How To Build Hundred Or Thousands Of Backlinks Monthly Writing Articles

How To Build Hundred Or Thousands Of Backlinks Monthly Writing Articles

In my previous article published here on Nairalearn, we discussed on How to increase website and mobile app traffic, sales using articles, you can read the article here

And here we are also discussing how to build hundreds or thousands of backlinks monthly writing articles

You see friend  when it comes to the online world, the fastest ways to grow is writing quality content and publishing them, quality content here can be articles inform of text, Engaging Image, Interesting Videos, Audios, PDF, infographics, and many others

There are greater things quality articles will do for your websites or mobile app, that nothing ex can, only but you writing contents and publishing them, first, it will attract search engine robots to index your site, give it a good votes

Writing good content will help keep your site visitor glued to your site, and most people will share your site, more will use your site as resource quotes, which is another form of getting backlinks for your website

Article writing is a great way to increase the amount of traffic to your website, gives your site pages positive page authority, and more importantly will increase your exposure to the world. Writing a good article is just all about attracting links to your website

Yes there might be two ways to do these, you can write a good article and have good backlinks to your site by publishing the article on a forum, discussion board, article directory portal, or as a guest post on other people website

Or you can write for your website and use a newsletter to spread brief information about what you write on and best add a link for people to visit your site and read the full article

Whatever ways you choose to adapt in publishing your article, are all great ways and best something you should be doing consistently

The reality is that the more you write a great article and post it on your site, or you write as a guest post, forum thread, just make sure that your article is of a good quality

This will enable people to share your article, use your article as a reference, and many other benefits

The good thing is that the more people reference your article and give you credits, the more you win contextual backlinks for your websites

If you are writing and publishing your article on forum sites, your Signature Resources boxes will play an important role in developing backlinks to your website as well

Such backlinks are very important to search engines for ranking your site against your competition, and when you write good content, people will use your article as references, which will give you good contextual links

How To Build Hundred Or Thousands Of Backlinks Monthly Writing Articles

Contextual backlinks as of the years 2020, 2021 and beyond, remain one of the key factors search engines directories use to rate websites based on the relevance of a specific keyword, topic, and frequency. 

Writing and publishing a good article on your website or another website platform by far is the fastest way to build quality and quantities backlinks for your website

With more websites linking to your website, this will drive more traffic to your website. Traffic is ultimate, what you want right. You did not build your website for static purposes, so you should be updating your website with good articles that will attract people to stumble upon it occasionally.

Moreover, article writing has been with us ever since internet technology begins and there is no sign that is going so soon, it remains relevant even to date

Article writing remains one of the fastest and effective ways to get your website indexed, ranked by major search engines directories.

Because the website is mostly a community-based website with the majority of the community users also publishing articles, asking questions, getting answers, search engines always craw such a website daily

So by so doing, the search engine will pick up your article, with the link back you added or the reference you added on the article, the search engine will smile at that and give it a proper crawler indexes and this means faster indexing inclusion of your website in search engines

Once you write an article you have to get it published, this is very easy to do, find article directories that are high traffic and user friendly or use a forum portal with high-traffic 

A good site with high traffic always help site links to get regular indexes, sites are your best option, your article spread around the internet much faster and therefore gets you traffic faster.

In reality, the more articles that you write and publish the more traffic you drive to your website. A good number to start with is ten articles monthly or if you can go weekly, the choice is yours


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Write and publish a minimum of 10 per MONTH, OR WEEK, or at least 30 per month depending on the type of niche you are into, there are people who are writing over 200 quality articles monthly. so the number of the articles you will write is up to you

Lastly: the most important thing is writing and making sure you are distributing your website contents across the internet, using the various platform that suits your need.

In other words, make sure you are writing, publishing, and sharing your website with another website platform, by writing in the right directories, Forum and distribution, you can build hundreds to thousands of backlinks a month.

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