How to Build A Successful Business

How to Build A Successful Business

Today everyone wants to become self-employed, a business owner or an entrepreneur, in as much there is nothing wrong with such, there is everything wrong when you assume that building a successful business is an easy task

So dear friend, here I will be discussing how to build a successful business, a business model that can grow and keep growing if you follow the basic rule of a business startup

You know that starting a business and becoming successful is often part of everybody’s Dream. But there is a difference between starting a business and building a successful business, this part only is what most people ‘startups’ don’t understand

Many businesses fail within the first few years of existence due to the lack of proper planning for the long term, people just wake, idea flows in their mind and head, then lucky for them, they were able to take action by starting a business but lack proper planning, then few months or years later, the business fallout 

This is simply because there is not enough vision and there is not enough done research to strengthen the business properly from the ground up the stage

How to Build A Successful Business

If You Want To Start A Business That Will Succeed?

Then you must be ready to pay the price, one is being dedicated to the business, seeing your business as a human is another, and make sure you separate yourself, your personal needs, and issues from interfering with your business

When it comes to business there is an easy way to get a better understanding of why some businesses fail, that is about 80% of businesses start upending as a failure, while only but 20% manage to make it to success

Facts have it that 80% out of business startup always ends up as a big failure. So when starting a business think about it similar to building a house you and your family will live in

To build such a house, you must put safety first, have plans to start the building as well finish it, and more importantly maintain the house, long after you have finished building and moving into the house with your family

When it comes to building a business see it just like building a house, If done right it is like protecting you against any kind of storm or danger of the outside world which all humans face these days

So when you apply these into your business, you stand a better chance of making it, that is when you see your business as not just a business, but a human being who loves to stay alive, grow healthy, and looks nice, then you are close to succeeding in your business

Now let assume you are building a house for yourself and your great family that will shelter and protect you and your family, you will love to give your family and that of yourself the very best: Right?

You can apply the same understanding into business, that you want to have a business that is able to weather economic ups and downs ( survive any storm, pandemic, and recession) a business that will provide income to pay the bills (shelter and protect you from becoming broke).

When building a house there are several different steps you need to follow to have the house built, Right? 

You know you want a house, but you got to pick a location and get an architect to plan everything out. Right? 

Now you as a person is not involved in doing everything on your own, you simple get professional to handle their field

Trying to do everything by yourself, is one mistake most business owners do and this simple mistake has led millions of businesses to a dead end, in other words, is one thing you should avoid, should you want to build a successful business

In the business world, when you want to start a business, you have to come up with a creative business idea and effective working plans, not just anyhow business plans but a business plan that has the potential to drive your business to success


Same Way To Start Your House Building Project, Applies To Building A Successful Business

You need to assign professional personals to handle the house building for you, while you provide financial support.

To start the house, an architect needs to understand the type of building you want and will sketch it for you

the next thing for the house would be to build the foundation (and eventually the basement) for the house to come in. In the business world – you got to have an idea, brainstorm these ideas, take action in putting the idea into work and reality by starting a business, and next build the initial infrastructure

When it comes to building a house everything needs to be done by a professional, the same applies to your business. For example: connecting with vendors, finding a manufacturer for your product, creating a sales team, writing a sale copy, budgeting for ads placement, renting office space, setting up your delivery system, etc.). 


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Once you put such in place you are able to actually do business and earn some real money. But take note: you are not completely done yet. 

Just as you need to build a frame for your house building, put in windows and you also need a roof on house. For your business, this means that you pay off debt, improve business processes and get professional help when needed.

Once your house is completed, fully built, you probably want to fill it with furniture and make it livable for the future. Nobody wants to sleep on the floor, right, nobody, not even you


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Again translating this to the business world it could mean that you invest money you earned back into your business, don’t try to save all the money you makes from the business or worst try to spend them unnecessarily, but be wise enough to reinvest this money into the business

Having the understanding that you as a business owner must reinvest money made from business into the business is often the step where winners and losers separate. 

Winners always invest money into their business and keep reinvesting, while the loser takes out money from their business and never reinvest it again

For your business success, learning to Re-investing money into your business, are the key factor for a successful business.

Hope this ‘How to Build A Successful Business’ was cool, now use the comment box to drop your comment


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