Go from Zero to 300k Monthly profits by doing this simple task

Go from Zero to 300k Monthly profits by doing this simple task 

A friend called me the other day. He said, “Watson, my business is struggling to bring in more clients, am not making it, am running out of business, though no customers, no sales, and it looks like my market is completely tapped out. What do you suggest?”

Go from Zero to 300k Monthly

I simply told him

“Publish and distribute using the available database,” write engaging sales copies, then look for where your audiences are hanging out online and distribute more of your content to them, Yes that was my reply. “It’ll help you reach a new market.”


My friend you see

Days have gone when a business owner should fold his or her hand waiting for clients (Customers) to come find them, these days you just have to do the basic necessity for your ideals customers to finds you.

Amongst things you should be doing and do consistent are 

  • 1: Writing quality contents

  • 2: Publishing quality contents

  • 3: Distributing quality contents

Many people get the first one, which is writing quality and good sales copies contents, few also publish their contents, but many fail on the areas of distributions

As you already knew, when it comes to internet marketing, Content is the King, but what many don’t know is. Who is the Queen

So people ask? If, contents is the king, then what is the queen? The Queen is simple distribution, yes the Queen happens to be Distribution


So you don’t only need Content the king to be successful online, you also need the distribution, the queen to make it

You can only get good results online when you, write good quality content, then you publish such content and make sure you are distributing the content online

Distributing of content involves using both free and paid mediums such as your website if you have, other peoples websites, and many more

Writing for both humans and SEO Ranking is also important, Using the GSM Numbers database to send thousands of marketing and content link distribution, 

Using Whatsapp Bulk Sender app to send thousands of WhatsApp messaging daily, promoting your business and services sales copies, articles you have written, publish

Using social media, forums, web 2.0, listing your business on Afrinotes Directory, leveraging Classified, etc

Go from Zero to 300k Monthly profits by doing this simple task

After explaining all this to my friend, my friend still asks “What are you talking about? How am I supposed to reach a new market when I don’t have any? Besides, I’m so busy trying to find new clients I don’t have time to write quality content.” He was very frustrated and sad

Just looking at him, I have to ask him to “Take a deep breath,” I said, trying to calm him. “Think about what you do and who could benefit from it. Not who you’ve helped in the past, but who you could help now and in the future.”

Think about your business, do you know one or two things about your business, can you say it, can you imagine it, if you can, that will be a good start for your business success


While listening to me, he got very quiet for a while. Then I heard him scribbling some notes.

“OK. I see I can put down some notes, some writings about my business product and service, but I don’t have any connections to reach out to people.” 

I don’t even have an audience, to begin with, so who will read my content if I start to write, publish, where and where should I distribute my content. So he does ask? looking worried

“That,” I told him, “is where the writings come in. You can write, publish your business sells copies that speak to the new group, and tells them all the ways you could help them, tell them what they can benefit from your business product or service

Everyone online is looking for what to benefits them, so focus more on benefits, solving the problem by providing answers to questions related to your business product and services

I told him, you don’t necessarily need to have an audience list of yours you can start with the available GSM Number database of Nigerian the over 50 Million email database of Nigeria, and the Nigeria business directory database list, which you can Also Find  by clicking GSM Numbers

This will be a good and fast track step by step start for your business fast-growing, and more importantly bringing your more sales and profits

He was a bit happier now and I was also happy, knowing too well that this is working, I assured him if only he will put in the action, start to write articles about his business product and services, then publish them and

Distribute them across Nigeria Phone Numbers, Available email database and marketing directly to Nigeria who owns business and companies, he stands a greater chance of growing new customers daily and making craze sales

Write, Publish and Distributing You see, writing about your business is easy, it starts with you putting on two or more letters about your business, when you start, maybe write 10 words, then 20 words, before you know it, you are instantly an expert in your business field

And the truth is that writing, publishing, and distributing articles will open doors for both your business and you in person, the gains are fantabulous

Get started with writing sales copies, content about your business product or service, then get the GSM Number database of NigeriaEmail Database of NigeriaThe Nigeria business directory to get started. don’t miss out on this


If you don’t have a website or don’t know where to publish your articles, just WhatsApp me on +2348068608490, or best go AfriNOTE Business Directory and list your business online for free.


Let start you up with a free Business listing, go now to Afri Notes Business Directory and submit your business, a single submission will put your business online, and more you can use AfriNOTE Directory Business listing as your sale page and allow thousands to millions of people all over the world to view and patronize your business product or service


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Go now and submit your business live on the Afrinote directory, add a description of your business, let that be your first quality article directories listing you can start to leverage for free and grow your business faster, making over 300k monthly as a beginner


Hope this ”Go from zero to 300k monthly task” helps, now drop your comment using the comment box, I sincerely want to hear from you, also feel free to use our mobile contact number +2348068608490 reach out to us. Stay safe and stay loved


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