such as television ads, radio advertising, and print ads


To get started with this form of marketing you need the GSM database of Nigeria, we have a lot of such leads, and we have covered over 130 million Phone Numbers of Nigerians. Just get access to it and you are good to go


Marketing and promoting your business as a business owner should be your goal number one, it makes no sense for you to have good products or services and yet no one knows about them


USE SMS Marketing, Use Bulk SMS, USE Whatsapp Mass Sender to create massive awareness for people to know about your products and services


Your business can reach a large number of people for a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods, Get the Phone Numbers of Nigerians and the Whatsapp Mass Sender. With just these two kits, you can start your SMS Marketing


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Because there are a lot and lots of advantage of SMS Marketing, bulk SMS marketing, Whatsapp Marketing, and Telegram marketing which all gives you the ability to reach people quickly.


SMS messages no matter the route it comes by, are typically read within a few minutes of being received, making it an ideal way to get important information to your customers promptly. This has been particularly useful for businesses


You can reach thousands to millions of people in Nigeria with bulk SMS, Whatsapp Mass Sender, Telegram marketing, and even cold sms calling


Its 100% legit for businesses like yours to leverage this model of marketing in growing their business, building customers, and making more profits


You need to use reliable SMS tools that we Nairalearn have provided, one of such being the WhatsApp Mass Sender, Bulk SMS is also cool, but not reliable at the moment due to our Country Nigeria NCC policy (We Hope This Will Be resolved Soon) at moment we encourage you to continue with Whatsapp kit. 


We have built good experience in the Nigerian market, we know how the market work, how you can reach Nigerians, and best the type of language you can use to communicate to Nigerians and have them begging for your products or services (Have Then Getting Your Business Offers) on a go


When it comes to SMS Marketing, what works most is a short message, so when you have gotten access to the Phone Numbers of Nigerians and the Whatsapp Mass Sender


Proceed to write your SMS message. Please keep it short and to the point, as people are more likely to read and respond to messages that are easy to understand. 


Also remember to add your Call To Action on the short message and tell people what you want them to do after reading the message, such as ( Click Here To Learn More) Or ( Click Here To Grab The Offer) tell people what to do after reading your message


And pay attention to those who took action in clicking your link, because the leads are massive, only build and follow up with those who open your message and more important click on your Call To Action


Use strong calls to action to encourage people to take the desired action, whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or visiting your website, adding this feature is too important


Finally, send your SMS campaign and track its success. Our SMS marketing platforms will provide you with detailed analytics, such as open rates and click-through rates, to help you understand how your campaign is performing.


You can use this information to optimize your campaign, follow up with those that take action, and improve your campaign engagement with them


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