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By: Mbonu Watson C

You Will Learn From This Free Report How to Handle the Following.


2.Eye Problems
3.Loss of Memory
5.Ear Problems
7.Prevention of heart attack
10.Tuberculosis (TB)
12.Worm Expeller
14.High Blood Pressure
16.Chronic Gonorrhea
18.Staphylococcus Aureus
19.Bed wetting
21.Weakness and Poor Erection of Penis
22.Insomnia /Sleepless
23.Magic of corn
24.Typhoid fever
25.Yellow fever
26.Malaria Parasite
27Urinary Problem
28.Children convulsion
29.Skin diseases
30.Poison from snake/scorpions
32.Bleeding pile
33.Vomiting blood
34.How to Neutralize poison
35.Stomach ulcer
37.Infertility in women
38.Low sperm count
39.How to select a child
40.Vagina discharge
42.Hair breaking
43.Miscarriage and bleeding
44.Abdominal pain after delivery
45.How to avoid pregnant
46.For smoker
48.Woman under hard Labour
49.Internal heat
50.Watery breast
51.Breast enlargement
52.Breast cancer
53.Flushing of fallopian tube
54.Know whether the tubes are okay
56.Sperm booster
57.Mouth disease/mouth odour
59.Heart palpitation
62.Snake killer
63.Fire burns
64.Infant chicken pox
65.Quality food
66.Carrot as vitamin “A”
67.Poor foods
68.Leviticus 3:17
69.Severe cough
70.Honey as medicine
71.How to over come problem of life wide.


DEAR FRIEND, My Name Is Mbonu Watson, I first Compared This Report and publish online in the year 2013, and since then Millions of people has benefited from I, Thousands of people has called me from all over the world with individual testimony on how this report has greatly blessed they life


Hundreds of bloggers and book publishers and pirates has also pirated this report all over West Africa, some Called Me For Permission, some do not, which I have no problem with, so today is your turn to benefit from this great report, THE GREAT SECRET OF NATURE AND THE USE OF HERBS AND ROOTS, HOW TO PREVENT AND CURE OVER 100+ DISEASE, Please Pay Attention and relax your mind while you go through these report, believe me you are about to discover the power of herb and root, the power of nature.


This is a free report worth thousands of Naira and Dollar, but today am giving it out for free. Yes for 100% free, you see the greatest contributor of disease and sickness is sin, sin such as sexual immorality, bad nutrition, counterfeited beverages and foods, environmental hazards and many more.


That is to say if you can live a healthy life style, such as watching what goes into your mouth, keeping your environment clean, staying away from counterfeited beverages, foods and drugs, saying Capital NO to Sexual immorality, you will live a healthy life

And More Importantly


If You Can Start You Day with Fruits Eating And End Your Day With Fruits Eating, You Will Keep The Hospital Bill Away From Your Life and That Of Your Family


What am my saying. What am saying is very simple.. Eat Fruits Every Morning On an empty stomach.. Eat Fruits for hours every morning before taking you break fast and do same at late hour in the evening, and you will Keep The Doctors Away




We all know that HEALTH IS WEALTH, but among Health and Wealth there is something greater” which is the act of Love


First The Act to Love God and To Love One Self, if you love God and oneself you will live a moral and honorable life style, there by staying away from sin that contribute 90% of the world diseases and sickness


In These Ebook ( Report ) I Mbonu Watson C, The Online WEALTHS Evangelist of the University Of NairaLearn  have this to say categorically, That the number one sure way for being healthy and wealthy is to love God and to Love oneself, YES” Don’t let love seem lost in the shuffle of your day to day “activity” getting to where you want to go, in essence , love and shower love to God and yourself, the more you love God and Love Yourself, the more you stay away from sins that brings about diseases and sickness


The more you love yourself the more you value yourself, and the more you value yourself the more other value’s you in returns, and the more others value you in returns, the more healthy you will be and for being healthy you can then make greater wealth


So Let Get Started unleashing The Great Secret Of Nature And The Use Of Herbs and Roots, HOW TO PREVENT AND CURE ALL DISEASE, How To Stay Healthy For Wealth, Beginning With Eye Problems, If You know me too well, I believe that you should also know my profession


Well for those who don’t know me, Am God’s Evangelist, By profession am a Developer, Application Developer, Web Consultant and Internet Marketer, In Other Wolds I spent time on Computer System On Daily Basis, So As Of Result to my 24/7 usage of the computer system, I develop an eyes strain Last Two Years, around November 2015, I Was Unable To Use The Computer System For Weeks Just Because My Eyes were Strained and it’s advisable for me not to touch my computer system for the period of 7 weeks, Which was funny to me and impossible due to my kind of work.


To Find a Solution I Have To Go and Dust Out The Memo Manual Script which happens to be this report THE GREAT SECRET OF NATURE AND THE USE OF HERBS AND ROOTS, HOW TO PREVENT AND CURE ALL DISEASE Given To me By My Late Mother, Mrs Cecilia Nwagboliwe Mbonu During My NYSC Days


When I Found My Self Serving My Mother Land (NIGERIA) In a Far Rural Area In Benue Land. “Nigeria”, these manual scripts has help me, not only me, it has help thousands of people who in one way or the other I have shared the knowledge contain in this report. And I want you to have a feel of These Great Secret of Nature and the Use of Herbs and Roots”


Before I enrich you with The African Medicinal Bag For Free, Remember do me a favour if you have not done so. Please Choose To Love God, To Love yourself and to love the people around you, If you are not yet Born again please you need to accept God as your personal Lord and Savour, you need the nature of God in you in other to live in Devine Health


Having the nature of God will save you from all kinds of sins, diseases, sickness, and more importantly it will brings you an everlasting life.


The most important relationship for every one of us is our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Choosing to believe that he is who he claimed to be—the Son of God and the only way to Salvation—and receiving him by faith as your Lord and Savior is the most vital act anyone will ever do.  We want life.  He is Life.  We need cleansing.  He is the Living Water. We Want Wealth, Jesus Is Wealth


Here is a simple prayer if you have not yet given your life to Jesus and invited him into your life: Please say this prayer with


Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God, that you died on the cross to rescue me from sin and death and to restore me to the Father. I choose now to turn from my sins, my self-centeredness, and every part of my life that does not please you. I choose you. I give myself to you. I receive your forgiveness and ask you to take your rightful place in my life as my Savior and Lord. Come reign in my heart, fill me with your love and your life, and help me to become a person who truly loves—a person like you. Restore me, Jesus. Live in me. Love through me. Thank you, God. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


If You Said These Pray, please Kindly send me a text message e.g ( Thank You Jesus ) To My Mobile Phone +2348099688839.. I Will Contact You, Believe me I have something great for you, something greater than these report. Thanks,  So let proceed now on the topic of the day




Am giving you these for free, You also have the right to share it for free. Thanks and God Bless


The contents of this document are based upon my opinions of  THE GREAT SECRET OF NATURE AND THE USE OF HERBS AND ROOTS, unless otherwise noted. This work is intended to share knowledge and information learned through research, experience, and discussions with my Mother and others.


The opinions of others, such as in the comments and the comments box, are their own and are not endorsed by The THE GREAT SECRET OF NATURE AND THE USE OF HERBS AND ROOTS. The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease, but rather to provide general information that is intended to be used for educational and informational purposes only.


Please consult with your physician or health care practitioner if you have any concerns. By using, viewing and interacting with THE GREAT SECRET OF NATURE AND THE USE OF HERBS AND ROOTS you agree to all terms of engagement, thus assuming complete responsibility for your own actions.


The authors Mbonu Watson C and publishers will not claim accountability, nor shall they be held liable for any loss or injury sustained by you.


Use, view and interact with these resources at your own risk. All products and information given to you by The THE GREAT SECRET OF NATURE AND THE USE OF HERBS AND ROOTS are strictly for informational purposes only. While every thing works till date, THE GREAT SECRET OF NATURE AND THE USE OF HERBS AND ROOTS Has been a great resource in handling over 100+ of diseases .. ENJOY


  1. CATARRH: If You or someone ease is having Catarrh, You have To Use Two spoonful of lime juice and apply with ten spoons of honey to yourself or to the person. “Dosage: should be….  A spoon 3 times daily”. And more importantly the person should avoid drinking cold water doing the rain of the catarrh


  1. EYE PROBLEMS: If You or someone ease is having EYE PROBLEMS, Eat carrots every day for the period of one month, “Eat Mostly in morning and of the night hours of each day” . It contains 36 calories, eat it and you will be surprise to see the result. This was the solution to my eye strain issue of last two years and a lot of people has also testified on these.


  1. LOSS OF MEMORY: No body is naturally, dull, it depends on how you develop your brain, But If You Still Feel Loss Of Memory Often, Here is what to do “mix honey and thyme together” and preserve. Dosage: 2 spoonfuls into a glass of water and drink once daily.


  1. TOOTHACHE: You Have To “Mix a small quality of Patrol and Salt”, soak it with cotton wool and insert it directly to the very position of those teeth for 5 minutes before removing Dosage: 4 times daily for 3 days.




  1. EAR PROBLEMS’. Grind dried tobacco leaves and mix with palm kannel oil together and drop into the ear. Dosage: Once daily for two weeks.


  1. CATARACTS. Aloe Vera Juice improves vision drop the juice directly into your eyes until your condition improves, You will obtain an excellent recuperative results in a short period of time.


  1. PREVENTION OF HEART ATTACK: You Have To Chew one big onion head and a ripped tomato, for seven night


  1. PNEUMONIA: Mostly caused by bacteria infection it leads to fever, chest pain fast and shallow breathing initially dry cough and late produces yellow spat on.


CURE: Grid some quantities of garlic and mix with lime juice and 5 pieces of grapes, preserve it Dosage: 2 spoonful every 4 hours if cough is dry, add honey a glass spoon of honey is ok.


  1. ASTHMA: Mix the fluid of snail with honey Dosage:  One spoonful 3 times daily for 2 weeks


  1. TUBERCULOSIS (TB): Grind coconuts and garlic and mix with honey Dosage: One spoonful 2 times daily for 30 days.


  1. CHOLERA: For stooling and vomiting Dosage: Mix 1 short of gin (local   gin), 3 cubes of sugar, 1.5 level spoon of salt together and drink at once, it will stop immediately


  1. WORM EXPELLER: Cook 8 pieces of lime; lemon glass and dogon yaro leaves with 2 liters of water Dosage: 1 glass 3 -times daily for days.


  1. PILE: Fry lizards eggs wit red palm oil until it bursts in the fry pan, “”” then stir and apply to the anus later at night before going to bed. In the same process, squeeze scent leaves (Nchuanwu) and bitter leaves with water. Dosage: Drink one glass 2 times daily for2 weeks.


CAUTION:  Warm  the  fried  eggs  every  morning  to  avoid ‘   germs and drink fresh prepared scent leave and bitter leave any time you want to take it. Please do not eat lizard eggs • Oh, Abeg o…



  1. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Cook mistletoe flower and drink as tea. Dosage: One cup 2 times daily for 2 week


  1. DIABETES: Squeeze fresh   bitter leave and scent leave (Nchuanwu) or (Efirin in Yoruba) lime juice and garlic together and filter.    Dosage: One   cup in the morning and night.


  1. CHRONIC GONORRHEA: Get some tobacco leaves 15lime 2 grabs N10.00 worth of garlic and 3 pieces of wonderful kola, N10.00 ginger, N5,00 Potash (Akanwu), Melon bunch juice, mix all together with half gallon of water. Dosage: One small short 2 times daily for months: (Morning and Night after) meal


  1. SYPHILIS: Get some quantity of garlic and ginger, melon-launch and Yoruba root call Agbo- madumaro (Utazi) soak with native hot drink. Dosage: Ashort 2 times daily (morning and Night) for one month.


  1. STAPHYLQCOCCUS AUREUS: Staph aurous is a dangerous bacteria infection (STD) which kills the white blood cells and aemolygins, which destroy the red blood cells.


SYMPTOMS: Serious itching at the private part, weak erection, waist pain, low sperm count, watery sperm, slight discharge, internal heart, fever general body weakness , infertility in woman and man. Moving object parts, the stomach noise, pains round private parts, constipation and burning sensation round the waist to the leg.


CURE: Cook the following items, wonderful kola ginger garic and Alfafa flower or Aloe vera flower, get Alfafa from flower dealers also add zobo for blood Dosage: Half glass 2 times daily for 2 months or in alternative take Aloe Vera Anti-biotic power. Dosage: One teaspoonful to half glass of warm water twice daily for two months.


Warning below 15 years twice daily for 2 months and pregnant woman should avoid it NB:


  1. BED WETTING: Take one cup of honey daily for one month. It will stop surprisingly.


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  1. EPILEPSY: Get some quantity of passion flower both the leaves and flowers (petals) put it in hot water, add honey to it. Dosage: One glass 2 times daily for one month.


  1. WEAKNESS AND POOR ERECTION PENIS: Please ( For Married Couple Only) If your penis functions below exception, boils 3 big on ions squeeze out the juice, filter and mix it with the same quantity of honey stir and boil again till it reaches the boiling point. Remove and allow it to get cold before pouring into bottle. Dosage: One spoonful 3 times after meal. And try to always eat more of vegetables food


  1. INSOMNIA/SLEEPLESSNESS: Take two spoonful of congealed palm, oil. You will have a sound sleep


  1. MAGIC OF CORN: The corn hair/silk for Help kidney stone, prostrate cancer, and obesity. Boil the silk or make an infusion of it and drink as tea. Dosage: 2 times daily


  1. TYPHOID FEVER: Cook this item lemon grass, 25 limes, 2 unripe paw-paw 2 unripe pineapples, cut to pieces add six bags of Lipton tea. Boil for 30 to 40 minutes with 3 liters of water and add Alabuku powder just 5 minutes before the end of the cooking. Dosage: One glass 2 times daily for one-week drink when hot.


  1. YELLOW FEVER: Squeeze bitter leaves with very little water then” add much orange juice. Dosage: Half glass, 2times daily for 2 weeks.


  1. MALARIA PARASITE: Cook lemon grass and drink as tea. Dosage: One tea cup 2 times daily for one month.


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  1. URINARY PROBLEM: Having pains or hardship when one is easing himself, the person should get unripe paw- paw mix with gadic & water leave for three days to ferment. Dosage: A cup 3 times daily.



Corn silk, boil and drink as tea 2 times daily.



  1. CHILDREN CONVULSION: Mix the child early morning urine with three spoonful of palm kennel oil (Udeaku). Let the child drink all at once. Dosage: Once daily for 3 days.


  1. SKIN DISEASES: Get 10 limes, potash (Akanwu). Native soap, grind and mix together, serape the affected area and rub consistently for 4 days. lt will clear.


  1. POISON FROM SNAKES/SCORPIONS: Chew bitter kola (Akuinu 5 to 10 pieces you will piss away the poison


  1. RHEUMATISM/ATRATUS: Get some quantity of garlic and ginger, cut to pieces, put all into a bottle and add hot drink or lime juice. Fill it one short 2 times daily for 2 weeks.


  1. BLEEDING PILE: Grind the mango kernel and lick it twice a day for one week it will cure this trouble.


  1. VOMITING BLOOD: Grind mango kernel and mix with water drop into the ear at once, this will stop immediately


  1. HOW TO NEUTRALIZE POISON: If any person eat poison get butter leaver squeeze it with water, add palm oil let him/her drink it immediately


  1. STOMACH ULCER: Grind 8 pieces of unripe plantain after pealing away the coast, put all into a 4 liter gallon and add water allow four days to ferment the 4th day, shake very well and drink, I hour before eating your brake fast, in the night, eat your supper, I hour before drinking it. Half glass 2 times daily for 2 weeks.


CAUTION: Avoid paper, guava, coke, Beer, lime, grape and hot drinks




FIBROID: Otherwise known as false pregnancy or tumor of the uterus is a disease that torments a woman for as long as the right remedy is yet to be got known, also called “Orinnwa” in Igbo, fibroid has contributed to loss of marriages and even loss of lives of many woman, particularly those who tried to solve their problem through surgical operation.


Cause: Some of the cause of fibroid includes:

  1. Hereditary
  2. Careless use of contraceptives.
  3. Careless abortion.
  4. Too much of D&C.
  5. Excessive of starchy food.


Symptoms; Fibroid symptoms include:

  1. Constant menstrual pain
  2. Heavy menstrual flow
  3. Increase in urination because of growth of fibroid on the bladder
  4. Pain during sexual acts.
  5. Loss of appetite


Effects: Untreated fibroid could cause serious infertility. It could make pregnant impossible and when the victims manages to get pregnant, she will keep experiencing miscarriages as a result of the death fetus. Fibroid also prevents development of sperm in the uterus and could block the fallopian tube. On rare occasions. Fibroid patients do deliver safely.

Prevention of Fibroid:
The cause of Fibroid should be prevented, with 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning every day


The get white kernel (unripe palm kernel nut) chew at least 25 to 30 nuts every day for 12 weeks. If pain follow, I glass of Aloe Vera juice plus honey.


Cure: The inner bark of Neem tree (dogoyaro) with root and the leaves, boil with Water


  1. INFERTILITY IN WOMEN: Peal and boil the back of native kola nut tree with water. As far as you don’t have infection. You will be pregnant after this treatment Dosage: Half glass 2 times daily for 7 days.


  1. LOW SPERM COUNT: Squeeze fresh quaver leaves daily with water, drink a glass once daily for three days. On the fourth day, eat plenty of carrots and cucumber. Repeat if necessary.


  1. HOW TO SELECT A CHILD: If a woman finishes her menses today, after three days she will begin to experience some milky discharge coming out from her private part (that is ovulation time) after 8 days, on the ninth day, this substance will change and look like a snail fluid? These are the 2 substances that a woman will be   experiencing during her ovulation period, if the woman makes love when she is experiencing the milky discharge, the  pregnancy will  be female child. If it is during the other snail fluid period it will be a male child


  1. VAGINA DISCHARGE: A slight normal discharge may issue from the vagina, but it has no foul odour and does not cause itching. But if reverse is the case then test for S. T. D. A very good personal hygiene should be maintain Treatment mix limes with native soap (Nchankota-lgbo) (Osedudu-Yoruba) wash the vagina with warm water or urine can be use to wash the vagina. If symptoms persist after a month e tstfor S, I D., Good bowel movement can help also.


  1. DANDRUFF: Extract cucumber juice mix it with native (back) soap wash the scarp with it leave for 15 minutes then wash with warm H20 (water)


  1. HAIR BRAKING: Mix honey with olive oil, the same quantity, warm it and rub on your hair like relaxer, wash it after 15 minutes your hair will not cut again Do this once every month


  1. MISCARRIAGE AND BLEEDING: Get these two leaves together guava and Africa star apple (udala Igbo, agba-lumo-Yoruba or cherry), squeeze with a cup of water and drink .Immediately it  will help clot the blood at once.


  1. ABDOMINAL PAIN AFTER DELIVERY: Take 2 spoonful of honey 3 times daily for three months then put honey into hot water and press the abdomen with it.


  1. FOR SMOKERS: If you do smoke a lot, to prevent this by removing the nicotine, you have to extract the juice from wild sugarcane, the one you get from the bush. Dosage: One glass once in 2 weeks. Note It will be more health wise for you to quit smoking


  1. CANDIDIAS1S: Squeeze bitter leave and scent leave (Nchuanwu) (Efirin) also grind garlic and mix all together and wash hard the area and drink some of the mixture. One cup 2 time daily for 5 days .NOTE: Also Go For Test on S.I.D. Is very important.


  1. WOMAN UNDER HARD LABOUR: Squeeze paw-paw leaves with water and take a glass of cup of it. She will put to bed between 5 to 10 minutes, this serves as natural lubricant.


Caution: See doctor if the woman is week and cannot push out.

NB: The woman should take one spoon of honey 3 times daily continuously after 4 months. She should start with Lipton tea without sugar or milk until labour time


  1. INTERNAL- HEAT: Squeeze pumpkin  and  vegetable  leaves together, add   one native egg to it and drink. It will stop your dizziness also. Dosage One cup 2 times a day

NB: prepare one’s daily.


  1. WATERY BREAST: Chew continuously alligator pepper, the water will dry off, the size will also reduce (Even not caused by water).


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  1. BREAST ENLARGEMENT: Eat plenty of cucumber and also drink palm   wine. Dosage: One cup 3 times daily.


  1. BREAST CANCER: Just like any other breast problems are caused by minor things from food, constipation, dressing unknown origin etc. Cancer of any kind is due to cells that grow and work the wrong way. The cells may stop other cells from working the right way.


Treatment: Earlier treatment in the best to combat any chronic disease. First step into cleanse the colon and all cells and tissues then fast on fruit for 14 days urine therapy a very good role in this regard take the whole first urine for 2 weeks and apply did urine on the affected breast.


SECOND STEP Yam bulbils (head yam) Apari Isu- Yaruba crush it, mix with shea butter (Orii – Yoruba) and Aloe vera rub it on breast.


  1. FLUSHING THE FALLOPIAN TUBE: If your menses refuse to appear or seized, boil the skin of kola nut and drink. Dosage: Half glass 2 times daily for 7 days. Provided you don’t have any infection because this can cause seizure.


  1. HOW TO KNOW WHETHER THE TUBES ARE OKEY: There is what is called hysteron salpingo gram ( H. S. G.) In medicine your doctor should  enlighten you more. It is done in general or teaching hospitals and it is cheap in these hospital. Every woman does this test in advanced countries before going into marriage. Do it.


  1. IMPOTENCE: Crush unripe paw-paw, put all in a gallon and add water and allow it for 4 days to ferment. Dosage: One glass three times daily for 8 weeks.


NB: Trace the cause before any treatment is being taken.

  1. SPERM BOOSTER: Grind Soya beans with groundnut add to pap and eat roasted plantain (BOLE) after food, eat carrots, it will give tremendous result


  1. MOUTH DISEASE / MOUTH ODOUR: Mix honey and lime juice together wash your mouth with it 2 times daily morning and night always.


  1. WOUNDS: After operation, cut the stem of plantain and rub the juice on the stitches after few days the wound will heal automatically.


  1. HEART PALPITATION: A situation where the heart is beating very fast than normal, boil mango leaves. Dosage: One cup, 3 times daily until the symptoms stops.


  1. STROKE: Boil garlic and when ever you want to take it, simple take a cup and put the boil garlic, wait for it to get warm add honey into together, steal and drink, Dosage: One cup 3 times daily for one month plus


  1. WHITLOW: Apply palm oil on the affected finger then make a ring with lime orange fix it on the finger the pox will certainly come out after some days


  1. SNAKE KILLER: Grind some bitter kolas and spread well on the tract of the snake or around your building, any snake that crosses it will die.


  1. FIRE BURNS: Burn mango leaves to ashes and apply the ashes on the fire wounds after mixing it with little water. Let it tick then rub it on the wound


  1. INFANT CHICKEN POX: The feeding mother should eat fresh coconut pieces regularly as the first thing in the morning for seven days. This will immunize the child against the outbreak of this trouble and other skin problems.


  1. QUALITY FOOD: Drink at least 2 or 3 liters of water to ease digestion and circulation. Eat beans when it is half cooked with slice unripe paw-paw and fish or use unripe paw-paw to prepare yam porridge with some vegetable, Vegetable should be half done. This gives a lot of blood. (It contains cyanocobalamin).


  1. CARROTS AS VITAMIN “A” Carrot contains about 36 calories that it can clear your eye for clear vision again. Eat plenty of it daily for a month. These was my sweet spot if you can remember the intro statement of the report


  1. POOR FOODS: According to the World Health Book it states that any food prepare with flour is one of the poorest food you can think of, so minimize it For Good Health.


  1. LEVITICUS: 3:17 This is a Bible reference that states clearly about


The fasts you get from meats an QX (Blood meat) refer to this Bible references for more information



  1. SEVERE COUGH: Grind 10 pieces of bitter kola and mix with a 35cl bottle of undiluted honey to form syrup. Adults: 3 spoonful 3 times daily. Children*. “1 teaspoon 3 times daily.


  1. HONEY AS MEDICINE: The belief of many is that honey is just a food and nothing but that in this book read carefully and apply according to the information given, then you will know that honey is more than just a food.


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