God Is Behind COVID_19 Low CASES In Africa

God Is Behind COVID_19 Low CASES In Africa

Science is yet to accept that God is behind COVID_19 Low cases In Africa, rather they believe that environmental factors are behind the low declined of COVID_19 in Africa

God Is Behind COVID_19 Low CASES In Africa

Believe it or not, there are things only God can do, things only God has the answers to, things only God know, as Nature and the environment fight the COVID_19 from spreading rapidly in Africa


This has proved the science, WHO and every other who has previously predicted that COVID_19 Cases death toll will be a massacre in Africa and death bodies will litter across the street of Africa Nationals


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Today the ball of the game is indeed changing and WHO are now saying in Quote

That Environmental Factors is behind Africa’s Low COVIDE_19 Cases. not God Is Behind COVID_19 Low CASES In Africa


Over the last two months, the COVID_19 transmission has been on the decline across Africa Nations With Nigeria having 57,724 total cases, plus an added 111 reported cases yesterday being 23rd Sept 2020, and a total of 1,102 deaths from COVID_19 in Nigeria see picture data below


For the past four weeks, 77,147 New cases were reported, this number is down from the 131,647 cases recorded in the previous four weeks before the month of July 2020 across Africa


Surprisingly: This is what God alone can do, SAID SOME Africa Religion preachers who believes that God is the one fighting the virus for Africa Nations


Some of the most affected countries in Africa include Algeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa


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But since in July 2020 all the Africa Nationals are now seeing a drop in COVID_19 cases even due that most people in Africa are still yet to accept that COVID_19 is indeed in Africa, come to talk of believing that God Is Behind COVID_19 Low CASES In Africa


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