How To Keep Your Website Content Ranking

In one or two previous posts, I have shared this simple tip you can use to keep your website ranking, rank 85% of your website contents on first page of Google and Bings


Just as the title read, This is one simple how to keep your website content ranking, one simple way to increase the effectiveness of your website SEO, and ranking efforts, increase your website visibility, and boost your search engine traffic


Is simple to update your old content, update old blog posts, old page content, videos, and ebooks across your website which in return will give your website an improved freshness score and ranking


It is ok to keep updating your old content frequently, this simple tip can help keep 85% of your website content on page one of Google and Bing search


Old content stands a better chance of raking, remaining on top of SERPs as long such content is being updated time after time with update content and more


If you are a website owner, Youtuber, or content creator will all know that content remains king, and updated content will simply return to your website on SERP top pages


It’s important that you take note of the contents on your website ranking on page one, page two, and page three, and search for your competitors also ranking on page one with those specific keywords


Mirror them by doing research, gathering fresh and new information, and finding what and whats are updated on the specific topic, gather as many as you can and update your content


Also, check for information that is already out of date on such content and remove them, make it more readable, engaging, and increase your promotional marketing, promoting such content. Then relax and watch how the content ranks and remain on page one


After you have ranked on page one don’t fold your hands hoping you will remain there just by doing nothing, no you won’t if you later stop updating such content after time


How To Keep Your Website Content Ranking


Do these among the posts and pages you are ranking on pages one, two, and three of Google, and increase the quality of such content by updating it


Increase your promotion across all paid and freebies you have after you have updated the content, and build high-quality backlinks when necessary.


Doing this will help keep 85% of your website contents on page one or two, which will continue ranking, help increase your website visibility, traffics, and revenue


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The question most people ask is How To Know What Contents, Blog posts, Pages, or Keywords they are raking on and also if the contents, posts, and pages are getting a drop in traffic and ranking?


My Answers Has Always Been (Use Google Console)

To check your website stats there are some top tools you can use, while the most organic is Google Console if you are trying to figure out what content is dropping on ranking across your website and need to be updated


Use your website Google Search Console, is simple to install google console on your website, get that done and you will start seeing your website stats. These stats are too important and can easily point you to blog posts, and page content that needs updates


Google Search Console can help you compare your website traffic month to month, year over year and it’s a very much important webmaster tool kit for fixing low-quality content, none ranking content, and more important, Good in keeping up with ranking content on your website


Hope you enjoyed this post “One simple how to keep your website content ranking” If yes. You will also like to watch the short video below


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Take action now, install Google Search Console, if you are yet to do so and if you already have Google Console installed for your website project. 


Proceed to check the stats, look for the blog post, and pages with the highest drops in traffic, and update first before proceeding to update other pages and posts across your website. Cheers


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