How To Grow Your Online Business With Topical Mapping

How To Grow Your Online Business With Topical Mapping (This Is Very Important To All Online Business OWNERS) 

Interesting the online business community is fast changing from the information ago to golden informational age and to now AI model possibilities. While many people are afraid of the AI taking over their work, jobs, and business.


What they don’t know is that they can use topical mapping to grow and keep their business ahead of this AI disruption. Is easy, is what am set to reveal to you in this post


When it comes to online business success, what used to work yesterday does not work today anymore, so you need to stay updated, you need to stay ahead to keep your online business going, in this post, I will cover topical mapping and how you should use it to grow your online business

How To Grow Your Online Business With Topical Mapping

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Now back to our topic of the day (How To Grow Your Online Business With Topical Mapping)

To grow an online business today, you need to go topical, you need to first, before kickstarting your online business journey,  create a topical mapping,  as this will help you on your journey

How To Grow Your Online Business With Topical Mapping in Nigeria

Should you already have an online business running on the internet, still no problem! In that case, all you need is to restructure. Yes you need to restructure your online business journey by creating a working topical mapping


Creating topical mapping is highly important to all online businesses of today, not just important for the growing success of your business, but also important for your business journey which needs to be clear to you and well understood by Google, bings, and every other search engine directory


This topical mapping will help inform Google, Bing, and every other search engine directly, including we the humans what your website, Your Online Business is all about thereby giving them much-needed information to rank your website, give your online business the authority it deserved to stands ahead of your competitors, as well ahead of the AI disruption


Creating topical mapping will help you to engage with your online business’s rightful audience, build an engaging audience and give your online business the ideal identity it deserved which in turn will be a lasting gain to you and your business

Understanding online business with topical mapping

Now, to those who do not understand what I mean by topical mapping, I have explained that in a short video. Please make sure you watch the video below (it’s IMPORTANT)



Getting a topical map will also help you to assign and target the right keywords your online business needs to rank, get more visibility, engage, get fast returns, and keeps your business ahead of the AI disruption. 

How To Grow Your Online Business With Topical Mapping, guide

Understanding Online Business Topical Mapping Key Steps

  • It’s important to go topical in your online business of today
  • Covering essential topics in your niche market is the goal of building a business success today
  • Gather as many as hundreds of keywords on your niche market
  • Convert those keywords to the topic (blog topics)
  • Create high-quality blog topics leveraging those keywords
  • Make it topical-related and be consistent in your publishing and marketing


Creating a topical mapping is highly important in today’s online business irrespective of your business niche, market, or region, its highly important globally


Topical mapping today remains a powerful tool for visualizing information and data sent across the internet. It can help people organize, rank high, and beat competitors by providing an interactive, engaging, representation of related topics on their niche market, in other words. Covering essential topics on your niche market is goal to building a business success today. Covering it with the rightful keywords in focus, done consistently over time


Topical mapping has become increasingly popular in recent time and has become more necessary today as a way to identify patterns and trends, explore ideas, and gain insight into a highly competitive market


This is one tool you need to grow your online business today, not just grow, but to build a long-term business that will stand ahead of time, as well beat AI model disruption

How To Grow Your Online Business With Topical Mapping, nairalearn

My Offering For Topical Mapping

Now let brings this to a business angle, if you are into an online business for example, and have watched the video. have gotten an understanding of what we mean by topical mapping


But sadly, you can’t create these mapping for your business by yourself. I can help. Yes, that is the Good news. I Mbonu Watson am offering this as a service to just 24 people/businesses


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I will create Topical mapping that will set your business ahead of your competitor, no matter how ahead they have gone before you, also a topical mapping that will keep your business free and ahead of AI disruption, helping you to build a long-term online business model


This service is only available for 24 people or businesses only, to be among those that will benefit from this Creating Topical Mapping Services, all you need to do is to Save My Whatsapp Number  +2348068608490  and text me the word (I need Topical Mapping Services) as SMS or Whatsapp message


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