How To Make More Money Online

How To Make More Money Online

Except you are making money from playing games with your phone, If You Are Not and you are reading me from Africa Nigeria, don’t continue spending your precious time playing games and watching movies with your mobile phone: Remember The Saying ‘Time Is Money

Note: I am not saying that playing games are bad, but if such is not earning you money and you are above 16 years living in any of the Africa countries

you should limit the amount of time you put into gamification or best put an end to it, while you devote your time and phone usage to things that will make your more money

But if the game is making you cool cash, please ignore my initial ranting, Yes there are ten to hundred of my students in the Gamification niche, making cool cash for themselves

How To Make More Money Online

Yes!! there are my friends and students who are earning cool cash from Game App and Admob listing? so my ranting on putting an end to playing games is not for them. lol

But for those who spend a great amount of time with their phone playing games and watching movies without the monetization. If you in question are not in the Gamification niche. kindly use your phone for better things that are profitable

You Mobile Phone can make you rich, for sure. A lot of people like you are making a living online with just their mobile phone, leveraging the numerous make money online opportunities

You See!

When it comes to making more money online. for starters, it will be easier for you to start with the things you are more passionate about

For example: if you are good at writing, you can start by writing quality articles to a website, blog, forum, directories portals that need premium writers

One good thing about starting with what you are passionate about is that making money online is not an overnight thing, in most cases, 

It can take time before you could start making money, so should in case you start with niches you are passionate about and the money is not forthcoming at the initial stage, at least your passion will keep you going, without your quitting so soon

So that being said, welcome to how to make more money online, you see as an online user you are, I believe you must have seen it severally, the how to make money online books, ebooks, videos, articles, tools, software, websites name but few

In as much that everything online has its gains or pains, pros, and coin. The facts you might have seen multiple websites, mobile apps that offer you chances and opportunities to make money online, doesn’t mean that the internet has free money to give

To make money online, you have to prepare your mind to work legitimately

You might even have seen must of your friends, families, and neighbors posting on their social media platform as well on Whatsapp status, on how to make more money online from XYZ Or Doing XYZ to make fast money online, that you may be carried away thinking that making money online is so easy

Yes, all these are possible, but learn the truth, and live by it, so here goes the truth?

There is no rocket science in making more money online, to make money online, two things are involved

1: Is either you have a product (s) or Services Of your own to sell to the online users


2: You are promoting other peoples product (s) or services as an Affiliate and earn in affiliate commission

Though you can also make money online as an Authority BloggerSocial Media Influencers, or Content creator. One fastest make-money online niche currently BOOMING in Nigeria is Skit Content Creator. The comedy skit is fast growing in Nigeria

So depending on the categories you belong to, mind you, someone can belong to both category 1 or 2, that is to say, you can have your products and services niches to sell to the online users, as well subscribe to the affiliate program and start selling other peoples products and services, and make more money

There is no free money online, as long as you want to make more money online legitimately, you must prepare to sell your products or service (It Can Be Your Own Owned Business) or best find other peoples products or services and promote, then make more money

The Problem Most People Have With Making Money Online:

The Major problem most people have with making money online is not being able to sell, even when they have promoted such products or services across the internet, yet sales are not forthcoming

This single problem has made ten to a hundred and millions of people who have previously invested their money, time, and resource for an online business quit, lost out, and depressed

All because sales were not fort coming. So no sale is the greatest challenge millions of online businesses are facing, only but few are killing it with sales

This had made a lot of people ask? if lack of selling is the major problem most online users face, so what then is the best solution. The Way Out?

The answer is simple: Getting Buyers Traffic, knowing Where Buyers Traffics Are, Where To Find Those Who Are Interested In What You Are OfferingTaking Your Business Directly To Those Who Are In Need Of What You Are Selling: and serving them with the appropriate ads and sales contents

That is to say, the answers to online success lie in the quality traffic you are driving to your online business platform and engaging with these users, then upselling to them

One way My Company NL SOFT has been a greater blessing to thousands of businesses is by providing Buyers Lead Database, few of such is

1: The Over 172 Countries Lead Database

2: The Nigeria GSM Database Numbers

3: The Nigeria Email Database Leads

4: The Nigeria Business Directory Leads

And a lot of money. having these leads and deploying them into your business promotions will change your business earnings over time. so make plans to follow the above link and grab some leads 

Though there are other ways of making more money online, provided you have something to exchange into money in the forms of goods, products, and services.

When you have products or services, next is you leveraging online platforms, such as carrying out a paid promotion across social media websites, Youtube, hiring solo ads marketers, doing proper SEO optimization across your website, pages, and product listing

Deploying the GSM Database Numbers you got from us and using Whatsapp Bulk Sender and Bulk SMS to send thousands of promotional messages to the database Users


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You can as well deploy the email lead and use email marketing to engage with the cold leads, and upsell your products and services directly to them at low cost promotional budgets

By so doing, as long you get these methods right and you are well focused engaging on your business rightfully, you will show, Youtubers Ads and


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