How To Get Over 100 FREE Backlinks In ONE WEEK

How To Get Over 100 FREE Backlinks In ONE WEEK

Dear fellow entrepreneur, Website owner, and online business hustler, there is this possibility that you share the same problem 80% of online business share these days

So before you read how to get over 100 FREE backlinks in one week, it will interest you to know that Google is releasing a massive update by May 2021 and we NL SOFT Developer are following the new trend that will determine how business and service are placed on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine


The update will be massive and many businesses may lose their position while few will regain a better position on the Search engine directory

Quality articles and backlinks

One thing google updates are counting on is Quality and unique articles that provide solutions to people’s search queries online, that is an article, videos, etc. that provides solutions to problems


So while thinking about how best to get quality backlinks, also plan how best you will start writing quality articles and get your articles to publish online


How To Get Over 100 FREE Backlinks In ONE WEEK

Maybe you have a great website, but little or NO visitors, then you may ask yourself, what is a website without traffic? 

How To Get Over 100 FREE Backlinks In ONE WEEK

It’s like an old book lying full of dust cause nobody uses it or reads it, maybe like a shop in Alaba international in Lagos Nigeria, with goods but no one comes to the shop


This is how important having quality traffic to your website or online business platform is if you truly want to grow online


What you need is traffic and loads of it. And would it not be great if you can get it for FREE? So how do we go about getting this FREE TRAFFIC? 

Yes you can start growing your business using Free stuff online, but never you depend on free stuff

Once your online business start to bring you money, plan also to leverage paid products, NairaLEARN course and run paid Ads


When it comes to online business if you can’t make money without money, using free stuff. There is this possibility that you may also not make money with money


Get Quality Back Link Using Business Directories and Article Directories

You know, there’s a lot of Business Directory and Article Directories portal spread across the internet which gives Article Writers, Authors, business owners, online business hustler the opportunity to post their articles there for free with a free backlink to their sites. One of such is AfriNOTES Directory and Afrinotes Classified section


All you have to do is to register with these Business Directories and Article Directories, activate your account, create a pen name, or best use your real name as well your business name and then add your articles. And this is exactly what I used to do to build good backlinks


Good Articles Will Always Give Birth To Backlinks

But let me tell you (not that you are not aware of it), IT IS A TEDIOUS TASK to write a good article and more tedious to publish it across multiple platforms.

What I mean is, to add one Article to ALL these directories manually can take days or even weeks of hard work.

Yes is best you do it manually in other to encore your website URL in a text keyword delimited


There are also program, tools that can automate your article submission available on the internet

So start your journey of building quality backlinks, get started by listing your business on AfriNOTES Directory 


Also, try to use other Business Directory as well with other Article Directories available for you worldwide. Writing quality articles are all that you need, just come up with good articles and google Business Directories Portal as well with Article Directories Portal


Sign up with the very few you can start with and start writing and publishing your article, make sure you are adding text keywords with your Website Link added on the article


By so doing, you are building quality backlinks for your self, these are other sure ways and legit methods to build website backlinks, get more traffic to your website, and rank higher on Search Engine site like google, bing, yahoo search, etc


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The sky is the limit. start building quality backlinks Now, when it comes to the online world, Article has always been the king

You have read How To Get Over 100 FREE Backlinks In ONE WEEK we do like to hear from you


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The best form of getting results is to learn and practice, so don’t just read this article on how to get over 100 FREE Backlinks in one week without giving it a try, Learning is best when you practice

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Give it a try NOW and thank us later.. is nice writing to you

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