How Content Distribution Will Rule Internet Marketing 2022

How Content Distribution Will Rule Internet Marketing 2022

Wow with just a few days to 2022, what a lot of people don’t know is that Content distribution is set to rule internet cyberspace, That internet marketing will be so involved throughout the year 2022, how you prepared now matters a lot, to you and to that of your business success

How Content Distribution Will Rule Internet Marketing 2022

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How Content Distribution Will Rule Internet Marketing 2022

Content is the king and content will remain the king of the internet throughout 2022, what matters most now is no longer creating good content, quality content, as you and I know that anyone with a smartphone can create content, not just anyhow contents but quality content

This is where the distributorship comes in, more people will join the Content Creation niche come 2022, as a content creator, they will create good content, publish it, but with less viewership, readership, a great number of these people will fallout, frustrated

You can’t but blame them less, as the issues now are no, longer about creating quality and good content, but how ready and smart you are to distribute your content thereby pushing your content to engage and thread across the internet

So the question remains, What good it’s after creating good content and no one read itno one views it, so it makes no meaning but bigger challenges to contents creators, so believe me when I say that creating good content is no longer the problem, but distributions will make all the differences in 2022

Just as a study has revealed that 62% of content creators and marketers are finding it hard to generate leads and have people engage with their online content, and these reports make it clear that the percent will increase more in 2022

Content Is Still The King, But Reason Distribution

The fact that many people, individuals, and businesses spend more time, focus 100% of their time, money, knowledge, and even patient on creating content

While they pay less or no attention to the distribution of the contents, which consequence is direct when you don’t have anyone reading your content, you don’t have anyone watching your video, reading your book, listening to your audio, listening to your internet live radio, reading your ebook and many more

Why do many bloggers focus more on creating quality blog posts, YouTuber spend a lot creating youtube vlog content, with a lesser interest in distributions

Then imagine after publishing a blog post, youtube videos, etc and you don’t have anyone reading your blog post, and your videos have zero viewers, you too feel demotivated, and may give up

This single pitfall has been the reason why you hear, blogging is dead, youtube is deed, SEO is dead, Email Marketing is dead, internet marketing is oversaturated and possible death also

Yes when you focus more on creating quality content and 0% focus on distributions, can kill your business irrespective of how long you have been in business

Please hear this, we are entering into 2022, what works in 2011 to 2018 is no longer working now, do you plan to unlearn the old system and relearn again into today modern innovative technologies, get acquainted with the working system of today

Focus 2022 by mbonu watson c

So Here Are Things You Should Be Focusing More In 2022

1: Research

2: Ideation

3: Creation

4: Distribution

I will take the above one after the other because previously, a lot of people have been focusing on just three, being, Research, Ideation, and creation, so people have been creating good content that lack distribution 

I know what some people may ask is, What is content distribution, so let me define what I mean by DISTRIBUTION

What is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is the process of getting your content already published online spread across another online platform, for more viewership, eyes grabbing, readers, engaging with more audience

This may include creating promotional newsletters associated with the main link or direct content you plan to go viral, then sharing the newsletter, link using freebies, paid promotion, and more across the relevant platform over the internet that best fit your business, niche, and audience

Contents Distribution can be achieved across

1: Email marketing

2: Social Media marketing

3: Online communities, like Worldforum, Quora, Reddit, and many more

4: Influencer listing and mentioned

5: Paid platforms like Google Ads, AdMob Ads, Social Media Ads

6: Classified listing

7: Business Directory and many more. I only listed the above 7+, 

Note: there are many types of content distributions platform or modules, the vital thing here, is for you to know where your audience hangs out the more, understand which platform the audience you are targeting are hanging out on, and network the more. When you know such platforms, the next is for you to start distributing your content across such platforms

For example, if your audience loves videos, then start creating videos, use Facebook live, publish both live videos and prerecorded videos on youtube and make sure you are adding your content call to action link

While there are other types of contents distribution, I too love to mention here, among them are

  • >>> Blog post and Articles
  • >>> Ebooks and Books
  • >>> Video Course and webinar
  • >>> Using Case studies
  • >>> Sharing Success stories
  • >>> Sharing a journey
  • >>> Using Checklists
  • >>> Using Landing pages
  • >>> Using Infographics
  • >>> Involving in research studies
  • >>> Creating Podcasts
  • >>> Using Newsletters
  • >>> Whitepapers and more

One of these days, I will create a blog post and explain every type of these content distributions one after the other

So understanding that is no longer about doing research, ideation, and creating content alone that leads to success, but knowing the importance of content distributions will help you reach more audience, help your content to engage with more audience

So as you plan to create more quality content, also have it in your plan to share them on social media, create email campaigns and share them across your email leads, GSM Numbers leads, Whatsapp active followers lead, share them across Forum platform

Use both paid and free services to get your content massively distributed across the internet, then use site analysis to analyze and monitor the results

Try to find out among all the platforms where your contents are being distributed which are performing better and but more money on the platforms that are performing better, bring more results

Do these processes repeat and watch how successful you will business will super grow come the year 2022. hope you enjoyed this article

To be continued:

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