How To Grow Your Business writing for google

Step By Step Free Report How To Grow Your Business writing for google

Hello, Friends, Today am going to teach You How To Grow Your Business writing for Google


A Wise Man once said, If You are Not Writing in this modern age, You may end up reading, only but other peoples works and success

Friend do you know, by just writing a single article and publishing weekly, can grow your business and service 10x to when you are not writing and publishing articles

Yes by writing quality articles about your business and services can increase your business and services daily profits, just pay attention to what am about to reveal to you on this post how to grow your business writing for google

How To Grow Your Business writing for google

Google is the number one search engine portal in the entire web community, As King Of The Search engines, google determine the ranking of all contents on the internet base on two factor

1) How Is your Writing relevant? ( Was It Optimized for specific keywords)
2) How Is your Writing important? (Does It Have Quality backlinks)

So in other to grow your business writing to google you have to take into consideration the above two ranking factors, is Only when you address both of these concerns are you guaranteed of making an impact with your articles that will benefit your business and services

Once it comes to growing your business through writings, Your degree of success depends on how hard you try and how many other people you’re competing against (and how hard they’re working).


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How Is your Writing relevant? ( Was It Optimized for specific keywords) Optimizing your writing for keywords is the nature of good writing on the internet,

It’s easier to optimize articles than Generating quality backlinks to your articles. But it can be done, and you don’t need a huge budget as I will show you how to go about it

The key to topping Google on a zero budget is writing articles.

Here’s how it works… How To Grow Your Business writing for google on step by step approach


STEP 1: You’re an expert in your field, yes in that your business products and services you are an expert, so you possess knowledge that other people want.

You have what people need, and you got what it takes to sell to them just by writing the importance and benefit of your business services and products to the entire world who are waiting to read your writings.

STEP 2: You write a helpful article – sharing your hard-earned knowledge and expertise. The world like stories. real stories, educational marketing stories, so sometimes you just have to tell people how you got started with your business and how successful your business has grown over time and how them reading your article can benefit from your business, services, and products


STEP 3: You submit your article to recognized “Article Submit” sites on the Internet. How To Grow Your Business writing for Google, is not just all about having a personal website, or having a Google Gmail account,

No it goes beyond that, here you need to leverage article directories website and some social website like facebook and once you are done with your article writing publish it and copy the link and submit it on Google Url and other quality Backlinks websites am going to introduce to you right on this post

STEP 4: Publishers of online newsletters, ezines, forums and Classified sites, etc. gather your writings ( Article content ) and start Publishing Online using Newsletters websites, engines, forums and Classified sites such as on weekly basis


STEP 5: Write Quality Helpful Contents, Good Contents are food to Google, Search Engine Love Eating Good Contents and Always Vomit it as a search result, each time someone request for it from

So Quality well-written articles are snapped up by thousands of publishers from all around the world, and this is all you need To Grow Your Business writing for google

STEP 6: Publishing For Your Benefits In Growing Your Business, The only condition publishing in other web platform is that they must publish the article with a functioning link to your site.

So if you are the one writing always remember to add your business signature, being your contacts or website links of your business


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STEP 7:  Publish a lot of writings ( Articles ) as possible. E.g., if 300 people publish your article – you get 300 links back to your Business Signature.


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Below are some FAQs On How To Grow Your Business writing for Google that will help you write better articles and manage your campaign very well

Q) As Yourself What Should I Write About My Business and Service?

A) Write about what you know about your business and services. Make sure your contents are related to your business, products, and services (so you can use the keywords related you your business, products, and services to rank with) and helpful (so it gets published).


For example, if you’re a manufacturer of industrial, you might write an article – or series of articles – on how best to handle your products and what benefit the society stands to gain from your manufactured products.

Once you get thinking about it, you’ll probably find there are hundreds of articles you could write that are helpful. You may even have some of them partly written already in your instruction manuals or guides, etc.

Another good idea is to think of all the questions you get asked by customers and potential customers. These questions show you what people are interested in.

If you write an article answering every one of these questions, you’ll get published, and you’ll also show yourself to be a credible expert on your area of business and service


Q) How long should my article be?

A) The best articles are only as long as they need to be. Keep it short and sweet – there’s nothing wrong with a 400-word article. By the same token, if you need 1500 words to say all you need to say, that’s fine as well.


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Q) What kind of writing should I use?

A) Simply write in a style that your audience will be comfortable with and can easily relate to. but don’t use contractions, don’t end sentences with prepositions, and don’t start sentences with “and” or “but”. But if they’re not old school, just use conversational English. In fact, the more of yourself you include in writing, the best article engaging it will be. The key is to make it readable.


Q) Should I focus on keywords?

A) Yes! Yes! Yes! You writing begins with keywords; you remember you are writing for Google, Any SEO Website copywriter will tell you that just as you need to optimize your articles for specific keywords,


Q) Where should I submit my article?

A) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of submitting sites on the Internet. Too many to include here. Search “article submit” and just find the ones that are most applicable to your industry and offer the most subscribers. Alternatively, you can purchase a list or best use this list below

Also Use Search Engine Optimization Tool

Click here for More than 50 SEO Tools to keep track your SEO issues
and help to improve the visibility of your articles and website in search

Here is another

The above tools are all free tools use in optimizing articles and website search engine ranking, so plan to visit the aforementioned site and leverage them. And this Can Be Done when you are done writing and have published your article online


Q) Who will publish my article?

A) People publish pre-written articles because they want “eyes on paper”. In other words, they want to generate traffic to their business signature or best they website.

Helpful articles are one way of doing that. It also sets them up as credible authorities on a particular subject.


And it develops customer loyalty. There are hundreds of thousands of companies (maybe even millions) publishing online newsletters, ezines, NairaLearn, Nairaland, etc for Nigerians audience and other article publisher pages. others are

Vanguard Newspaper
Punch Newspaper
The Nation Newspaper
National Mirror
The Sun Newspaper
The Guardian News
Leadership Newspaper
Sahara Reporters
ThisDay Newspaper
Focus Nigeria
Opion Nigeria etc


If You are Writing For International Commiunity, Then Use This List

Free Article Submission Sites List
PR – 8
PR – 8
PR – 7
PR – 7
PR – 7
PR – 7
PR – 6
PR – 6
PR – 6
PR – 6
PR – 6
PR – 6
PR – 6
PR – 5
PR – 5

No matter what your industry, you’re bound to find quite a few who are interested in what you have to say. In fact, once a few publishers recognize you as a good source of content, they keep coming back looking for more (and even email you asking if you can send them your articles).


Q) How will I know when my article has been published?

A) As one of the conditions of publications, you can request that the publisher notifies you when they use your article. Of course, most don’t bother to do this, so it’s a good idea to set up a Google Alert (

Which notifies you when your article URL has been published on the internet. Google doesn’t pick them all up, but it picks up a lot. Whenever you receive an alert, you make sure the article is unchanged, and the link back to your business signature or site is functioning.


Q) Will the publisher change my article?

A) No, not. Changing articles is just extra work. In fact, that’s why publishers like good articles and consistent content providers – because that means they don’t have to do any extra work.


I’ve had many articles published, and don’t recall a single instance of an article being changed without my permission. If you’re worried about it, you can include an instruction not to change the article in your conditions of publication.


Q) Can I get an SEO copywriter to write and submit my articles?

A) Yes. Any SEO copywriter should be able to write keyword rich articles and submit them to some high traffic article submit sites.


Q) What kind of information would I need to supply an SEO copywriter to write my article?

A) You’d need to tell your SEO copywriter something like, “We want to write an article which helps people get to know more about our business and patronize our business products and services. order them to Write a good article, and it always reflects well on your business, no matter where it’s published.


Q) How long will it take for my ranking to increase?

A) There are no guarantees in SEO. It all takes time. For a start, the search engines can take up to 2 months to update their index of pages. And a single inbound link generally won’t have much impact. Depending on how much competition you’re facing for keywords, and where the links are coming from, 100 inbound links may not make much of a difference. (Links from high PageRank sites are more beneficial to your ranking

So don’t expect anything to happen too quickly. But if you’re dedicated, and you’re prepared to write quite a few articles, you’ll see results within a few months.

Happy writing!

Hope This Post How To Grow Your Business writing for Google has been helpful


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