How To Design eCover For Free

Step By Step Guide On How To Design eCover For Free

Discover How To Design eCover For Free

Be it eBook Cover, CD or DVD Cover Pack, Magazine Cover, boxes, Binders, Notebooks, Brochures And Stationary, eReports, Screenshots, etc

Virtually any eCover design you have in mind, just pay attention and follow me on this step by step guide on how to design eCover For Free

You will be glad on what you will discover from this blog post how to design ecover for free here in NairaLearn, So let Get Started

To Design eCover is very simple, have that in mind as simple as abcd, due in some cases, you may need tools, be it Premium Tools or Free Tools in other to design an outstanding ecover or best have graphic design as a skill,

To make your experience on learning how to design ecover very simple, am going to give you all the tools you need, both the Premium Tools and Free Tools For Free, you can use them to design any type of eCover for yourself and for your clients project


So let head to the Requirements, Things that we need in other to design professional ecover


1: ProductShotPro: As The name implies, productShortPro is a premium tool for designing eCover, CD/DVD Cover, eBook Cover, Magazine and much more. ProductshotPro is not Free, in other words is a paid tool

Due you will be getting it for free on this platform ‘NairaLearn’ because we have fully paid for it on your behalf and we are glad to share it with you

In other To show you in practice how to use ProductshotPro To design any type of eCover on step by step easy to understand guide. So The second Tool we need in other learn how to design eCover For Free is Called Photoshop


2: Photoshop: I believe most of you are familiar with the name photoshop, but for the sake of those who are not familiar with the word photoshop, here is what photoshop is all about

Photoshop: Is image editing software developed and manufactured by Adobe Systems Inc. Photoshop is considered one of the leaders in photo editing software and that is the second tools we will need in other to design professional eCover of any type. The Third tool we need is called


3: Canva: Is a free graphic-design tool website and mobile app for graphic designing, with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and provides access to over a million+ photographs, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers as well as professionals designers. And lastly

We will need for our eCover Design


4: Google: I believe you are familiar with the word google and the usage.. so no need trying to tell you what Google is.

So now that will have known all the tools will need in other to design any type of eCover, let return back to our topic How To Design eCover For Free


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If you want to be making cool cash online or offline, much like I do designing eCover , you need to take what am about to share with you from this section serious


So over to the first tool, ProductShotPro... How To Download ProductShotPro is at the end of this post How To Design eCover For Free, so just wait until the end of this post and download the tool for free


But Before then, let assume you have downloaded the tool ProductShotPro and have unzipped it, and make sure you have installed the second tool will need being Photoshop into your PC


For Example, This is a Sample Of ProductShotPro File when downloaded and unzipped

in my system and here is Photoshop Installed and Running on my system

In case you don’t have photoshop go here to download photoshop or best head to any software shop vendor in your area and purchase photoshop,

Photoshop is very cheap when purchase from a local vendor. about 200 to 500 naira here in Nigeria


So Let Assumed You Now Have All The Tools, what you should do next, is to locate The ProductShortPro Folder In Your System and

Click On It, Once You Click On The Folder, You will have access to the individual sub-folders, such as Binders & Notebooks, Boxes, Brochures & Stationary, CDs, DVDs, Extras, Hardcover Books, Magazine Books, And Screenshots.. See Sample Image Below

You can choose your preferable   Design Category From the above list… e.g let me choose the Boxes Category

Next is for you to select your desirable file option from the list above, at this point you will also need to run the Photoshop Application on your computer system and access Productshortpro File right inside Photoshop…

All You Need Do is to click on you photoshop app in your system, then wait for it to load see picture below

Next Is To Import ProductShortPro File, In My Case I Will Like To Import The ProductshortPro File Name Box(WithDisk) see pciture below

All I did was to click on File, The Open, The Locate The File I Want To Import And Click On It and Click Open… Here I Am… Ready To Go.. To Start Editing The ProductShortPro File To suit my project. See default Sample File Below


To edit ProductShortPro File on Photoshop is as easy as abcd, just after you must have imported the file, all you need do is to locate the panel at your right hand and take your mouse pointer and Right click each of the ProductShortPro Folders and select un-group the layers, in other to ungroup the layers… see picture below

Once you have un-group the folder layers and now have access to individual layers, just take you mouse pointer at the CD File and Right Click on it,

Then select edit content and click ok in other to edit the file

At this end.. i will like You To Watch This This Step By Step Video On How To Design Ecover For Free

Click Below To Watch The Complete Video On How To Design Ecover For Free


Here Is The Download Link To ProductShortPro, You Can Now Download ProductShortPro.. Click Here To Download Product Short Pro For 100% Free Or Best Click The Button Below


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