How To Build Quality Backlinks

How To Build Quality Backlinks

Once it comes to internet marketing, there is nothing to compare to traffics that come from organic SEO Search engine optimization results


Yes there are various ways to get traffics across the web and mobile platforms to your website and mobile application running on the internet


For example, you can get traffics from Facebook, Instagrams, WhatsApp, Twitter, web 2.0, forums, classified, mobile SMS


You can go as far as getting traffics from paid Ads across the internet, but in between all those traffics, none among them can be compared to the traffics you got organically from search engines directories searches, such as from google search, bing search, yahoo search, youtube search and many more

How To Build Quality Backlinks


That is a revelation on how important Search Engine Optimization is, and one key element that contributes to SEO ranking is getting quality backlinks to your websites, weblog, blogs, and mobile applications, which happens to be the essence of this article How To Get Quality Backlinks so in other to build quality backlinks, you should adhere to the following


#1: Write Quality Contents

Writing quality contents in the form of articles, image (Infographic), videos, audios, ebooks and many more contents format available across the net technology



Naturally, people love good contents, so if your website is well optimized for SEO indexing with targeted keywords on all your posts, pages of your website will always rank high on search engine


People will also like to link to the content and even went as far as sharing your web contents across the internet, few that have a website and love the contents of your website will love to have citation and links of your websites contents links to their site


Getting quality backlinks begins with writing quality contents, Bill Gates once said that. Content Is The King once it comes to the Online world (The digital world) quality contents is indeed the king


#2: Getting And Building Authority Website (Blog)

Time has come when everyone including you reading this article how to get quality backlinks should have a website should incase you don’t have any by now


You need to have a website as long as you are above 14 years of age, it could be a business website, personal or any purpose of your choice, but is now highly important you should have a website or blog

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And the good news is that getting an authority website is easy and best affordable, irrespective of your niche, personality, career, profession, skill, and hobby there is always available startup stage for you


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Having an authority website, weblog or blog is one strategy of building quality backlinks for free due it takes time but the result worth the time you invested in it


When it comes to building quality backlinks your self hosted authority website can do much more good in getting quality backlinks for you


#3: Vlogging

This is a process of you creating video contents, usually short videos and publishing it across all your social media channel


e.g on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, embedding the video on your authority website and many more


Due once it comes to video publishing one of the greatest platforms that will get you backlinks faster  is youtube


While publishing your videos on youtube you can always add links to the video content published on your authority website, by so doing you are getting a link back from youtube



Same things happen across all other social media, due to social media links such as Facebook Instagram does not count as much, but the traffic gotten from that platform do counts


You don’t just create videos and publish just like that after you most have created a video before you publish it across the social media platform, take your time to write a good description about the video and also come up with tag related to the topic of the video contents, etc


It’s easy to start video recording, starting with any smartphone you have, the most important is learning how to arrange your video contents, have a comprehensive stream record with good on footages editing

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When creating video content make sure that the contents of your video has something to offer, something of value and has a problem to solve, by so doing the online community will find it worthy of watching, sharing and revisiting


#4: Focus more on white hat SEO

Another thing that contributes to getting quality backlinks is focusing on white hat SEO And best avoiding black hat SEO

Focus more on white hat SEO


The top factors search engine robot always looks for in a website is as follows

– The contents of the website

– The Domain (website name) authority

– External Link anchor text and related internal links


When it comes to an external link, you need to check and find out the authority of the website you plan to link your website to


As the strength of the website, you plan to link to matters a lot


Always avoid black hat SEO system of link building, most of the black hat SEO link is a low authority website and this always backfires


Take Note: Building Backlinks using white hat SEO may take time, but don’t worry about the time and resources it takes the result worth every time you invest in it


#5: Write Reviews And Testimonies For Other Website

Website owners and product vendors understand the importance of acquiring online customers reviews and testimonies

Write Reviews And Testimonies For Other Website


Reviews and testimonies play an important role in products and services purchasing decision-making process


The best way to write review and testimonies is to start asking clients who most have purchased your products or services to write reviews or testimonies about the said product or services they have gotten from you


Sometimes, you may also write a review to some products and services you have been using, due is good before you write such review if the aim is for getting backlinks, it will be nice that you contact the product or service vendor first before doing such


And when you contact the product or service vendor let him or her know of your plan in writing review for the kit and best when you most have written and published the review on your platform, make sure you contact them again and send them the link to the review


In some cases, it will surprise you on what the product or service vendor will do, in some case, they will thank you, they might give you a discount on all their products and services, there might also link back to you on their website platform and some may end up paying you via an affiliate link and featured post


So writing reviews becomes a win-win for both parties, that is how writing reviews and testimonies work once SEO and backlinks are mentioned


Remember there are so many ways of getting quality backlinks, I have only but listed a few. this article How To Get Quality Backlinks Will Be Continue


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How To Build Quality Backlinks

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