How To Make Money From Whatsapp Step By Step Guide, By NairaLearn

Hi friend, Everyday is a great day, a new day to make more money, so today we are going to walk you through on how to make money from WhatsApp without stress

First! you need to pay attention to what am about to say here and watch all the video versions that comes with this guide


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You see on daily basis, Nigerians go to google to do a search with the keyword how to make money online. knowing too well that the internet is full of money.

To some, after deep research, Their ends up getting zero results and there by giving up halfway, so today we are going to cover how to make money from WhatsApp marketing niche, just for you.

We have read from people who want to know how they can make money from WhatsApp. Yes, we have gotten a lot of request from our readers asking us to do a report on how to make money from WhatsApp same way we did previously on facebook marketing kit

Knowing too well that It is our duty here to guide and teach our readers how to make money online without stress and we do that with pure passion.

History had it that Facebook bought WhatsApp some years ago and Facebook has allowed content creators to make money by partnering with them on Facebook but this has not been extended to WhatsApp.

But the truth is, people are becoming more and more engaged on WhatsApp than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter put together. Whatsapp leads seem to be the best at the moment.

While WhatsApp does not provide a direct way on how to make money on it platform

There are WhatsApp earning method that can be used. and that is what we are after here today, to leverage the Whatsapp earning system.

There are a few things you should have in your favour before you can think about making money from Whatsapp

First: you ought to have a huge contact list or best have Whatsapp Marketing Kit By NairaLearn.

Whatsapp Marketing Kit

Secondary: you ought to have product or services to promote to your audience ( Whatsapp Users ) Across the globe. I Will break both the First Requirement and the second down shortly

But At The Main Time. You Can Watch This Video Below

As Your Will Need The Following In Other To Start Making From Money From Whatsapp


1: You Need List or Whatsapp Marketing Kit

2: You Need Products Or Services



So Let Proceed with our topic of the day, How To Make Money From Whatsapp


HAVING WHATSAPP LIST: A Pastor once said, take him to anywhere in the world, he can never be poor, provided that there are people there.

You see, to make money on WhatsApp you need people in the form of Whatsapp Users And Lists. this is because to make money anywhere, you are always going to need people to sell to.

The fact is that people equate money. The money you may make on WhatsApp will be passive unless you have a huge contact list and groups that are very engaged with your contents.

If you want to learn different ways of making good money from Whatsapp the keep reading



In summary, here are ways you can make money from WhatsApp

1: Make Money From Whatsapp With Your Own Products And Services ( Market your own products or skills )

Making money from your own products or services remain the best ways to make money from WhatsApp, this is done by marketing your own products across Whatsapp. Watch Video Below

This is one way you can make money from WhatsApp and you will be in total control. If you have products or services, you can make a business card and send to your contacts or groups and tell them how much discount you are offering them.

You can also set up a website sale page for your business products and services and share the website sale page across Whatsapp Users And Internet Community.

Always make sure that the people or groups you approach have interest in your kind of products

If you do not own any products but will love to have, all you need to do is create an online shop. Copy products from suppliers into your online store.

Example of An Online Shop is, Jiji, Jumia etc even Facebook now has an online store. You can leverage on them starting from now.

Then send the links of these products to your WhatsApp contacts. If any of them click on the link and go to your online shop to order, the suppliers will ship the goods to them and you get your money! It is called drop-shipping.

You can also market your skills. If you are a fashion designer, share your designs to contacts and friends across your Whatsapp leads.

Whatever skills you have you can sell it online by building Whatsapp leads and joining Whatsapp groups that are related to it. You may just get a big contract from there.

2: Make Money From Whatsapp With Other People’s Products Or Service ( Through Affiliate Links ).

Another way to make money from WhatsApp is using other people’s products or service through Affiliate links. This method can fetch you good money if you have high-end contacts or belong to high-end groups. Watch This Short Video Below

It is very easy to make money from other people’s products and services provided the owners of the products or service are accepting affiliate promotion and commissions.

If you belong to a group that focuses on a particular topic, let’s say fashion. You can talk to the group about a particular dress that is trending and latest on board.

Tell them how people are loving the dress and celebrities are wearing it. Then go to an affiliate network. Register with them. Look for a company that sells such a dress.

Copy the link and share it with the group members. Any of them that clicks on the link to purchase, you get a commission.

If you are in a group of 250 people and 20 purchase, that is good money for a day. Believe me, a lot of people are doing this on every day, making cool cash from such business without stress.

You can do this for any product or services. As long as the group or individual you are sending to, have an interest in them. Don’t be rude and don’t over flood people with it.

Always make sure that the product you are sharing will be available to deliver at the geographical location of your contacts.

You can join any of these affiliates networks and find as many products as you want to share: Amazon Affiliate, Commission Junction, Jumia Affiliate etc all the above mention affiliate commission are paying even as we write to you. You can join now a become a top affiliate high earner.


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This WhatsApp earning method can help you make money with WhatsApp Marketing Kit. Especially if you are interested in what you doing and keep building trust across buyers.

3: Make Money On Whatsapp As Network Marketer Watch Video Below

Hope you are enjoying the contents and all the information we are revealing to you here on how to make money from whatsapp live on NairaLearn, if you keep reading and watching the video series, we have something greater for you at the end of this articles

4: Make Money From Whatsapp As Social Marketing Influencer Watch Video Below 

This days a lot of people are becoming a social media influencer not for any other reason but strictly on using their audience to make money online, so you in question can join them, as with technology everything is possible if only you just believe

5: Become A WhatsApp Marketer for businesses

This may sound strange but this is real! There are people who are paid to promote businesses on WhatsApp!

First, you have to build Whatsapp leads and also be in Whatsapp groups that have lots of contacts. Have a large number of contacts too.

Then use forums, social media and any platform you have to advertise yourself. Using a marketing campaign like this “I can help you reach 10,000 new customers via WhatsApp. Contact me if you are interested”. See Sample Below

You will be surprised, you will actually get people who will reach out if you do it right. Once you get it right, all you have to do is work out a plan and introduce your product or services to your WhatsApp audience

6: Make Money From Whatsapp Selling Whatsapp Leads AND Database, Watch Video Below

7: Make Money From Whatsapp By Driving Traffic To Your Blog

Bloggers are making cool cash this day, yes a lot of bloggers make money from WhatsApp just by driving traffic from it to their blog.

To make money from Whatsapp using blog involves you having a blog or partnering with a blogger

Blogging has come to stay and is one of the best ways to make money online but to make money from your blog, you need traffic.

As long as blogging is a concern, you need traffic as the quality of traffic you drive to your blog leads to more money to you. To bloggers, traffic means more money and this can be achieved with Whatsapp.

For example, let’s assume your blog is about health. You can create a health tips group on WhatsApp and Invite people to join the group and tell your friends to invite others also.

Make the group very engaging. Then whenever you publish a post on your blog, share a catchy summary of your post with the link at the end of your health tips group.

You will have visitors from your WhatsApp Leads And Whatsapp group and your WhatsApp contacts might click and forward your summary to their contacts.

It can go viral on WhatsApp and that means so many visitors and more money to your bank ends.



How To Make Money From Whatsapp Using CLIXSENSE 

Clixsence: pays for real, you may never have heard about Clixsense, which is a Pay to Click (PTC) Survey Websites and all that.

ClixSense is a website that will pay you to complete surveys, watch videos, play games and do so many things online.

While ClixSense pays you to complete surveys, watch videos and all that, it also pays you to commission to refer your friends. When you sign up for ClixSense.

You will have a referral link, you can then get on WhatsApp and share this link with your contacts. The more people you sign up, the more bonus point you get.

Please, make sure you try and complete the surveys. You will not qualified for all but you will qualify for some. Just keep checking from the listed surveys live on ClixSense.


It is free to join and you have nothing to lose. There are many methods to receive your payment with 5 days. We recommend using Skrill.

They will transfer to your Skrill account. Then from your Skrill account, you can transfer to any bank account In Nigeria, India, USA, anywhere in the world.

We have tried all this and it worked without any issue at all. You can click here to open a Skrill Account. Skrill is just like Paypal but it allows Nigerians and people from almost every country to receive money, unlike Paypal with they pitfall to some other countries.

If you are looking at how to make money from WhatsApp, Sharing ClixSense referral links and recruiting your contacts over is worth it.

From our research, it is worth the effort. It may not work for everyone, especially those who are quick to give up or this not willing to put in any effort. As the platform is not getting money quick scheme



How To Make Money From Whatsapp Using SHORT-LINKS Make money from Whatsapp using short links is among the easiest and most popular way to make money from WhatsApp, just by sending short-links to Whatsapp Users, Whatsapp Groups And Whatsapp Broadcast features.

First, here is what we mean by Short Link?

Short links are shortened links to a website. A typical link to the story will usually look very long, the short link simply shortens it. Both links will lead to the same story but one is longer and one is shorter.

Using this method, all you have to do is look for news, tips or any information your contacts or group members will love to read. Copy the link, go to an Url Shortener, login, paste the link and shorten it.

Then copy the shortened one, open your WhatsApp and share it with your contacts and groups. You Can also use Whatsapp Bulk Sender to mass broadcast your links across Whatsapp.

Here is how short link works:

When your contacts click on the link, it will show them some adverts before showing them the story or information. That is how you make money. so you make money from a short link by indirectly promoting other people products and services. The more shared short link and click you have the more you make money.

This will fetch you passive income if you have a large group of contacts who enjoy reading your content.

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I know of a man who has a long list of WhatsApp contacts and belongs to lots of WhatsApp groups. Every morning, he will send links of headline news.

A lot of people read it. Now imagine if that man uses a link shortener. He will make good money the same way he is sharing the news. this is virtually the brain behind NNU, News-pay etc

To use a link shortener is very Easy. Go to the website, register, copy any link you want to share, log in to link shortener, past the link, shrink it. Copy the shorten link and start sharing it with your Whatsapp leads.


Here Are Shortener’s Links Sites That Pays

Here are the popular link Shorteners that pays: Among them are Link Shrink

Shorteners Click Here To Join

Link Shrink Click Here To Join

ADF Click Here To Join

OUO Click Here To Join

Shortest and you can click on any of them to register and start making money on ago without stress. You can make a good amount of money by Posting short links across your Whatsapp leads on daily basis.


 Make Money From Whatsapp Using Pay Per Download

This is one method you can use to make money from WhatsApp but it is not well utilized.

What happens here is that you can upload files such as pictures, videos, music, games and so on to these websites and they pay you for every download.

Crazy, isn’t it? Well, before the person gets to download, the sites will likely show them surveys or ads, after completing surveys or viewing ads, they download.

That is how they make money to pay you in return for a great service promotion.

So, if you will like to use this method to make money from WhatsApp, all you have to do is build Whatsapp Leads Using Whatsapp Bulk Sender And Also join groups or make contacts with people who have an interest in a particular content.

Then upload the contents to any of the sites, share the link, they download, you make money. For an instant, you can join a gaming group or a comedy video group.

Upload comedy videos to any of these sites then share the link on your WhatsApp comedy group and to contacts interested in comedy and you will get paid as they download.

Some of the websites that offer such services include the following and others.

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December 17, 2018


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