How To Get Business Customers Online Faster

The essence of every business is to get customers, make sales, and profits, then keep on making more customers, engaging with your existing customers, building and out-selling previous records, by increasing business profits revenue


Getting customers, selling, and increasing profits revenues, are what keep all businesses alive. for once there is no sale, comes the end of profits which may eventually lead to the end of such business


Business failure is one experience every reasonable business owner, entrepreneur will never wish for. To avoid such from happening is important that you learn smart and easy ways to build your business by being consistently in getting business customers online, as well as offline


Your Business Must Stay Alive

To keep your business alive, then growing customer base is a must, what is the takeaway here, You need to consistently build a customers base for your business, if you truly want to remain in business, you need sales and profits


In this post, I too share with you easy but smart ways how to get business customers online. so pay attention as we proceed


First, to get business customers online, your business needs to be online, you need an online presence for your business irrespective of your business (niche) type or model


i) You Need To Have Social Media Channel For Your Business (Which is commone)

ii) You Need To Have Dedicated Business Whatsapp Contact Account For Your Business (Which is commone)

iii) You Need To Have An Email Adress Dedicated For Your Business (Which is commone)

iv) You Need To Have Your Business Website (Though this is optional) and not common

v) You Need To Have Forum Profile or Business Directory Listing ( Though Optional)

vi) You Need To Optimize Your Business For SEO, (Very Important) 


You need to optimize your business across the search engine directory so when someone type or search your business name online, It Will Be Found


And many more other things you need to do to have your business very much active online. often I do say, is a win-win for you when your business is well-classified online


So now that you have known a few things you need to have for your business presence online, let’s proceed to how to get customers faster for your business


When It Comes To Marketing Everything Is A Test

Although when it comes to marketing, everything is a test, what works for Mr. A, May not work for Miss B, and what works for Mrs. C may not work for Mr. D. 


So you need some working method, test, and try to find out what works best for you. 


Understanding that online business promotions are niche base that requires an audience targeted, you need platforms that will work for your type of business, and help in driving real customers to your business daily


In other to find out what works for you or your type of business. You need to put things to test, you need to put things into actions


The internet has quickly become one of the most important tools for businesses, that allows companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals like you to connect with customers and clients all over the world


The online world which provides platforms for marketing and selling products or services remains the best you should have your business on. 


If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering how you can get more business customers online. Please continue reading


There are lots of ways to drive traffic online, though I will be focusing on a few here since cross-promotion will help you grow faster. The following methods are not in order of what is best but in other of what is working to date.

How To Get Business Customers Online Faster

To Get Business Customers Online Faster Start Doing The Following.


1: Leads Building:

To grow your business online faster, you need to focus on growing your leads, such as email list, social media followers, WhatsApp leads, and many more


Not just growing your leads, you also need to engage rightful with your leads base, giving them value, tasteful follow-up, and offering them high-quality products offers or services they can not resist


Leads building should not be something you do today and stop tomorrow, it is done consistently as long as the online business world still exist


While every channel of marketing changes, leads marketing such as email lists marketing never changes, yes WhatsApp lists lead marketing may be new. but it has this feeling that it has come to stay for long


Another is GSM Numbers leads, yes Bulk SMS Marketing is still working today, and return on conversion is high when you are marketing directly to your contact list who have on one occasion or another opted into your lead 


So know that leads hardly change as these types of leads are considered to lead your own and there are top-notch when it comes to growing business faster that makes it made our number one on this post ”How to get business customers online faster”


Using Youtube Marketing:

Video search is the second most searched directory around the world, and in other to be found in this area of search, you need to consistently publish videos online


You can get great numbers of customers online through Youtube, specifically through Youtube videos, youtube shorts, Tiktok shorts, and more.


People like you are using youtube shorts to get more customers online these days, while is currently possible to grow fast by uploading shorts video which is on trend now among not just our young, youths, everyone online now seems to be in love with short videos


A good place to get started with video is YoutubeTiktok, and Igbo Social you can find enough information on how to get started with the above platform by browsing Worldforumlive


Another source for getting customers is ”Quora”, you have to sign up with Quora, search for questions related to your business niche, and provide answers to those questions in both article form and video format

Using Instagram For Traffic Drive: 

To use Instagram as a traffic driver for your business, you can create a niche-specific account and start posting carousels, with content related to your niche


You can search for viral and engaging contents carousels on a such niche and start re-editing and re-posting them on your Instagram account


You can use Quora again to get suggestions to questions related to your niche, ”Business Model”’


Try to use 2-3 color schemes for all your posts so it is uniform, giving all your post unique feels and looks, meaning that everything has the same layout and will be easily noticeable by your (future)followers.


Once you have started posting and seem active, you can send DMs to your potential clients using Instagram while you focus more to get them to sign up for your leads


This is a sample of a message you can use to follow up with your followers 

Hello, ”please try to address the person by his or her name”

The introduction to you, such as

My name is ”XYZ” I’m into and work with XYZ name of the company, we are into helping businesses or individuals like you in your branch of business to get XYZ.


I’ve looked at your profile, saw your website and look at it, and noticed that you are leaving a lot of potential money on the table in your business by not doing this and that, which indeed needs improvement on


I have some great ideas to help you with your growth – would you like to discuss this? here is my Whatsapp contact, DM me let talk


You can also get our Free Report from here. we look forward to hearing from you

[give some tips here]

Yours. Name


Hope you got the above lines of business, use them mostly for cold marketing across social media portal to your follower’s DM, while doing this is advisable you don’t do it much, maybe sending DM to 20 to 30 people daily is ok


Though there are tools that can automate do this for you and make your work more effective, I will discuss that in my next post here on nairalearn


While you also need to keep your followers engage with you right across your Instagram account, it’s important that you. Try to post two times per day and also try to get collaborations from people in your niche. possible engaging with influencers in your niche


Using TikTok To Drive Traffic

Indeed Tiktok has come to stay with us and is growing faster than ever, making it possible for business owners to strive for


To get traffic from TikTok you can copy the same method used for Youtube, while getting traffic on Tiktok is far faster than Youtube at the moment, is something you should keep doing and try as much as you can to remain consistent

Using Facebook groups

Facebook groups still work, I have over 50 active Facebook groups I normally use for marketing and am still getting high volume of traffics just from Facebook Group


Since you have niched down you can start a Facebook group related to your niche or best search for a Facebook group related or opposite to your niche, join them and start building engagement with the group members


Relate with the group admin, read their rules if the group has any before participating and try to keep to there rules.

Cold email Marketing: 

This is too important, one of the smartest ways you can build your business faster is by leveraging cold email marketing which is as old as the internet itself and has remain relevant to date


Depending on your niche, and what you are trying to achieve this will be the main source of your clients. (super targeted). we still use cold email marketing to date, Facebook uses it, Amazon still uses it, most top internet marketers use it, affiliate marketers uses it and many others


Although a cold email has a low chance of converting when it converts you can mostly get a higher yield compared to the other methods. 


And once you’re being consistent on cold email marketing, there is a high possibility you will build hundred to thousand of cold emails to warm email weekly

To Get Started With Building Your Business Customers You Will Need The Follows Leads Database

1) GSM Phone Numbers In Nigeria State By State

2)  Get The 1 Million Plus Nigeria Leads Database Of People: 100% Active Users

3)  Download Phone Numbers of Nigerians 2022 Released

4)  Download 172 Countries Databases, Email Database Phone Numbers Database With Names

5)    Download Nigeria Business Database GSM Number And Email Database

6) Download Over 50 Millions Email Database Of Nigeria


Here Is What Cold Email Include

If you go straight for the jugular in the first email you will not convert at all. You need to write an email that does not waste the reader’s time and it has to be helpful.


First: find a problem, look for audience of people that are having such problems and need solutions


Find or create solutions to such problem, convert it to a business products or services, always offer a solution that solves said problem, by doing so. You increases your chance of converting cold emails, into customers


Also Watch The Short Video On How To Get Business Customers Online Faster


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