How To Increase Website and Mobile App Traffic, sales using articles

How To Increase Website and Mobile App Traffic, sales using articles

Dear friend. there are millions of ways plus articles can help increase your online traffic and help you sell more products or services, these ways are mostly unique and organic

As articles remain one thing you can not do away with as long as the internet community is concerned, articles remain great tools to drive quality tons of traffic, this means great articles can do far greater things to your business that no other medium of marketing, promotions can do

First: I hope you have come in contact with the sayings, that says, Article is the kings, Yes article are the kings of every other thing when it comes to Internet technology

Articles are what search engines index and rank on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, to name but a few. when it comes to unique online success you can’t just put of article writing, great publication of articles off

This is one reason, the greatest part of SEO in today technology has moved from increasing website CTR, building numbers of backlinks, getting mentions, getting directories listing, forum comments and signature, etc but have embraced contextual articles

How To Increase Website and Mobile App Traffic, sales using articles

When it comes to the internet, is just not about how many articles you write, but how many articles you write and publish, yes publish or parish still applies online, that if you write great articles but fail to publish them, that will never feel you any request

But when you write and publish it, you stand a better chance of getting great results by first appearing on page one of Google search depending on the keywords your article is targeting, that is if you module of article distributions is also done effectively

If you have been following me, I have more than once discussed the need for effective articles publishing and distributions, the same way the internet refers to articles as King, that is the same way the internet calls distributions of articles as the Queen,

So the best part of writing articles, remain writing quality articles and distributing your articles across other online platforms, and making sure that a great number of people read and engage with your articles

So that takes us to our topic of the day: ‘How To Increase Website and Mobile App Traffic, sales using articles’

Start By Finding Out The Keyword Phrase People Are Searching: As Related To The Topic You Want’s To Write On: This Finding Can Be Done Manually, Across Google Search, etc

You see, no matter how smart social media website tries to outshine, Google, Youtube, Bings, Yahoo remain the best platform thousands to millions of online users visit daily in other to perform their search quires and

When it comes to getting the keyword phrase, people are using it to search things online, know that there are a lot of websites you can perform your keyword stuffing, giving you their names are not part of our today discussion here. as we have done that severally live on NairaLEARN Blog

Haven said that!!! Is not part of today discussion on this article ‘How To Increase Website and Mobile App Traffic, sales using articles’ I will be revealing to you smart ways you could do this, using Google, Bings, Yahoo search respectively

Doing keyword queries search manually is even better when you are still starting new in article writing, blogging, SEO Expect, Youtuber or as a content creator

To get started, you will need to visit the official site of Google, being the and type in your major keywords: See the Screenshot below


When you are right on google page, slowly enter the keywords or keywords phrase you want to write on, believe me, because there are ten to thousands of already published articles on such keywords, you will get a great number of results. You first focus should be on the related keyword or keywords phrase google displays along the search box

In my case, just for practice purposes, I enter my first name being, Mbonu and Google brought up other most search queries related to the one I have entered, as you can see on the picture above, Mbonu Ojike, Mbonu v Mbonu, Mbonu v Nwoti and many others are among the keywords queries


Watch Me Practice What Am Taking Here Live On The Below Video

Just watch the video above, read further the articles take not, learn and try to put into practice what you have learned here today as we proceed: Video will be ready shortly: so continue reading

Want Success Online, Focus on contextual Articles

Now this is what to do, start taking note of another related keyword, Google displayed to you as keywords more people searches, that are related to the search queries you just enter

So take those related keywords and use them to form subtopic or infuse them into your main article body, but this you must do correctly in other not to make your article looks spamming to search engine robot indexer

When you have gotten enough keywords, keywords phrase as related to the topic you planned to write on

The need for you to rewrite your article Headline, maybe come up, if need be. learn to rewrite your article handline to a befitting and simple headline that will easily engage with both human and search engine robot

Then arrange your article subtopic using most of the keywords phrases related to the main topic, and best learn how to enter your article keywords, on the intro entry of your articles, and 

Smartly know where and how you can infuse most of the related keywords phrase into the body of your article, by so doing, my dear you are doing well 

As long as, you are getting this right, sometimes you need to be patient. while you watch your article rank. when it comes to writing quality articles that the search engine will love, then index your articles and helps your article to stand a better chance of ranking on the first pages of all search engine site


When you write good articles, you rank higher

No matter how much you laced on Paid Ads, the greatest form of internet marketing as of now that will benefit your business is to focus on writing articles , writing articles that will rank on search engines and drive quality traffic to your site and, help your sale more

Always write with a target to rank them on the first page of Google, where online users can search and get access to your articles, have a better organic CTR, and best stand a better chance of having a lot of people coming from google search to patronize your products or services


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For just because they find your page products or services online using the google search, to their thinking, if google can find your website helpful and rank it this higher, then there is nothing we should worry about. so by default Google has already done the hardest thing for you, Google has already proved to them that your business is legit and valuable

Lastly: Remember that good articles attract organic backlinks, when you are writing a good article, people will automate your article, some will refer to your articles as success and this will get you a lot of contextual organic backlinks and non infused keywords mentioned, which are all good in ranking your website higher in today internet technology

Hope you enjoyed reading this ‘How To Increase Website and Mobile App Traffic, sales using articles’ I can hear you say yes, Now use the comment box below to drop your comment, we do love to hear from you. You can also save our WhatsApp Line +2348068608490 and give us a WhatsApp message, let us know how this article was helpful to you. Cheers


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