How The Recession Of 2008 Birthed 10 Startups That Have Changed The Way We Live

Discover Types Of Business and Startups You Can Venture Amid The Pandemic and Become A Great Success In Months

How The Recession Of 2008 Birthed 10 Startups That Have Changed The Way We Live


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What You are about to read will inspire you, inform you about the reality of life and how to handle pandemic crisis and grow successfully even in hard times and recession



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Read On: How The Recession Of 2008 Birthed 10 Startups That Have Changed The Way We Live

The information am about to share with you here can also help you to see the good part about this pandemic and accept it as a blessing, yes as yet another opportunity to excel in life


So there is no need for panicking, Yes a lot of people has lost their jobs, we empathize with private school teachers in Nigeria who since match 2020 99% of them have not received salaries due to the coronavirus outbreak


And the total lockdown of schools across the nation Nigeria, Is heartbreaking and difficult to a lot of family in this part of the world Africa Nigeria, but in all, there is still hope for better days


You see, The United States Of America Became Super powerful and world power after the 10 Years Recession, added with the World war 2 that follows the 1918 Pandemic about 100+ in history today, they became world power because they have a Government that thinks and plans


The government of USA Saw Pandemic which strike the world in 1918, after which 10 years of recission that started from 1919 to 1929, then follows with a World war 2 in the year 1939 to 1945 that devastated Europe, Americain saw it and key into it with a solution and became the world power


That is to say, the world crisis gave them the superpower there are now. so learn to see every crisis as a blessing and seek solutions to the crisis, yes look for solutions to problems, even little as community problem, a nationwide problem or big global problem, be among the solutions, not the problem


Again in the year 2008, there was a global recession that shakes the world, a lot of people were busy blaming everything bad to the recession, while some few people where busy thinking big and inventing apps that will change the way we live.

Today those few people that were busy thinking and inventing are a billionaire and their work has outspoken for them, you will get to know them and their works as well proceed on this article

Lately, I find more people asking me this question? What Business can one start during this period? during hard time and pandemic, what is the wall forward



Well, the answer I normally give to them is pretty simple, businesses are full of risks. And only risk-takers can take advantage of this period


I then proceed to inform them to remember the recession of 2008 that birthed 10 Startups that have changed the way we live today


From Whatsapp to Uber, Venmo, Slack, Google Ventures, Square, Cloudera, Instagram. jumia Africa online marketplace, that came in the year 2012 and more startup that follows across the globe


So my question to you is, are you a risk-taker? if you are now is the time to think deeper and use the opportunity this pandemic has created to come up with a startup that will not just change the way we live In Africa Nigeria but will shake the global community positively


Which business are you going to start during this period?

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